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Can you play games on your side and donate all the Neopoints to the Money Tree as long as your main doesn't get the Neopoints? ~spiceykitten
No, since that just adds more Neopoints into the economy that shouldn't exist in the first place, as you should only enjoy games on your main account. :) More Neopoints in the economy = inflation, and we have enough of that! D:

Is it okay to ask for collateral when lending? I have heard many times from different people that it is. However, I want to ask the people who are sure to really know... you guys. Is it against the rules to ask for collateral when you're lending an avatar item? As an example: User 1 has a set of codestones for trade, but asks for 80k in collateral from User 2. Is it okay for User 1 to ask User 2 to offer collateral to borrow them? If so, would User 2 get in trouble for offering the collateral? ~saphirathedragon1988
Collateral is fine, as long as all items are returned to their respective owners afterward and nothing is left as a "tip." Just to be clear, running off with an item you borrowed, whether you gave the lender collateral or not, is NEVER allowed. It's scamming, even if you justify it in your head because you gave them collateral.

When I searched the name "Emily" to see if it was taken, I got the result of a blue Mynci named Emily. When I clicked on the Neopet, however, instead of going to a Pet Lookup, it said that the Neopet was not yet born! What's going on with that? ~em52
It means the creator didn't complete the creation process with the Neopet. D:

People have recently realised that there is another method of getting the ITTPD (I Taunt The Pant Devil) avatar, with some methods requiring that you have more than 50 items in your inventory. I have seen people saying that this is freezable, as it is overstuffing, and I personally believe that it is freezable, but is it? I think that, in order to help put people straight on whether it is allowed or not, you should make an official statement about it. :) ~zzzryanzzz
No, you can have as many items as you want in your inventory. Just don't dump so much stuff in there that you can't get it out. Basically, don't make it a problem for us to have to deal with. ;) Also, it shouldn't need to be said, but we know you guys better than that... if you're doing it to exploit a bug or something, then it's obviously a no-no.

In my gallery I am currently in the process of collecting about three individual themes. Let's say they are Lost Desert items, dubloons, and my all-time favorite items. Would I be able to enter one (say, dubloons) for the Gallery Spotlight and, in the chance that I won, only have dubloons linked, but have all the other items hidden off in my gallery under a different tab? ~demonic_cookie41
No, the way our system is set up is that it shows all the items for a spotlighted gallery. therefore, having multiple themes is extremely detrimental to your chances of winning.

Why would anyone want to focus on anything but me, anyway? *shine*

I want to enter my Petpage of Neopian Songs into the Site Spotlight, and your submission rules state that no copyrighted or trademarked things are allowed. My Petpage is basically some real-life songs with new lyrics, and I have the original song's name to help people with the tune. Would that count as copyrighted material? For example, "I Will Restock" to the tune of "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor. Thank you so much, I would love it if you cleared that up! ~phoned
While we appreciate your enthusiasm and thoroughly enjoyed your Petpage, alas, something that pulls from copyrighted sources like that would indeed disqualify you from the Site Spotlight. :(

I used coding (HTML) to make the words underneath the item pictures not appear in my shop. This means the name of the item, stock, and price are all gone. Is this against any rules? Please leave out my username. =0 ~[username removed]
This is very much against the rules. All of the prices for your items must be visible and clear at all times.

Hey TNT! I just need to ask a question about the Gallery Spotlight. How many items do you need to get in a Gallery Spotlight? ~yoshi_sonic_90
Wow, people sure are curious about spotlights this week! The answer is: an appropriate amount for your gallery theme. :) Sorry, that was vague, huh? Don't worry, we'll explain. Let's say it's a dubloon gallery, like the collector a few questions above, and you have 100% of the dubloons and related items (for example, we'll say there's 25). In that case, then that'd be plenty. However if you had, as another example, an Acara gallery that had 50 items, then even though that's twice as many items as the dubloon gallery, it's only about a quarter or so of all the Acara items out there. As a result, that wouldn't be so impressive, and therefore it'd be unlikely to get chosen. We hope that made sense. x_X

Hi TNT, I was just wondering... why is it against the rules to share an account with your friends? I don't understand why that is bad. Also, you should make an Editorial search engine, so we don't have to go through every Editorial ever made to find the answer to our question. Thankies, and please leave out my username! ~[username removed]
One of the main reasons is that it causes a ton of problems. Yes, we're sure you trust your friend not to run off with that Draik you just spent however many months saving for, but it's horrible how often it happens. Like any crime, you may think it will never happen to you, but every person who it did happen to probably thought that as well. It's just something that leads to heartache for friends, and a headache for our support staff. That is the biggest reason it's not allowed. Also, the Editorial doesn't work that way, otherwise we'd love to be able to search it too, lol.

Friendship > Neopoints

I was on a board where there was a bit of a situation. There were two users who were repeatedly insulting a user who was standing up for the board creator (who, I believe, made an honest mistake and they were getting a lot of flaming for it). They were viciously attacking the user standing up for this person with insults such as "ugly" and "stupid" (only two of many examples). They assured us that what they were saying was perfectly okay and that they were not going to get frozen (or even suspended/warned, but they did not care for these punishments) for their behavior and that it is only curse words that can truly get them in trouble. I was appalled that they thought this name-calling was okay, and even went as far as laughing at the notion of us saying they might want to re-read the rules. I know you have already put this situation in previous Editorials, but for the sake of these users, could you please clear up that name-calling of any degree is against the rules? ~errion
Ugh, yes, those players should be reported immediately and expect the monitors to be none-too-happy with such horrid behavior.

I think you guys are doing a great job with adding more pin locations. So, I guess my question would be: will we ever be able to PIN our Petpets? What about a PIN on the self-freeze page? A lot of us work hard for our accounts, and when one of us gets scammed or something else we lose all our hard work. That doesn't seem fair. If you answer this please leave my name out. Thanks. ~[username removed]
*waves a magic Meepit* Your wish for a PIN on the self-freeze page has been granted and will be available shortly! As for Petpets, well, our magic Meepit is out of power for now. Also, it just bit us. Excuse us while we go find a bandage...

Hey TNT, you guys are so awesome! You should have a theme song. No lie. :) ~megan_9_2_5
We like the way you think!

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