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Hello, TNT! *super hyper wave* So... I was wondering, how do you guys decide what day a Neopet's special day is? Do you select them at random, or is there some super-complicated method that we Neopians shall never understand? Thanks! ~princessammira
Usually it's the day they are discovered in Neopia, though sometimes we need to scoot them around a bit to try and make them all as evenly separated as possible. Nothing very complicated. :)

Say I want to take a picture of my turtle, and I want to perform a little hand gesture in the background, or somebody's foot gets caught in the picture; could this get me frozen for having family/friends' pictures on my lookup or Petpage? ~starfoxsam246
Just no faces, inappropriate body parts, or offensive hand gestures in the background, please. Stray hands, feet, and elbows, etc. are just fine.

Let's suppose you were lent a Neopet for the Battledome or for an avatar. If you were to change something about the Neopet, such as changing its gender, or painting it, or removing its paint brush clothes, and then you returned the Neopet, is that reportable? (It seems pretty reportable to me, but I think it would be nice to get an answer in the Editorial itself.) ~indulgences
Uh, yeah... you don't borrow a friend's car and paint it green with pink polka dots and take out their stereo and replace it with an inferior one when you have it. That's just wrong. D: So yes, we're gonna say it's reportable unless it's something that was beyond their ability to stop (like a Random Event attack). Though we feel we need to say that, if you claim the Pant Devil stole their Sword of Skardsen while in your possession and we find it in that side account you're sure we'd never find, all your accounts will be frozen like last year's Thanksgiving turkey... just so you know. ;)

Forget the carving knife, we need an ice pick here!

Hi TNT, I have a question about trying to find loopholes in the rules. I've recently seen a user on the boards who tries to find as many loopholes in the rules as he can. He tries to be sneaky about breaking these rules for his own benefit. Is trying to find loopholes in the rules against the rules in any way? Please leave my username out. Thanks. ~[username removed]
That's a surefire way to get suspended or frozen. Anyone old enough to be attempting to wiggle through the rules should be old enough to understand the spirit of the rules. Don't cheat, don't scam, don't post inappropriate things. This does not mean find new ways to cheat, trick people, or disguise what you're saying better. It's poor behaviour, and will not be tolerated on a site that is supposed to be a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Let's say that someone wants to create a new side account, and they have a username picked out. They have searched the name and it does not come up as listed, but when they go to create it, it is unavailable. Does this mean that the username is in the process of being purged? Will this name become available after a certain amount of time? Thank you for your time. ~shj916
It means the account is frozen, so yes, given enough time it will be available again, but you may have a long wait.

To start off, I know that the Neofriends online box is BETA. However, I still need to make sure about something... now, I logged out of Neopets on my home computer and switched to my laptop. Before I logged into this account (my main), I went to my side (who is Neofriends with this account), and in the Neofriends box it said that my main was online. I logged into my main, changed the password, went back to my side, and it still said I was online. What's up? This has happened before, and I changed my password (twice). Should I be worried? Thanks, TNT. *gives you a billion hugs* ~bleepydude
Don't worry about it. It's not always precise. Don't freak out and make assumptions that there may be someone in your account just because it shows that account as being online. :) *hugs*


I know you said that advertising Petpets with a Neopet for trade is against the rules, but a lot of people think it's okay if it's an avatar Petpet. For example, "My badly named yellow Xweetok with a zapped Meowclops is UFT, and I'm requiring something worth the Meowclops." This is still against the rules, right? Please leave my name out if this gets in. ^^ ~[username removed]
Completely against the rules. Even more so that they want compensation for a Petpet that is, in all likelihood, actually an Abominable Snowball or something. We don't care if it's a Bartamus stuck to the Neopet -- you cannot add items or Neopoints to a Neopet trade.

The Gallery Spotlight says it chooses on originality, among other things. Will you/have you ever repeat/repeated a topic? ~seciea
Yes, especially if it is related to a themed day like the Cybunny Carnival or whatnot, but we do try to avoid having too many similarly themed Galleries spotlighted.

Hello, TNT! *Offers confusion about my question* I was once browsing the Hidden Tower and I noticed that the Maraquan Paint Brush wasn't in there. I'm just wondering why not, since it's more expensive than all the other paint brushes there. Thanks. ~kowong
The Hidden Tower only holds select items, though with inflation as it is it does sound tempting to place a few more items in there to effectively cap the price. :-/

In the Editorial for Issue #354, in response to a question about large numbers of dubloons in shops, the editor's response implied that self-inflation was an acceptable way of running a shop - however this directly violates the Terms and Conditions. Could you please clarify? (Please leave my username off this submission) Thanks! ~[username removed]
Buying low and selling for more is how shops work, even in the real world. Buying from Neopian shops could be considered buying from the manufacturer, while buying from other player shops to resell for a bit more could be considered buying from a middleman. If someone wants to, and can afford it, they can put any number of codestones in their shop at any price they want (as long as they do not attempt to trick people into buying the items). What is NOT allowed is working with multiple people to help inflate an item for profit. Also you may not, as an example, buy up all of one certain item to make it unbuyable, then suddenly claim it's worth, say, 800,000 NP and offer it on lots that actually ARE worth that amount, in an attempt to trick people. That's where it becomes false inflation and turns into scamming.

Do staff members have to buy their own Neocash for NC Mall items? I remember reading that staff have to earn their own Neopoints and stuff if they want to play the site, and I was wondering if that extends to Neocash? ~fluoxitine
Yep. Occasionally staff are given NC cards as gifts, but for those of us who enjoy the customisation frenzy, we need to purchase cards ourselves, which plenty of us happily do.

What type of Neopet or Petpet is pulling the war machine in the Darigan War Machine Toy? It looks like a Moehog/Skeith hybrid. o_0; ~_army_of_angels_
It's a... umm... *looks closely*. It appears to be some sort of abnormally large armoured Ownow. D:

Okay, now panic!

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