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Hey TNT! This is, like, my millionth question, but I'd like it if you would at least answer this one, pretty please? So, the Pant Devil. He USED to be called the Paint Devil, I think. Why is he now the PANT Devil? It sounds like he steals pants from your helpless Neopets, leaving them pants-less! But how could he steal the pants if they were held up by suspenders, or even a *gasp* BELT?!? I just wanted to know why his name appears to have changed. Thanks very much! (Also, Paint Devil made much more sense because at least he was stealing PAINT brushes!) ^.^ ~hello_world11
Nope, he's always been the Pant Devil. We're sorry, but we love you anyway.

Dear TNT, I have too many Neofriends it seems, because I can rarely see my online Neofriends that have usernames at the end of the alphabet in the Neofriend beta box, even though I have them selected as VIPs. :( Are you going to change the Neofriend beta feature so we can see more friends, or change how it works so that I can somehow see the VIP friends at the end of the alphabet? ~nyxienyx
We are looking into this, but we are not sure if it is possible.

Hey, TNT! I have a question (duh...). :D One of the rules for submitting a Neopets video for Neovision is that we can't use music that isn't our own. Okay, so my question is: can we at least use music from the site? I mean, like, music from Neopets games? Just askin'... :P yeah, so keep up the good, err, I mean AMAZING work! :) Bye bye, have a nice day! :* ~my_lover_3
Yes, you're more than welcome to use site music for your Neovision videos. :)

Dear TNT, is there any chance that you guys could release a gender-changing potion? I desperately need to change the gender of my Neopet; I don't want to risk using the lab, however, or challenging the scientist because I don't want to give my Neopet a bad BD score. I would be really grateful if you could make a strange potion of something... :) PS: If you do answer back, please remove my name thanks. ~[username removed]
Uhh, you mean this? x_X

Strange Potion, r99,
This strange potion is rumoured to change the gender of your Neopet!

Hello, I have some stocks at the Neopian stock market and I've always wondered: do the stock prices change randomly, or do certain things influence them? ~hantsik
Years ago user interaction had an effect on the stock market, but that was stopped after guilds started getting together to manipulate it. These days it's entirely random.

Many greetings to you, beloved Neopets Team. :3 *offers panda* Yeah, that's right, how many of these do you get? *giggles* I know you get bombarded with questions, and I just felt the need to send you guys one, too. Well, as you know, unconverted Neopets are becoming the talk of all Neopians both new and old. Now, this brings up a problem -- they seem to be becoming more difficult to find. You guys appear to be in need of making money, and I'm assuming that you make a decent amount (what with premium and the mall). However, I have a simple request of you that I think would benefit both you all and us. Would it be possible for you all to invent something to put in the NC Mall that could unconvert our beloved Neopets? Personally, for all I care, it could be a one time use only item. I would go back to buy more and more of them to keep unconverting my Neopets. It really is just a small request of you. You've provided us with many nice things, but this would be one of your best if you could go through with it. Thanks. ~ruby_dragon95
We admit that the thought did cross our minds, since this gets asked a lot, but that would be downright rotten of us to take away something from you guys and then make you pay to get it back. That was never our intent with the conversion. We still have no intention of allowing Neopets to be unconverted. We understand your feelings, but we really don't want to go down that road. As much as we can avoid it, we'd rather not have Neopets species with two different looks.

In response to superkacheekgirl4345's question about the Chomby's scales, I have noticed a brown Chomby with green scales... is this also being fixed? :) ~elpingu
*headdesk* Now it is!

What happens to all of the Neopets whose owners go away for a long time? Couldn't they be put up for adoption? ~shenmashiai
After a (very) long time they will eventually be purged with the account, so that the names can be used again. The Neopets are't placed in the Pound.

Dear TNT, I'm sure you have received many inquiries about the megasuperb prize for the Daily Dare, so I'm not going to repeat the problem. I understand that everyone makes mistakes, but I feel the best thing to do is to admit to them. If this glitch is not fixable that's fine, but if you could please, please address the concerns of all the megasuperb winners by acknowledging our questions. I, and many others, would feel much better (and less bitter) about the situation. Thank you very much. ~theviolentpeacemaker
We're sorry for the delay with those prizes. According to our project tracker that should have been fixed, though. Have you tried visiting the prize page?

TNT, I want my apostrophes back. ~leeta
You can't have them. They're ours! /cries

I just recently won Neopoints from the Petpet Protection League for having a Melvie. If I painted my Melvie a different color, would I be able to win another reward if it was chosen again? ~bluequeen16
Hypothetically yes, but you're probably in for a very, very long wait. There's better (and faster) ways of making Neopoints. ;)

I like to watch paint dry during my spare time.

"Nothing that identifies where you live on 'Earth.' No school names, work names, street addresses, town names, etc. - even if you're an adult or your parents say it's okay." Why is that, if I may ask? ~ontdekker
To keep the site, and all of our players, safe. We ask that adults don't offer this information either, because it can be confusing for younger players who see those types of details out there and place them up without thinking of the issues they could cause. Basically, it's for the same reason we request that no one posts personal pictures of themselves, no matter what their age is.

Do you think you could let users file appeals against their warnings? I'm asking because, sometimes, you get warnings for silly reasons. ~undertaker1206
No, because (in most cases) by the time we could respond to you about the warning it would most likely already be over. Before taking a more serious action against your account (like freezing), monitors will often look at prior history, as well as your warnings and the actions/words that caused you to receive them, and then make a judgment call. Occasionally they will decide that the warning was more likely due to a misunderstanding and not hold it against you.

-.-. .- -. / -.-- --- ..- / .-. . .- -.. / - .... .. ... ..--.. ~dellgirls_2
Yes, because we're as obsessive compulsive as many of our users are.

I happened onto at about 3am CDT on Wednesday morning and saw that Neopets was number 5 on today's top searches. Congratulations!! ~wyldeone88

Like most of Neopia, I've been busy playing games in the Altador Cup and chatting on the boards. We are all discussing how the points system works and which is better, more wins in Yooyuball or more goals. I was wondering, why do you leave us guessing? Can't the points system be officially explained, so that one could find the team with most points and so on? If the answer is no, then why not? Thanks, and please leave my name out. ~[username removed]
No, we will not be explaining the scoring system as you clever little users will undoubtedly come up with a way to abuse the system. We know you guys too well. ;)

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