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Okay, I understand that trading Neopets for items, NP, etc. is not okay. However, is trading a Neopet for another Neopet okay? I've seen a lot of people trying to trade Neopets and claiming it's okay, but you've never actually said that it's okay, have you? The thing they are showing as proof that it's okay is a question in the Pound FAQ that's about Neopet trading. ~888ninetales888
Yes, trading Neopets (even though we don't like the idea of players trading their Neopets) is tolerated, but only if it is a 1:1 swap. This means no "extras" sent before/during/after the swap that might include Neopoints, items, accounts, coding, art, or anything else that would be considered an illegal payment. If there is an agreement to trade Neopets and the process has already begun (one of the Neopets has already been sent) then the other person must fulfill their side of the bargain or return the Neopet. Running off with one after a trade has begun is considered scamming and will result in that player being frozen. It is unlikely you will get your Neopet back if this occurs, though, so use good judgment as to who you swap with!

I am sure you are sick of answering Pound questions, but could you answer just two more please? A lot of people are "lending" Neopets since the Pound opened. I have questions about this. First, is the lending/borrowing of Neopets allowed? I know it was very common in the past but I just wanted to check if you are still allowing it. Second, if someone does lend you a Neopet (clearly saying it is only lending) you are not allowed to keep, correct? Some people are claiming they have the right to keep the Neopet (even after agreeing to only borrow it) since once a Neopet is placed in the Pound it is up for anyone to adopt. Thank you so much! ~shakinheadtotoe
Once again, we don't like the concept of people borrowing/lending their Neopets (they are supposed to be your pets, not objects), but we digress. It is okay according to our current site rules to lend Neopets. It is NOT okay for a player to refuse to return Neopets/items/Neopoints that were lent to them. This is scamming and is not tolerated. If a player is found to be scamming, ALL their accounts will be frozen. When something of yours is lent out you are taking the risk that a player could be dishonest and not return it. If they do run off with it, please report them so that they may be frozen, but do not expect to get the item/Neopoints/Neopet returned to you.

More specifically with Neopets, as far as the option to transfer a Neopet there is no "open season" on a Neopet that is being lent. The person who receives it is obligated by site rules to return it. However, please note that if the transferring is being done through the open Pound and not the transfer system, anyone intercepting the Neopet between the two players is not at fault and is not obligated to return it. This is not the case if the intended recipient (no matter which account of theirs they are on) receives it, though. If they get it, and it was a loan, they are obligated to send it back to the owner. If a Neopet is given to someone (say, a friend that falls out of your favour a few weeks afterward) they are not required to return the Neopet.

There, we think we covered everything that time. x_X

Helpful hint: For the sake of safety, if you do attempt to use the open Pound to send Neopets around, don't talk about it on a board where others could be lurking with the intent of snagging the Neopet. If it has been spoken about, privately arrange a time through Neomail for the adoption to take place.

*pokes* You can all wake up now. We're done!

Are you aware that Cirruses (Cirri?) are not cirrus clouds at all, but cumulus? ~magical_cougar
Well, isn't that embarrassing! :X

Hi TNT! I know we're allowed to collect our free 150 NC at our already existing side accounts, but I was wondering... if you get a Virtual Item Prize Code on your side from that free 150 NC, are you allowed to redeem it on your main? And what if you get more Virtual Item Prize Codes, because you have more than one side account? ~youi234
Yeah, that issue with the Virtual Item Prize Code is one of the reasons we almost didn't let players accept the free 150 NC on their sides, but eh, we decided to give you guys a break. We really hate having so many rules and such, but man, some players just push and cheat and squirm through loopholes so much we always have to keep tightening the rules down on the rest of you poor guys. :( We're sorry such players make life on Neopets rougher for the rest of you. Erm, but enough with the tangent. If you do happen to get a Virtual Item Prize Code just redeem it on your whichever account you receive it.

Okay, I know I already submitted a question once today, but I really need both of these answered. I know that, once you abandon an ice Bori, it turns blue. If I were to transfer mine, would it still turn blue or stay ice? ~cooltaylor432
Transferring your ice Bori will not turn it blue. For the other issue you wrote to us about, please send a bug report here if you completed the Altador Plot but did not receive a trophy/avatar.

._. Sooooo TNT... how much fun did you have making the Flatulence in A Minor Music Track? xD ~shintaroyoshimoto

So, I clicked on the Neopoints at the top of the screen (you know, where all the links like Explore and Games are), and I was brought to my inventory. The last time I checked, the bank was not in disguise as the inventory. ~ohnyalei
The Neopoints displayed there are your active Neopoints, not your bank Neopoints. Your active Neopoint total has linked to the inventory page for quite a few years!

Hi TNT! You rock! Say my Neopet was taking a course in strength at the academy on Krawk Island. My strength is 34 and my level is 17. During that time, a faerie quest pops up and it so happens to be a fire faerie. If I do the quest, will the training be invalid because the strength cannot go over twice the level? Thanks! ~darkstar2161
The check to see if your Neopet has appropriate stats for training is done before training starts, so it should not interfere with the completion of the training, even if the stats of your Neopet has changed out of the acceptable range.

Darn fire faeries always causing trouble!

TNT, I'm thoroughly weirded out. I went to edit one of my Cybunnies' Petpages (one that I'd CREATED, not adopted), and HE ALREADY HAD ONE. My first reaction was shock - since that page had offsite links on it. Could it have been a previous Neopet with the same name that got deleted due to inactivity? I'm really confused. O.o ~angelaxlove
Haha, yep, that's exactly what happened actually! It seems that when a Neopet is purged from the database the Petpage isn't cleared. It may be a good idea to check the Petpage of Neopets you've created if you have a feeling they may have had a past life.

I was trying to transfer a Neopet, but I accidentally typed in the wrong user, and the user hasn't signed on for days. I wanted to adopt a Neopet, but now I can't. I was just wondering when I would just get the Neopet back, and then be able to give it to the right user. Thanks, you guys at TNT rule so much you deserve a carrot (not a cookie, because too many people give you cookies and you might have to go on a diet x.X). Oh, and please leave my name out. :D ~[username removed]
Woops! We figured this was bound to happen, so we have set it so that if the person does not accept the transfer within 3 days, the Neopet will be returned to you. However, that will be your one Neopet transfer (send) for the month.

Please make sure you redeem all of your Altador Cup prizes for the last two years by the 23rd of May 2008 as we will be closing those prize shops on the 23rd.

During a discussion over a deliciously large bowl of Jelly Bellies we have decided that extreme pet applications will no longer be tolerated on the site. What we mean by extreme includes requests for Petpages to be made for the Neopet as part of the application, the owner of the Neopet being refunded or gifted in any way to compensate for the "raising" of the Neopet, or anything beyond a standard application. If the owner wants you to write an little essay about why you would be a good choice, that is fine. (We encourage everyone to use their writing skills!) But going off the deep end of attempting to find a good owner for your Neopet to forcing people through hoops to boost your ego and making it a competition will no longer be welcome on the site.

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