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Hello, TNT. :) I absolutely love the music to the new game Spacerocked! and am wondering if it will ever become available for purchase at the NC Mall. Don't you think it would look just great on my Kougra? Thank you! ~Kerrals
Catchy tune, isn't it? We'll mention your request to the people who handle that stuff and see if it's a go. *crosses fingers* For now you can grab it from our Neopets Music page at Pet Central.

And yes, we totally agree it would go great with your Kougra.

Hi TNT! You guys are the best, but I have something that's gotten me all confused. Can you still get Meuka as a BD challenger now with the new Quick Ref? If not, how can I get him as a challenger? ~jessifriend89
No worries, you can still get Meuka as a Battledome Challenger. :)

Does Boochi fire his ray at your active Neopet or is his aim random? ~nvd122
He fires at your active Neopet. Duck!

Oh hi, Neopets Team! I have a request: it has been unfair for kids 12 and under to not be allowed to post on the Neoboards. As we speak, they're helplessly bored and about to quit. So, can you change the age minimum for posting on the Neoboards to 9? Oh, and at what time do you guys from The Neopets Team get up? ~yourter12
Sorry, the no posting if you're under 13 is an internet-wide thing, not a Neopets thing. We can't lower the age due to COPPA regulations. As for your other question, we all get up at different times. Some of us have long commutes, while others travel a much shorter distance. Also, some TNT members like to get in early and leave early, while others prefer to come in a bit late and work later in the day.

TNT, there is a user that continuously joins and leaves my guild, posting spammy messages and generally being a pain. No one can block her, though, because she always comes and goes while there are no members online to do so. Is there any way you could add an option so we can keep people like this out of our guild? ~yappydog
We suggest either reporting the player for spamming or harassment the next time this occurs, or making your guild private so that players may only join if invited.

Hey TNT! *grabs Meepit cage* I was just wondering, if you have an island Shoyru and then paint it Maraquan, would you be able to customize it with the island clothing? ~lil_icy
Alas, no. Most of the Maraquan Neopets are not in the standard pose that is compatible with items that fit the customisation model of that species.


Until recently the Quick Reference was a fast, easy way for me to check out how hungry all of my Neopets were at once. Now, however, I need to individually make each of them my active Neopet in order to see their hunger status (AND it takes two clicks to do it instead of just one). Is this how it's going to stay? ~kvoels
You don't need to make your Neopets active to see them on that page. If you single click their thumbnail images they will all show up on the page, up to all four of them at once. To hide them, click the image again.

Hi TNT. I'm gonna go ahead and cut to the chase: let's say that, for instance, I want an item really badly. I Neomail seller X and give them an offer. They reply back saying no, and that they want more. Would it be considered scamming if I said "I just bought something very expensive and I don't have more" in order to try to persuade them to accept my offer? ~[username removed]
Try to avoid lying while you're doing transactions if you can. You can simply say that's all you can offer for that item. No need to make things up. :)

Last week, I'm positive that I submitted the correct answer to the Lenny Conundrum (212280), but I submitted 212280 LITERS and did not not get a prize. I think this is unfair, because I did all the math (it took me an hour), yet just because I put liters I got it wrong! Can you please check that, because the problem didn't say to only submit the number. PS: if my teachers at school gave me that problem, they would count it wrong if I didn't put liters! ~sheets_of_ice
Oof! That stinks, but we checked the question, and at the end it clearly stated, Please round to the nearest 10 litre increment, and please submit only a number for your answer. (For example, if you calculate the answer to be 16277 litres, submit 16280 as your answer). :-/ Sorry that we have to be picky about how answers are submitted, but your question illustrates one reason why we just accept the numbers. You see, you spelled litres as liters, while we spelled it litres. This is the type of stuff that can cause issues during judging, and why we normally just stick to numbers.

Alright, TNT! Hello, something is really wrong!! The Hidden Tower will not work! When I find it, it won't go into the room!!! Why would that be? I have been trying for over a month now!!! ~bihcjuti3
This is because your account is too young to access it yet!! Try waiting a few more months!!!

Um, hey TNT. Happy birthday (someone's bound to have a birthday over there, right?). I have a question. In this past Editorial, someone asked about taking a Petpet to a Fungus Cave and it turning into a Neopet. My question is: wha? O.- Is that possible? What if you already have four Neopets? Are all Petpets the equivalent of a Neopet? Where are these Fungus Caves? And—why didn't I know about this? ~virginiamissippi
Yes, this is possible. ;) You can never have more than four Neopets at one time, though, so whenever you decide to get another Neopet (no matter how you get it), you can only have three Neopets at that time. And no, Petpets are not equivalent to Neopets.

As for why you didn't know this, well... that is not for us to guess, but we'll explain it for you anyhow! The only Neopet that can be created by a Petpet is the Krawk. The Krawk Petpet is also the only Petpet that can be turned into a regular Neopet. To make a Krawk Petpet grow into a Krawk Neopet you need, of course, to first of all own a Krawk Petpet (it has to be real one; those created by the Petpet Lab Ray don't count). You then need to attach the Krawk Petpet to one of your other Neopets and give it a name that no other Neopet has. You also can only have three Neopets if you want this all to work. You then must go to the Fungus Cave on Krawk Island and feed your Krawk Petpet some of the fungus that grows there. This will allow your Krawk Petpet to turn into a Krawk Neopet. Phew! We hope that was clear.

And yes, I'll stay the same colour when I go from Petpet to Neopet!

Alright, so you took away the slots some weeks ago. Considering the raucous cheating that had been happening, this was fair. Now, however, you have also taken away our scratchcards and Bagatelle. May I (and every other slots player in Neopia) ask what the deal is? Are we ever getting any of these gambling games back, or are they too bad for Neopets' "children's website" image? Tell it to us straight, doctor... erm, I mean... TNT. ~sailor_nova1
Actually it's just an odd coincidence that the games that are down are gambling-type games. As you know slots came down for repairs due to cheating, and are now on the programming to-do list for getting fixed and put back up on the site. The scratchcards are being worked on for some programming reason, and as for Bagatelle... well, we've requested that the programmers look into that as well. Sorry we can't be more specific, but since not all of us are programmers ourselves, we really can't tell what's wrong with them (or, for that matter, count to high numbers without removing our socks). Don't worry, though -- we're not phasing out gambling-type games.

I really love the days when there is a random theme, but I was wondering, how far in advance do you plan them? I mean, you must need some time to make new items or images (unless you have some sort of robot army to help you), right? ~mer163
Usually stuff like random days is planned about a month in advance. Games and pet days are often planned even farther out than that. :O

When will the Pound be open again? ~bubblegumcloud
Monday, if all goes according to plan. Yaaaaaay!!!

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