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Hey TNT, I wanna ask you a question. How do you know what your Neopet's disease is? Thanks kindly. ~_sethyboy_87
It should tell you on their Neopet Lookup or Quick Ref page (you can get there by clicking on the image of your Neopet on the left hand menu). Once you know the name of your Neopet's illness you can go to the hospital in the Neopian Plaza to see what item can cure them. You can then pop over to the pharmacy in Neopia Central to purchase the cure. If there are no cures available there you can buy them off other players, or visit the Healing Springs in Faerieland every 30 minutes until the faerie there heals your Neopet of the disease.

Hiya TNT! I guess you could consider this a random question, I don't know... but since the customization swap-over, I've been wondering: with the 57 Neopets species, and all the wearables you guys have been releasing, how long does it take to draw a piece of clothing for each Neopet? Do you have some poor Neoartist trapped in a closet somewhere constantly redrawing wearables for you? 8D If so, tell them I said "hi." *insert insidious laughter here* ~redhood009
We asked our talented artists who were able to glance up from their computer screens for a moment to inform us that it can take up to a few days to draw 57 versions of a complex item. This amount of time varies widely, of course, depending on whether an item looks similar on multiple Neopets or needs to be 100% redrawn for each species. We thanked the artists for their time, told them you said "hi," and then stepped back over the chains that held them to their desks.

I'm starting this guide where people Neomail me the time that they visited Coltzan's Shrine and what they got, which I then put on a table that's on my Grarrl's Petpage. 1.) Is this allowed, or would it be considered cheating in some way? 2.) Does the time you visit Coltzan's Shrine effect what you get or not? What about the stats/level of your Neopet? Or what day it is when you go, perhaps? If you do answer this, thanks! :) ~agb2001
Yes, this is allowed. The way players love to compile and organise data with regard to site activities has always put a smile on our faces. Well, after we go "o_O", show nearby coworkers what data is being gathered, and then laugh together. Like we said, though, it always makes us smile. ^_^ We can't say anything as far as your second question, but maybe one day when you have compiled enough info you can make an educated guess yourself. :D

Hey look everyone, this Petpage is gathering info for a
thesis that accounts that have exactly 5 vowels in them
have better odds of getting Fountain Faerie quests!

I've always delighted in reading the item descriptions. Many of them are so creative and hilarious. After years of enjoying them it finally occurred to me that they don't come out of thin air! So just now, as I was giggling over another gem of a description, I wondered which came first, the chicken or the egg? Does the drawing come first, or does the idea come all at once, or what? Who thinks of this, the writers or the art team? Can you tell us the story of how the magic of things like "la la la la *BITES YOUR FACE*" come to be? ~qbureau
First is the idea for the item, which comes out of the Content Department. That idea is given to our artists to draw, and then the image is uploaded. At that point the Content Department stares at the newly-drawn item, whilst the gears in their heads slowly creak, until the magical moment when their fingers dance like little faeries across their keyboards, leaving the item with such marvelous descriptive text as "la la la la *BITES YOUR FACE*."

Hey TNT. Apparently you have said in the past that posting usernames as warnings for others is not harassment unless they are asking people to report them. Now, surely it would be a case of harassment if someone was completely making up their accusation against you, right? (Let's say two Neofriends had a falling out over Neomail, no harm done, but one of them takes it badly and wants to get the other one into trouble) I mean, if you were offline at the time the board was made, you wouldn't be able to prevent it, and even if you were posting anything it would just look defensive. So I wonder, how is it possible for you, and us, to know the difference between genuine warnings by other players about a scammer and an immature brat trying to give someone they just had an argument with a bad reputation? Surely making board alerts entirely against the rules would be going a bit too far, but not being able to stop the slandering of innocent reputations is a problem. Anyway, sorry about such a verbose question. (omit username) ~[username removed]
Alas, it's hard to tell from the perspective of other players, we agree. It's really hard to find a balance between not allowing talk of other players at all and allowing players to speak their mind about someone (as long as it doesn't violate the site's terms and conditions). Right now we ask that players act responsibly by, yes, alerting others to possible scammers, but by also not pressing so far as to encourage harassment of that player. In your unfortunate hypothetical case we would suggest that the person being posted about report the posting player. If they are, indeed, maliciously making stuff up in order for another player to get warned/frozen or defamed then they deserve a warning for their actions, as that is not allowed.

On The Neopian Times's Editorial page, it says that the most unusual and most frequent questions are answered. How do you choose the username that it will appear under if you get the same question, say, one hundred times? ~haydn__purrcelle
Whoever asks the question in the clearest, least whining, and legible manner (generally speaking).

I recently received a quest from a light faerie that asked for "Trrygdorr." Not having heard of this character's item before, I went to look up its description. Though the description told me most of what I wanted to know, its illustration was rather cryptic -- as a result, it was very hard to tell what species he is. The character looks like a cross between a Kacheek and a Chia. Whatever he is, it isn't anything recognisable as a current Neopian species. Do you have any ideas as to what he is? ~daisybell17
Actually Trrygdorr is quite recognisable to us as a Tyrannian Chia of the Cave Chia variety. :D

But then again, we spend waaaay too much time staring at Neopets daily.

I have this item in my inventory, and below the item, in gray, it says "retired." What does that mean? Also, because it's "retired," am I not allowed to sell it? Thanks! ~sarlizkat114
No, you are allowed to sell it if you like. Retired means that the item is rarity 180, and therefore it does not stock in shops. Though there are a few exceptions, it generally means that no more of that particular item will be released into Neopia.

Hey TNT, I will just get straight to the point. Okay, so I have noticed over the years that people in auctions spend, like, hours "inflating" items. They use the 5k increment rule with others to just inflate items. That is considered inflating in my book. However, I don't know if you published it in YOUR book. Is it a reportable offense and is doing this legal? Also, is it legal to auction snipe by pushing "F5" to refresh at a bidding page? I know lots of snipers (including myself) who do that when placing bids. With regard to restocking, I have heard people have gotten frozen for doing so. I don't know about auctions, however. My last question is about auctions: is it illegal to put items up for auction on a side account, bid on it, and hope that other users see the bid and bid on it also? I mean, it is like a scam and I have seen many do this. Thank you so much for reading this and I honestly really hope it will make it to the Editorial. :) ~sergeineoshadow
Item inflation is increasing the overall worth of an item throughout Neopia. Bidding wars in the Auction House are perfectly fine as long as the owner of the item is not involved in the bidding via a side account. Yes, hitting F5 is perfectly fine as long as you do it yourself. As to your third question, the owner of an item may not bid on their own item, especially with the intent to get others to buy it or pay more for it.

Hi TNT, why is Neopets having so many glitches lately? ~rokin_gurl_
We have been migrating our servers to a new datacenter, which between the pickup trucks, hail storms, and the sandwich bits that fell into the servers there have been a few problems.

Thanks for the free NC cash, TNT. That was great and nice. Also, are we allowed to collect the free NC cash on our side account? ~sweetminny22
Yes, it's okay for you to redeem the free Neocash offer on your existing side accounts. Do not, however, go creating multiple new accounts for the purpose of collecting bundles of NC (because, make no mistake, you will get caught).

I'm just wondering if you could convert Neoquest and/or Neoquest II into a flash game (and if you're planning on making another Neoquest, that too) that automatically saves your progress, because I have a slow computer whose internet connection fails on a regular basis. It's really annoying when my internet connection fails in the middle of the game for a couple of hours and I have to stop my game. Even when my internet connection is working, the pages sometimes take extremely long to load when you walk around the map. I know how much work this would be if you decided to do it so I won't expect it to be done at all, but thanks anyway! P.S. Why do people throw cookies at you? Do you eat all the food people throw at you? ~php212
Alas, sorry, we have no intention of ever making the Neoquest games into Flash games. :( We understand they can take a while to play for those with slow internet connections, but that's the nature of the game.

Hey TNT! How are the Meepits doing? I saved up 600k to buy a baby paint brush about 3 weeks ago. Anyway, I have about 200k now and I haven't changed my bank statues down from Diamond Deposit Gold. Can I get in trouble for doing this? If so please tell me and I will switch it!! Thanks! ~dancing_queen88
Nope, that is perfectly fine. You earned that level of savings percentage with your efforts! ^_^

We are doing fine. Thanks for asking. We appreciate it,
and your end will come quick and mercifully when
the time comes to... Erm, we mean, "Meep".

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