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I am a sort of Korbat Konnoisseur here on Neopets and a very good question was brought to my attention. Lord Darigan wasn't always bad. In the 10th chapter of the Champions of Meridell plot, a brief glimpse of an elderly Korbat is shown in a flashback. Firstly, is this Lord Darigan before the orb was stolen? If so, are there any other images of his pre-plot look available? ~x_seabee_x
Yes, that is indeed Lord Darigan before the loss of the orb. To our knowledge, however, there is no other art representing him in this fashion outside the flash movie. :(

You know how Premium people get to use online live support sometimes when they want to cancel their Premium and stuff? Well, is it possible for you to do that with regular users? Like, if someone wanted to talk to staff and get answers quick (and not some computer generated answer)? Or do you not have enough staff? Because at the moment your service to us isn't that good. I'm asking here because I have no idea if people actually read the idea forms being sent. Please answer so I and everyone else knows that you care. :( ~t0mboy
To clarify, the online live support provided to Premium members is by the company that handles the Premium service for us, not Neopets. They strictly deal only with Premium service issues (billing, email, etc) not Neopets account issues. For Neopet related isssues, Premium players need to email Neopets support. This is because, while the site's immense population makes a interesting economy and provides plenty of social opportunities with a wide variety of players, it does make it difficult to give everyone the personal attention they deserve. We try to do our best though. We do read your emails, and yes, our support staff does read your ideas and forward exceptional (and funny!) ones to our content staff. Aside from our pre-scripted "we got your email" responses, any other reply (while it may be a standard one) is sent to you from a real staff member who has read your email. We get thousands of the same questions/concerns a day, and in order to get through the massive amounts of email, we have to standardise some aspects unfortunately.

I have a Neohome on my side account that I would like to get rid of. The only way to get rid of your entire land and Neohome is to "sell" your Neohome to the bank and get back some money. Is it against the rules to sell your Neohome back to the bank on a side account? If so, can there be an option to just delete your entire property and Neohome if you choose to for such situations? I would really appreciate an answer, as this has been bothering me for some time now. ~xxtoriamosxx
Wow, we don't think we've ever seen this side account question before. *jawdrop* We suppose that, since you are just getting a portion of what you spent back (rather than making NPs out of thin air), it's fine in this situation.

Ahh, so I accidentally clicked one of the Daily Dare prizes twice. I didn't know it was a glitch at the time. I didn't notice it until I saw two of them in my inventory. Does this mean the people who accidentally clicked prizes during this ordeal will get warned/suspended/or something? (I hope not.) And yes, it was Snowmuncher Cereal (Abi's prize - I'm THAT bad at DD). I don't know if it was my subconscious haunting me for skipping breakfast, but I feel terrible. Anyway, I put it up on the Trading Post with a note. My bad, TNT. Sorry for the trouble. :P ~rineo
Don't worry about it too much. If you "accidentally" clicked the button, you know... 10, 20, 50... 100 times, then you might be hearing from us, but accidentally double clicking and getting two we can let slide. :)

I'm guaranteed to not be a part of a healthy breakfast!

Is it true that there was once a one billion Neopoint giveaway, a looong time ago? Who won it, and will there ever be something similar? ~excessives
Yup! That happened waaaaay back in December of 2000. Of course, it was split amongst 2,000 winners, so everyone only got 500,000 NP each. Though back then, that was *a lot* of Neopoints. We currently have no plans to do it again. We already have enough Neopoints in the economy. :)

How long does it take to dress a Negg? ?_? ~mariyah
Umm... uh... huh? O_O

Hey TNT, do you guys normally delete things like Neoquest data when it's left alone for too long? Ages ago, I played Neoquest 1 with my Kyrii suspicious_joey and stopped when I acquired a certain avatar, but now over a year later I've found my game's been deleted and I've had to start again totally from scratch! (This time I'm playing on lupine_canine instead). I might have transferred suspicious_joey to my side account and back a couple times during the intermission, but in the past that didn't effect it, so why should it now? ~pacmanite
Mr. Insane has informed us that Neoquest games that have not been touched for a year are purged from the system. If you have a game you don't want to lose, we recommend you make a move every once in awhile to keep the game going.

Hey, I'm just confused. When I first bought my cracked Grarrl egg, I went to the Negg Faerie to trade in my Negg, and when I went to the drop-down list for my Neggs, my Negg wasn't there. So I went to my inventory and it was there. I'm now at the point of confusion. Please help me! ~keigr955
We're assuming you mean the Grarrl Keno Negg in your inventory? The Negg Faerie only accepts Neggs that are worth points. If you read the description of your Negg it will tell you if it is worth points, or simply just an edible or decorative Negg. If, by any chance, you actually meant the Cracked Keno Egg that also exists, well... that's an egg not a Negg.

What is the Mysterious Statue at the Ruins of Maraqua for? Was/is it part of a plot or something, or is it just one of those random things on the site that are useless? It's been there as long as I can remember. ~purple_panda45
It was related to the plot of the Neopets PS2 game The Darkest Faerie, which in a roundabout way was linked to the Altador plot.

If the guard always corrects you in the Imperial Exam, why can't he be the guy who lets people into the hall? ~wowrse
I bet the guard is wondering the same thing! Someone give that Grarrl a raise!

Hiya, TNT. So when playing Pick Your Own, is it only possible to win common berries, dung, old boots, and steel barbs? Because I can get those for, like, 2 Neopoints in a shop. Why in the world should I pay 400? =P Or is there some super secret items that are rare to find? O_o ~hiphopgurl91111
Yup, there are some very rare berries you can find if you are ridiculously lucky. Let's see... the Dorkleberry sells for nearly 50,000 NP at this time, Spoogentberries go for about 85,000 NP, and some are even unbuyable. The Aquaberry alone is in the millions! So go out and pick those berries! *points heroically*

How come I don't get a cut of the profits?

'Allo poppets. I know you must get hundreds of complaints and questions on the same subject weekly, however, I find it necessary to ask in order to clear my conscience. Is there any hope of getting the Pound back? If so, do you have an estimated date? I know you guys are busy, but many Neopian players such as myself are starting to give up. Thank you for your time and everything you've been doing for all of us players! We complain a lot, but it's really amazing all that you do to keep this a free site. ~willaim000
Don't give up on us! You guys might be enjoying a fancy new Pound sooner than you think! Don't tell anyone, though. It's a secret. /nod

I zapped my Petpet and it's now a rainbow Krawk. I tried to take it to the Fungus Cave to make a Krawk Neopet but it didn't change. Can you not use zapped Petpets to do this? PLEASE ANSWER THIS! ~seashell_2002
Nope. A Krawk Petpet must be an original Krawk Petpet for it to work. Petpets zapped into Krawks cannot become Krawk Neopets.

Hi TNT, just wanted to clear something up, as this has come up on the shop ads board quite a lot lately. Wouldn't it be considered scamming to advertise a 1 NP sale, then have certain items as "obstacles" priced at 1,111 NP or 11,111 NP in order to try to get people to buy them by accident? ~o0firewings0o
Yes, purposely trying to trick people out of their Neopoints like that is considered scamming.

I have been busy in the Battledome for the latest plot. So, when the scores came out I hoped I would get a bit of credit for this, at least enough for an avatar or a site theme. But I didn't get any points at all. Some people say this is because I didn't participate in the puzzle. Why is this? It seems kind of unfair to me. ~loenatik
Players had to complete at the very least the first puzzle step in order for their participation in the plot to register. If you don't do this, we can't track your scores, including any Battledome participation. Please be aware of this for future plots. The first step is generally extremely simple, so that everyone can participate to some degree.

Us first plot steps are small, but we're very important!

Hi TNT! This question has been confusing me for a while. Can you report someone for putting a scary chain-message on their lookup? I'm not scared personally, but I can see how it would scare younger children. ~rebeliciousgirl
It's hard to judge without seeing it, but if it is in any way threatening or encouraging spam it has no place on anyone's UL.

Hi TNT! How are you? Just something I noticed that I thought I would bring up. How can we have an Ubikiberry Elixir without any Ubikiberries? 0_o ~h_a_l_e_y_r_o_c_k_s
Ahh, the Ubikiberry... what a sad tale.
You see, long ago there was a Kougra named Stanley. One day while he was exploring, he came upon a bush of curious berries. Not being an overly wise Kougra, Stanley ate one of the unidentified berries. Thankfully, they were not poisonous, and Stanley thought they tasted great. Of course, Stanley had a very poor sense of smell, which may have contributed to his conclusion. He picked the berries from the bush and brought them into town, offering them to his neighbours. They seemed to have a different opinion of the berries though. Those that plugged their nose to get past the strong smell could barely stand to chew and swallow the berries. Stanley was very distraught. Always the optimist though, he figured there *must* be something useful to do with all these berries he picked. So he went into his Neohome and started working with the berries. He smashed, chopped, boiled, and did everything he could to the berries to make them into a miracle potion. Stanley knew that magical potions needed magic to work though, so he traded many of his possessions for a bottled water faerie. On the way home with the faerie, he told her how he was trying to make a potion that would heal fellow Neopians. The water faerie thought this was very sweet, and agreed to help him. Stanley was ecstatic, and as soon as he got home he popped the cork off the bottle trapping the faerie... and promptly dumped his concoction on her. Then, he did something that no Neopet should ever, ever do. He shook the bottle. Now, everyone is sure Stanley only meant to try to mix his ingredients with the faerie's radiating power, but, did we mention Stanley wasn't too bright? When his neighbours found him, he was unconscious and badly bruised a little bit away from what was left after his house exploded. Amazingly enough, he still had the bottle gripped tightly in his hand (though it was now faerie-free of course). He tipped the bottle toward his lips and drank a bit of the elixir. Immediately, he felt his strength returning. He had done it! Stanley had created a healing potion. Even his neighbours had to agree that it didn't smell like rotting meat that had been stored in someone's armpits for a month. Eager to make more of his potion, he ran into the forest to collect more berries, as he had used the last of his supply in the potion. Unfortunately, he was never able to find another bush. It seems Stanley had unfortunately used up every Ubikiberry left in Neopia. He rushed to Faerieland and pleaded with Queen Fyora to help him. She agreed to make a magical bag that, when the owner reached inside, would be able to withdraw an endless amount of the potion. So, even though the potion will live on thanks to Fyora's magic, Stanley could never forgive himself for the apparent extinction of the berry that he had loved so much. To this day, he still roams the forest looking for any sign of surviving bushes, hoping that he could find a type of forgiveness for his thoughtless action of picking every last berry.

So, remember everyone, the moral of this story is: Optimists have a poor sense of smell.


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