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Dear TNT, why did you take the Daily Puzzle away? Even though there is no gaping hole in the front page, I feel its absence every time I visit Nothing can replace the spot the Daily Puzzle had in my heart. Please explain why you removed such a happy part of the site! ~elanorgarner
We removed the Daily Puzzle from the front page for the new layout, but we plan to add it back to the site as soon as we can. We are sorry for your sadness. :(

TNT, hey! What's up? Okay whatever, I don't really care (no offense). Anyway, uh, is it okay that I sold the gold Shoyru yo-yo that I got from buying a plush in real life? Please tell me. I'm not sure and I'm afraid my account will be frozen if I do it again, so please let me know if it's okay. (P.S.: if it's wrong, please don't freeze me... I didn't know.) ~shadowpaws
It's just fine! You can stop worrying. It is perfectly fine to sell items that are received from virtual prize codes and the like. These items are our gift to you for your enthusiasm and support, and you can do what you like with them.

I searched for a Zei Codestone in the Shop Wizard, and one came up for 4,000 Neopoints. I clicked the shop and then clicked onto the item. It then said that the item wasn't in the shop. They didn't take my Neopoints and it wasn't in my inventory. I then went back to the shop and the item wasn't there anymore. Is this just a glitch? Please answer this question because it's really bugging me! ~paige_1994_hi6
Seems like someone beat you to a good deal! What happened was that, during the time between you loading the shop page and clicking on the item to purchase it, someone else had already bought it. So even though you could still see it on your screen, it was actually already gone.

Help me, I've been resold 5 times today. /sob

Last week you announced that players would be able to enter Neopets on side accounts into the Beauty Contest starting April 4th. If someone did this, would it be okay for them to advertise their entry from their main account? Couldn't this be mistaken for advertising someone else's entry? ~velvette
No, please only advertise entries on the accounts that the Neopet belongs to.

I realize that earning Neopoints on a side is a freezable offense, but this particular question has been bugging me. If your main account gets RS banned, would it be against the rules to transfer your Neopoints to a side account to restock, as long as you send the items you've bought back to your main to sell? ~prae
This is absolutely against the rules. The restock ban is there to limit your restocking activity to keep things balanced, not as an annoyance to flush you into another account.

Didn't Neoquest I once have a soundtrack? I could've sworn it did. ~[username removed]
Yep, it still does. You can turn it on (or off) in the options area of Neoquest.

I was browsing in the Second Hand Shoppe and happened to see a Fire Background. Upon looking at the name of the donor I saw that it said "Princess Amira." Is she a charitable Aisha, or were my eyes deceiving me? ~cherry85
Nope! Some of the most charitable donors to the Second Hand Shoppe are Neopian characters themselves.

I'm just *that* nice.

Not to be rude in any way, shape, or form, but it seems to me that MOST of those who win the User Lookup of the Week, Gallery Spotlight, or Neohome Spotlight, etc. seem to be premium members. Is it just a coincidence that most of these "premium members" win almost ALL of the contests, or is it simply planned as part of the "secret deal" when you become a premium member?~numberoneprincess
Not at all. Being premium does not affect your chances of being chosen. Generally, checking the account of someone is the very last step we perform before granting them winner status. (We do this to make sure there is no inappropriate material on a UL we're about to bring a lot of attention to via the news.) Therefore, them being premium is often a surprise for us. Also, for example, one could make the argument that we choose female winners over male winners because more females win on average, when in actuality, there could just be more quality entries by females. It's the same thing, just more attention is drawn to it because of the whole premium/non-premium thing. :-/

I was wondering if you have to only get AAA's score or if you have to go over his score to be credited with beating him, because when I got 500 points in Ugga Smash and submitted I couldn't claim my prize 3=. This was very disappointing for me because I had been trying to get that score for a while. ~puppy1121
Oof, that stinks. Alas, you need to beat his score to be victorious over AAA, not just equal it. :(

How many questions do you receive every week? Hundreds? Thousands? Hundreds of thousands? ~mr_zest
Hmm... B. Thousands.

One time, I went in search of some chocolate milk for Jhudora. So, I went to the Shop Wizard to look for the cheapest price. When I searched, however, it said Terror Mountain Chocolate Milk Glass (try narrowing your query with more exact words!). That made me so mad! I had to refresh a lot before I finally found the chocolate milk! Please fix this! ~wwe_addict_4_4_4
The Shop Wizard has a handy-dandy drop down that allows you to select either "containing my phrase" or "identical to my phrase." We suggest using the second option before attempting another fast-paced Shop Wiz experience.

Is it possible to get a paint brush or any other such highly coveted items from Tarla's Shop of Mystery? Not that I'm not happy with the items I've gotten there so far or anything... *kicks red kazoo.* ~carra2727
If memory serves, yes, it is possible to get a paint brush. The chances of this happening are very, very low, though.

Hello TNT, I just saw that my Neopet measures 54cm and weighs 134 lbs. How is this possible? Is my Neopet made of steel o.O? ~x_xtheearthx_x
Maybe he just needs more exercise.

Admit it, I lack proper ratio!

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