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Just a random question: if your Neopet is shown as a Notable Neopet, do you receive a notification? Could your Neopet be shown as a Notable Neopet without you realizing it? ~skippery
There is no notification for being a Notable Neopet, nor any reward. It's mostly just a fun thing to look at and see different Neopets and the outfits they wear. As far as notification, players will often Neomail those whose Neopet they see to give them a heads up.

This year's Daily Dare has introduced a new rule. According to this rule, players who challenge AAA but can only manage to beat Abigail are credited with a win over her. I challenged AAA but could only beat Abigail at Sophie's Stew. My Daily Dare page shows that I haven't beaten AAA yet. However, it doesn't mention that I beat Abigail, either. Does this mean I won't be eligible for the Uberiffic prize or Spifftastic prize if I don't beat AAA at Sophie's Stew by the end of March? ~shilpa24386
We are working on this at the moment. If you beat or have beaten Abigail's score when you challenged AAA you will get credited with a win for Abigail.

Hello! I was just wondering if there is any way of seeing how much bank interest you would get with a certain amount of Neopoints? I'm asking because I am really interested in seeing how much people can get! Good job on the plot, by the way. :) You ROCK! ~charlie_ryan
We can supply you with the information that you require to figure it out. :) The most basic account, Junior Saver, gives a 4.5% interest rate. The next is Neopian Student, which gives 5.5%. From that point, the interest rate rises .5% for each upgrade, finally maxing out at Ultimate Riches! with a 12.5% interest rate.

Now you can do something useful with the Lost Desert
calculator we linked to last week!

I have been wondering about this for quite a while. How does the Neopoint ratio for games work? I have seen ratios drop to half their value and I have seen them double (maybe even increase more) over just one or two days. How come there are games where even the highest score on its High Score Table could not get 1,000 NPs from the game while, for other games, one can get 1,000 NPs per play for just a fraction of a score from the High Score Tables? Is there some system to this or is it just random? ~yenneffer
It's an automated system that adjusts the ratio to help balance out the flow of Neopoints into Neopia. We assure you there is no mad scientist cackling evilly whilst lowering and raising the NP output of Kass Basher. ;)

I was wondering what happened to our avatars and fonts on 13 March? They seem to have sort of disappeared for most of us. The Neoboards exploded with thousands of questions and theories. D: ~galaxy__1995
Our programmers are attempting to get it all fixed up as we type.

Hi TNT. Let's get straight to the point. What happens when you make the bank staff angry by making too many withdrawals? I really want to know! ~greeknluvinit
They come to your Neohome and... okay, okay, we'll be serious here. They just refuse to allow you to make any more withdrawals that day.

HI TNT!!! I was just wondering -- I have been looking through the entries in the Customisation Spotlight. I've realised that there are Neopets with two (count them, TWO!) different colors. For example: royal, grey, island, and robot. Please help! ~joanna_a71
We're not sure exactly what you need help with. ._. Post-customisation, Neopets can now be painted multiple times, keeping any accessories from previous colours. Neopets can only have one base colour at at time, though. For example, their coat/skin can't be two different paint colours, but an island Neopet can now wear a Halloween cape if they have been previously painted that colour.

Oh, the possibilities! O.O

Is it just me or did you guys forget to cancel March 3rd due to a lack of interest, like you usually do? ~cul8er_bye
There was so little interest that we weren't even interested enough to mention it was cancelled. :O

Is there a way to remove items from your Closet and put them into your inventory again? *Hands you an oatmeal cookie* ~0rubymagic0
Yup. You just need to go into your Closet. To clarify, the page where you customise your Neopet is not your Closet. The Closet resembles your Safety Deposit Box. It can be accessed through either the blue link that says "Closet" on your customisation page, or from the "Jump to" blue links on your inventory page.

So I've gotten a Neofriend request recently, but I don't want to be their friend. These are just random people that I've had no interaction with except maybe a post on their topic. However, I don't want to be rude and Neomail them asking "Why?" (or, more along the lines of, "You won't even keep your Neopets happy. Why would I want to be your friend?"). Also, immediate rejection seems so wrong. Will the request just die if I leave it alone, or will it always be there, waiting for rejection? If you print this please leave my name off.
Don't worry about it so much. :) If it really does bother you, you can set your preferences to block incoming requests. Trust us, if some players accepted Neofriend requests from every person that randomly requested them, it'd take ages for their Neofriend page to load. Chances are that, if you wait a month and then reject, they won't even remember who you are. :P No one needs Neofriends like that!

Hi TNT! I was wondering, do you guys have a player counter to tell who is what "number" on Neopets, or are there too many people who sign up in a day for that kind of thing? ~roselle60172
Nope, Neopets accounts are marked by their usernames, not a code number. You're not just numbers to us! Unless, of course, your username is comprised entirely of numerals. In that case, then we guess that you would be a number to us.

Hey TNT! I have a problem that has been bugging me. If you battle the mad scientist in the Battledome there is a chance that your Neopet can change genders, right? What would happen if an unconverted royal boy Draik battled the scientist and got a gender change? Would the Neopet change to a converted female Draik, or an unconverted version because it was unconverted to begin with? Is battling the scientist risky using an unconverted royal Draik? Thanks so much! ~coffeeluvr1992
If you go into the Battledome with a royal boy Draik and the Lab Ray Scientist changes the gender of your Neopet, you will then have a female royal boy Draik. The gender will change, but the clothes and the colour will not change.

Hello, I think you guys should add an obituaries section. That way it will make quests for the Brain Tree easier! Please fill my request!!! Thanks and have a great day! ~daddyzgurl96
Aww. While this is a very cute idea, we're afraid the Esophagor would feel displaced. Maybe you should go talk to him the next time that the Brain Tree stumps you.

Hahaha! Get it? *Stumps* you! You see, he's a tree,
and stumps are, like, cut down trees and...

Hello TNT, I was wondering: has anybody ever thrown an item at you so hard that it broke a bone? ~_rainfeather__
Not to our knowledge, but Snarkie once gave herself a good lump on the head after she fell against a coffee table while spinning around pretending she was Wonder Woman. She claims she was quite young when this happened, but we don't really believe her.

Hey TNT. I was just wondering why you've gone and enabled donating dung? I don't know how long it has been this way, but I know that it really has started to get to me now. Lol. I thought that you all disabled donating dung (don't you just love my alliteration) for a reason? Anyway, I'd appreciate it if you guys could clear this up for me! ~celticessence
Yes, we love your alliteration! We reenabled dung donation after it was made into a wearable item. All dung donated is now sent to the Second-Hand Shoppe (which, unfortunately, is now overflowing with dung). x_X We'll have to rethink this again.

Hello! I was searching for an item with the search bar and, when it listed all the items that matched my search, an item listed as "Skeletal Wings" came up. It said this is an NC item but I cannot find it in the NC Mall anywhere. Where can I get a set of these wings? Is it a Halloween item? Is it no longer available? If so, could you bring it back because the NC Mall was still new when Halloween came last year, so the item didn't really get much of a chance. ~xaviernye
Those wings are the special item that is available through the NC Mall's Winged Mystery Capsule. Capsules contain a random item (or items) from a selected set of NC Mall merchandise (kind of like a grab bag). While you will generally receive an item that is available directly from the mall, there are exclusive items that can be found in these capsules. For the Winged Mystery Capsule, the skeletal wings set is this item.

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Notable Notes:
Mostly because we'll take advantage of any excuse to use alliteration, we thought it might be nice to mention a few things this week!

~Due to popular demand we will be updating the Beauty Contest so that players will now be able to enter Neopets that are on their side accounts! Yay! Starting on April 4th we will be removing the NP/item rewards (but the trophies stay of course!) so that all of you wonderful artists out there can enter any of your Neopets without risk. Remember to hold off using side accounts until April 4th, though. The old rules still apply until then!

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