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Thank you so much for the awesome Return of Dr. Sloth plot! (Just had to throw that in there.) Anyway, for my question... in last week's Editorial, you mentioned that Draik morphing potions will only change the color of an existing Draik and will not work on any pets that are not Draiks. Is this a permanent change or a glitch that you are working on fixing? ~the_real_poetess_123
First, let's start off with a little history. This change for the potions happened in October of 2007. This is not a new change. However, after meeting and talking about it, we have decided that we will change the morphing potions for the Draiks so that all species can use any Draik morphing potion or transmogrification potion to change their Neopet into a Draik.

And there was much rejoicing. Yay!

How long do you have to edit your plots before they come out? Isn't it spelled "civilization" and not "civilisation"??? :/ I guess ya'll were in a hurry. ^_^; ~melika_nayuki
Actually our plot writers are quite good about editing, and "civilisation" is the British spelling, therefore it's the one we use. :)

Hey TNT... this is a question that has been bugging me for a while. Say you're on the Help Boards, and you ask for a SSW search. I know this is considered rude, but it is not (yet?) against the rules. On almost every board I've seen asking for SSW searches, there are a few particular users who will jump on the board to tell the asker that they are being rude. They don't look up the item or offer to help, they just tell them that they are rude to ask for SSW searches. They've been told that it is pretty hopeless to keep after these users, but they persist every time. Is this considered harassment? By the way, I'm a premium user who doesn't mind doing these types of searches every now and then for other users on quests. ~riddlemethis77
As long as they are not insulting the board maker or falsely claiming it's against the rules, there's no point in reporting them. However, if things escalate and push past annoying and rude to harassment, it can be reportable.

Why are there guilds that say you must have five trophies or 150+ avvies or two painted Neopets to join? Isn't that against the rules? ~kataang91999
Nope. There are plenty of private guilds out there that require you to meet certain standards to join, and it's up to the guild leader(s) to decide what they are. If you're not comfortable with guilds that request such things, there are plenty of other guilds to choose from. :)

Okay, say I get frozen. If someone comes along and tries to register with my username, would it let them, or would it just say that my frozen username was already in use? Also, what if the person trying to register with my frozen username just so happened to search for me but found nothing? ~naekiri
If you are frozen, your account stays in our system for a very, very long time. During this time, anyone attempting to make an account with your username will be informed that it is unavailable on the creation page. Eventually the account will be purged though and the username will once again become available.

Do accounts that have been frozen (self or otherwise) count toward the side account limit for that email address? ~spartan_val
For the email address, yes. However, they do not count against the 5 allowed accounts, unless there is some extreme or suspicious behaviour with them.

A quick question: is it possible to redeem part of a Neocash card on one account and another part on a side account? I have a $25 Neocash card and I want to be able to purchase NC Mall items on all five of my accounts. If this is not possible, could you please consider it? Thanks! ~purplerox777
While you are allowed to put Neocash on any of your accounts, of course, we're afraid that a card can only be credited to one account, as is the nature of the gift card. :-/

What convinced you to do The Return of Dr. Sloth? I know you said you would a long time ago, but never did, so why do it now? (P.S. Neopets rocks my socks!!!) ~rilor87
There's too many Sloth fans in high places at Neopets to not allow him his plot. D: We never gave up hope we could one day do it, and here it is! Yay! ^^ PS: Sloth aiming his ray gun at Neopets HQ had nothing to do with our decision, we swear!

Well done. You will be spared... FOR NOW.

Well, hello! That is the only greeting I'm going to give (no more rocks, I promise). I just have a quick, odd little question. I recently saw quite a few vampire items. I thought there was only one but I found a few more. Personally I don't like vampires, and since this is mostly a younger site shouldn't you get rid of things named "vampire," as to not put the image of vampires in young ones' heads? You changed Whack a Kass to Kass Basher, which is less violent, so why not change the vampire references to something else? ~[username removed]
This is a site for all ages, and not everything in this site or in real life is happy, shiny, and fun. We think that the vampires of the world need a place to live, too. Also, Lawyerbot asked us to change Kass Basher... he does that sometimes.

TNT: I am in desperate need of your help. I have a question about the Tyrannian Foods shopkeeper. What can I say, besides the fact that he is the most amazing creature I've ever seen? However, what is he (she/it)? Also, where does he get his hair done, because it's simply stylin'! Please give me the address (and inform me of what he is) -- I am in need of a new hair style! ~polypocket711
It looks like some archaic Chia to us. When asked who cuts his hair, he responded, “Uggh-Ugga-Ugg!” We're assuming he just wanted us to buy a juicy ransaurus steak, though...

A lot of people have been spreading a rumour around my school and I need to know if it's true or not. The rumour is that Neopets are taking over (another pet site) and killing them. I need to know if this is true or not. So... please tell me because I need to know. ~[username removed]
No, this is just an internet rumour, like one of those silly emails that get forwarded all around, only it seems to have spread a lot amongst younger players. To clarify for everyone, the rumour is that Neopets sneak into the houses of these other web pets (that are on an entirely different site, mind you) and slay them.

I was just wondering whether there was any connection between the mouse-like pet Neopians call the Usul and the sci-fi novel Dune. Muad'Dib (the desert mouse) is a character in the book who also goes by the name Usul. Thanks! ~athaclena
Actually we consider the Usul to be closer to a squirrel, but we digress. We don't think any of us remember where the Usul got its name from, though we have noticed the similarities and paid homage to a wonderful book by making the desert version of the Usul have blue eyes. 0:) We couldn't help ourselves!

Hey TNT! I have a question that's been on my mind... what does "Faboo" mean? I have used it before, and it is fun to say, but I never knew what it meant! Could you explain that? ~gbah100
We're guessing it originated as a short term for "fabulous." :)

In other words, a short term for me.

Hey TNT, I was just wondering... could you put something on the site that displays the date so we know when exactly we can get our yearly interest from the bank? It's a little confusing without that. Unless I've got it wrong... did I get it wrong? If I did, what IS yearly interest? Because, all this time, I really thought that it was this one day a year where you can get much more than the usual daily interest. I don't know if this was asked before, but could you please explain? Thanks, you guys rock. :D PS: PLEASE don't put in my username. :/ ~[username removed]
Sorry, you got it wrong. ;) The yearly interest is how much NP you'll earn over the course of a year by collecting your interest every day. It does not give out a lump sum on any one date.

I just read and saw on Neopets that you are going to be creating Key Quest. Apparently, you get the Keycodes off of merchandise and then you can play the game. You are not going to get rid of the site as we know it now, are you? I hope this will just be a new game in the Games Room. ~princezuda
This must be rumour day. No, we're not going to replace the site we've spent nearly a decade building up with a single game. :) We have no idea how people jumped to this conclusion. We have a page about Keyquest here. Also, as stated on the page you will not be forced to purchase merchandise in order to play. Please forgive any 404s linked to the info page; we're still in early beta and it is a work in progress.

TNT, I have searched and searched and spent hours and hours trying to find something. With most of the secret avatars, the original image is usually found somewhere else on the site. This is not always the case, but in most situations it is. I cannot, for the life of me, find the original "Caption Contest - Funny" avatar image. Is there one?!? ~tcheaface
Darn these questions that make us so curious we actually can't stop ourselves from searching. It took a while, and in the end it's rather pointless except for that momentary HUZZAH feeling when it's finally found, but here it is! Caption Contest #321. ^_^ During our search we also found the origin of the "Buzzin'" avatar in case anyone was curious.

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