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Hello TNT. :) *offers carrots and celery since all those cookies are bad for you* I have a question that I hope you'll answer and clear the air once and for all. Is "sniping" frowned upon in any way? I make most of my Neopoints by finding cheap items in user shops and auctions and then reselling them in my shop for the Shop Wizard price. Some people are saying that this is wrong, and should be against the rules since it's taking advantage of other players. What is the official staff stance on this matter? Thanks so much for taking the time to answer, if you're able. (: ~moonie376
As long as you are not purposely attempting to mislead people into thinking that their items are worth less than they're clearly worth, it's fine. Think of it more as finding a small treasure at a garage sale. While sniping is not frowned upon, contacting a player and helping them learn the ropes of pricing their items is smiled upon. ^_^

I do not like how I cannot view a Neopet's profile because the owner's account is frozen. Why can't I view it? Will you please make it so that the profiles of ALL NEOPETS can be viewed, even if their owners' accounts are frozen? ~aang2zuko
Both user and Neopet lookups (along with other areas) are cleared and blocked from viewing when frozen to protect other players. If the person was frozen because they had an inappropriate picture up on their UL, we certainly don't want to freeze it there to be seen for all the rest of time. D: It also stops scammers from spreading scams they may have had displayed around their account.

Hey TNT, I recently got a Fountain Faerie quest. I figured that I would complete it and then wait until I was 100% certain before choosing what type of Neopet I wanted. Unfortunately, I had no idea that the Fountain Faerie wouldn't give you your prize if you had no Neopets, since I knew she wouldn't bless them straight away. If there's a way to give my Fountain Faerie quest back, or the item used, could you PLEASE do this? Even if you can't, please put this question in the Editorial as a warning to everybody out there: don't complete your FFQ if you don't have any Neopets on your account! ~tno45
Alas, we can't reimburse your item, and we are boggled as to why a 6 year old account didn't have a Neopet, but who are we to judge? In any case, we're sure your fellow Neopians thank you for the warning. :)

First, let me start by saying I love the site. Second, is the prize you get by redeeming a cash card sellable? I know the things you BUY with the card are not, but I could not find an answer regarding the special prize. ~psalmy
Yes, the prize you get for redeeming a card is a normal item that can be bought, sold, or traded just like any other virtual prize from purchasing Neopets merchandise. :)

Of course, I'm so cool you'd never want to sell me.

*Dangles asparagus in front of TNT to lead them to the sponsor games* Oh no! Almost all of the sponsor games are gone! Is this Dr. Sloth's revenge against those of us who will never be good gamers and need all the help we can get? Is it a plot by the Meepits to overthrow the economy by hurting our daily winnings? Please, tell me where they've gone and if more are coming back. ~that_hippie_chick
Sponsors pay for their games and a fixed period of time in which they'll be live on the site. Once that time period is over, we remove the game (unless the sponsor wants to work out a deal to keep it up longer, of course). So, no sponsor games will last forever. More will be up soon!

Hi Neopets Team! *tosses cookies to your Neopets since everyone else gives them to you* I have looked for the answer to this question but have never found it and no one in my guild seems to know either, but it is a problem affecting many tourists at Roo Island. I have played Dice-A-Roo quite often (not an addict anymore since I won the avvie, though) and I have won LOTS of lottery tickets. Now here's the (possibly) million Neopoint question: can we redeem those lottery tickets? Where do these tickets go? Are they claimable, or are they being stored at the Pant Devil's hideout? (Granted, that wouldn't surprise me, but it must be a terrible fire hazard if that's the case...) Please tell us where our lottery tickets go once they leave Roo Island. :) ~neptune_star17
When you are awarded a Neopian Lottery ticket either through Dice-A-Roo or a Random Event, it automatically picks your numbers and places you in that day's lotto pool. Visit the Neopian Lottery page to see your entry. :)

There are five guilds who want to combine into one guild because we find it pointless to have different guilds with the same goal. I just want to know if this is allowed or not, to have it combined into one guild. Thanks. :D ~myxchemromance
Yes, this is just fine. We recommend, however, that you make sure all the guild leaders clearly understand how the new hierarchy will work to reduce any drama.

Ummm, I was sort of under the impression that I would get some cool trophy for participating in the Altador Cup and playing the Altador Cup games a lot. Also, there are no links to the Altador Cup anymore. What I was wondering was why? I thought I would get a reward. ~slingshot119
Remember everyone, the news page is your friend! It keeps you updated on what's going on in Neopia and where to get prizes for participating in site events. For the Altador Cup prizes, go to Altador, click the Altador Cup logo underneath the map (its relatively new location), then click, "Claim Your Prizes!"

Hi TNT! I absolutely love Biscuit Brigade. Hubby and I have been comparing strategies for about a week now. However, something seems to be off with the scoring. The score counter in-game doesn't match the final score page and the score that gets recorded as a high score. It's more than a little frustrating that all our hard work isn't being recorded correctly. ~ely_belly_918
We've gotten several questions about this and prodded the programmer who informed us that the issue is now fixed. Your scores should be awarded properly now. Yay!

Okay, so I was browsing around Neopia and such one day and I happened upon some of the staff accounts. After chuckling over what some of them had on their lookups, I peeked in their shops to see what you guys like to sell. In a lot of them, I saw no items, and the description said, "This shop description was found to be unsuitable and was cleared." I know you guys sometimes test things in the shops and stuff, but I was just curious as to why so many of them have this message. ~kittyshootingstar
Many of us play on main accounts, so we often don't use the shops on our staff accounts for anything but testing. When we're through testing or whatnot, rather than go in and blank out the HTML manually we just clear the shop from our admin system, which automatically leaves that message. :) Usually it's just because we're lazy in a hurry.

Wait, wrong kind of staff...

Does the writer strike that is happening have any effect on Neopets writers? (Like plot/content people?) Thanks. ~deadlaw
Nope, the Neopets writers are not involved in the strike, though now that you've put ideas in their head they'll probably walk out... and return with ice cream in 15 minutes. Yum! :9

TNT, considering everyone is rather sick of all the "you rock!" jokes and the cookie giving, what do you wish we say to you now? ~sk8tergal_7
Trust us, no one else is even half as sick of it as we are. :P You could just ask your question rather than having odd little intros. We'd like that a lot.

So TNT, I typed "ice cream" into the search box, and a Neopet named "Ice Cream" showed up with a few other things. This pet's name has a space in it. I thought those were "invalid characters." Is this something that was recently changed? Thank you. :) ~origamimouse
It must be a very old Neopet! For a very short time when you created Grundos (this is waaaaay back years ago) you could put spaces and things like exclamation marks in their names.

Rocks are so outdated. *hands you a muffin cause, well... I want to keep my socks, thank you* Question: Can we redeem NC Mall gift cards on our side accounts? I ask because I know we are not supposed to earn points or items on our side accounts, and the cards give you a prize upon redemption. But I would love to be able to dress up my side account Neopets with the spiffy NC Mall items (as my Neopoints are going toward things other than buying clothing). I hesitate though, because I am unsure if we are allowed to do so. We can't send the NC Mall items to other accounts, so... clarify please? ~merlynshade
Yes, you are welcome to redeem them on your side account. The item you receive is our gift to you for supporting us. :) If you want to sell the item, though, please send it to your main to do so. Thanks!

Hey TNT, what are you guys planning to add/change about Neopets this year? Or are you planning to add/change anything at all?^^ ~hardcore_gamer_chix
Oh wouldn't you like to know? ;) We can tell you that there are a couple of very exciting things scheduled for the end of this month, and possibly in March! Although, now that we've mentioned them, it's inevitable that they'll be delayed. Thanks a lot. :(

Hey TNT! Doing a great job there. *Gives you a healthy granola bar since all those cookies are starting to make you a little... err... obese.* Anywho, my question is, if you post something that is mentioned as a real life event but is meant in the context of Neopets, is that wrong? (Like saying, "My Neopet died," or, "My Neopet's mood is 'suicidal,'" or, "My pet is running as a political figure in Neopia. Go democracy!") The rules are a little unclear. Thanks for reading, and keep up the good work! :3 ~commentia
*eye twitch* No, these topics are not appropriate, even if they have a Neopian flair to them.

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