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How far in advance do you start designing and planning for items in the Advent Calendar? ~silvermermaid
We try to do it a month and a half or so in advance since the animations are quite a bit of work, but we usually end up scrambling a few weeks before because that's how we roll.

This year, though, we knew we wanted to do tons of wearables, so we started about a month in advance. *high five*

Hey TNT! How do you operate the Qasalan Expellibox? Do you use the keyboards, or the mouse or something? Your instructions aren't helping me one bit! P.S. You won't get a cookie unless you answer this question. Instead you will get a durian. ~balancemind_2
Bleh! We much prefer cookies. As for Qasalan Expellibox, the trick to it is... click the start button. When you click the button, the scarab is released and bounces down to a slot that gives a certain reward (or lack thereof). That's really all there is to it.

I was looking at the new games and one is Terror Mountain Tilt. It looks fun, but will it need that 3D-plug in thing like Shenkuu River Rush, or will it be a normal game? ~future_author36
Terror Mountain Tilt does indeed use the 3D Life Player plug-in, just like Shenkuu River Rush. It is offended, though, that you don't think it's "normal."

Hi TNT! *throws a rock into the ginormous rock pile* My friend was scammed last month and she made a new account last week. One week later, she got scammed again! Her friend kept asking her for her password in the past few months! And right after she was scammed, that friend immediately called her on the phone. My question is: will the person reporting or the person who was scammed get frozen if you guys can't find any evidence? ~sparkling_diamond246
Err, no. False reporting is a malicious or overly careless act in which you accuse someone or try to get them warned/frozen as a way of getting back at them or simply being so "report happy" that you are interfering with the normal monitoring process by reporting every little thing. If you contact the support staff with your honest suspicions and ask them to look into it, and they find your suspicions are not correct, no action will be taken against you.

Hi, TNT! *Offers plate of cookies* I was wondering if Gnorbu can be painted Christmas because of the December 17th Advent Calendar. Thanks! ~kittycat_sleeps
Yup! We snuck that one in under the radar. Shhhhh...

I'm safe for both indoor and outdoor lighting!

Hi TNT! I was wondering if it would be all right to remove some parts of the navigation, like links to the NC Mall and Neovision? Thanks. :) ~razecaw
Regardless of whether you personally feel they are important or not, we ask that you please leave all links available through your User Lookup as to not interfere with the site navigation of your visitors. There's just no way to know where they are headed next.

I think you recently said that inactive accounts of over two years were to be deleted. Does this mean if we have side and/or gallery accounts that we haven't touched for 2 years that they are in danger of being scrubbed? ~dreadknight
Yes, we've updated the Terms and Conditions with information regarding this. You can find it as #12 in the basic summary section. Everyone feel free to read through 1-11 when you're there, too! ;) As always, the Terms and Conditions can be found at the bottom of every page.

It's smart to log in to your accounts once a year if you don't want them deleted. We're also working on a notification system so that you'll know if your account is going to be deleted.

Which way is the correct way to type a smiley face? Is it :) or (:? Personally I am a fan of :), which is how it is listed on the Neoboard preferences, but I see a lot of people using the (: form. Which is right? ~patitio
We also personally prefer :), but in this day and age who are we to say which is correct?

If Jinjahs resemble gingerbread cookies, and the Jinjah in the loading animation for the Advent Calendar is eating a cookie, does this make it a cannibal? ~scarletmacaw55
Heavens no! Now, if it were eating another Jinjah, we'd probably have to take our artist to get some help.

Hi TNT! So I was just wondering… when I first started playing Neopets I had a hard time understanding some terms that a million users use. So what is meant by ETS, and could you have a dictionary telling what all these terms mean? Thanks! ~fulofanger
Hehe. We know things like that can be a bit confusing for new players, so we'll list a couple that are often seen on the Trading Post:

ETS=Easy to sell. They are looking for items that can easily be resold, like paint brushes, popular Battledome items, etc.
HTS=Hard to sell. If they say HTS are accepted, it means they will take more difficult to sell items such as certain rarity 99 items, morphing potions, some stamps, furniture and whatnot. Generally if you offer HTS items it's better to offer a bit more than the worth of the item you are bidding on as the prices for HTS waver more than ETS.
100k=100,000. Basically "K" stands for "thousand." So just add three zeros to the end of the number. Some people for example also say 2000k. This means two million.
Pure=Just Neopoints. Some players give a discount if you offer pure NP. If you see a lot that says 200k ETS/175k pure, it means they are willing to accept 200,000 worth of easy to sell items, or 175,000 NP for their lot. If the item is worth more than the max of 800,000 NP that you can offer through the Trading Post, please Neomail them to set up an auction for an agreed price.
Auto=Buy it now price. If you offer the amount they deem as auto then (most likely) they will accept your offer. Please note though that it's not guaranteed, as others may have bid higher than you have or they simply changed their minds.

For a few other common acronyms, check out Editorial #301 where we talked about avatar items. It's the third question from the bottom. If you're still curious, we're sure there must be a Petpage out there somewhere that lists even more. Just wait until you see the Battledome chat! ROFL!

ROFL= Rolling on floor laughing.

After a lovely discussion about refreshing at the Advent Calendar for a Christmas paint brush, we all know that your have a fairly good chance of getting one if you explore around the Terror Mountain area. So I think it is wrong to solely sit at the Advent Calendar and do nothing but hit F5 waiting for a paint brush to fall into your lap. I don’t care about being wrong; I'd just rather be more informed on this topic. Please elaborate and clear this up. ~krystalsalerno
We could have sworn that somewhere in another Editorial we said that refreshing solely for the purpose of gaining wealth through Random Events was a no-no. Also, to make sure people don't get the wrong impression, refreshing in Terror Mountain will not shower you with Christmas paint brushes. It's a fairly rare Random Event.

On December 15th, I received a Rod of Supernova from the Advent Calendar. Shortly afterwards the Pant Devil stole it. While I was quite upset, I was puzzled by the fact that I did not receive the Pant Devil as a Battledome challenger. I was deeply troubled by this, as I wanted to show the Pant Devil my appreciation towards him for stealing my Rod of Supernova. ~caledfwlch
Teeheehee. We're afraid you were one of the millions of victims over the years of our "ebil" sense of humour. No one actually ever gets a Rod of Supernova, so it's not the actual Pant Devil Random Event. Therefore, you don't get him as a challenger.

You'd think we'd get bored of teasing players
every year... but really, we don't. *cackle*

Ever thought about making paint thinner for people who paint their Neopets and then decide they don't want them like that anymore? ~blithium
That's what Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green paint brushes are for. ;)

HEY TNT! So... I was just thinking... you guys are probably laughing at all the customised Neopets wearing the giant Moach costume, aren't you? *smooches a Moach* ~gnorbufarm
We think it's awesome, and we love that you guys love it. There were several shouts around the office that morning as staff members visited the Advent Calendar. "Whoever came up with the Moach costume idea… you're a genius!" We haven't given her an IQ test yet, but we think she definitely ranks up there on the genius scale.

Hey TNT! *Gives you a banana* Much healthier than all those cookies... I was just wondering, if you painted a Neopet on a different account (having earned the paint brush fairly, of course), would you be able to send any part of the paint job (like a desert Krawk's headdress or whatever) to your main? Please answer! PS: Please tell Lawyerbot I said "hi!" :D ~unigirl19
Items received from painting your Neopets can't be sent/sold to other accounts, even your own. This is necessary to keep people from profiting off of paint brush related clothing, which can be obtained from the Lab Ray.

Also, Lawyerbot is currently processing any legal ramifications of responding to your salutation. You may possibly expect a response in a few days once he is done.

Hi TNT! I know you gave out Christmas paint brushes in the Advent Calendar (thanks!), but won't it make people attempt to go on the Advent Calendar on sides to get more paint brushes? I was just thinking about that while I ate my supper. :D ~bernice_dao
Our resident master cheater-hunter had a simply delightful few days tracking down a ridiculous number of multiple account abusers who did the very thing you were thinking about during supper. So yes, we knew it would happen, but we don't want these people to ruin it for everyone else. Please, for the sake of your accounts (and the sanity of our staff) do not visit the Advent Calendar on your side accounts!

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