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Hi TNT! =D I know your Neopets aren't allowed to date/marry, but are they allowed to have friends? If so, can you list them on their page? It would be cool if you picked my question, but any question relating to this would be awesome, too. ^_^ Thanks so much! ~xxgothicllamaxx
Yes, by all means feel free to mention and/or link your Neopets' friends. Just be sure not to insinuate that they are "more than friends" if you get our drift. ;)

I think I'm pretty clear about what you can and can't do with your side account. I've also been really good about just feeding my Neopets and zapping them on my side account... and nothing else. However, I was told that it was okay to get your monthly freebies on your side account, and I have done so. But, in reading your various answers to similar questions... I'm beginning to think that I'm putting my side account at risk. If doing this is forbidden, then I will, of course, stop. I know you are tired of side account "do's and don'ts"... but could you please clarify this for me as well? Thanks a bunch! ~emmakelsey1224
As much as we'd like to smash our faces into our keyboards for getting another one of these side account "do's and don'ts" questions, we can understand where you got befuddled on this one. :) We think whomever it was that told you it was okay might have confused the Newbie Pack with the monthly freebie. The Newbie Pack is yours, and you're welcome to take it when you create (up to four) side accounts, but the monthly Freebies page is like a daily, but umm... monthly. It can only be collected on your main account.

Drat. No keyboards in Neopia. Guess this will have to do.

Okay, so maybe I missed the part where you talked about this, but why is it that SOME of the comics have professional-looking pictures in the sidebars and such, but others don't? Shouldn't it be either ALL user effort or ALL TNT? Oh, and because I confuse so easily, could you please not post my username if you answer this? ~[username removed]
We're assuming you mean the comic section of the Neopian Times? Players are welcome to submit their own art for the "logo" image, use art from the site to create their own logo, or have us choose one for them. Either way, the logo doesn't win the author a spot in the NT - it's all about the comic - so we think it's just fine if they'd like to use site art instead of drawing their own.

All of those sites that talk about Neopets say that the Symol Hole is a daily and act like you can only go down it once per day. However, when I go to the Symol Hole it lets my Petpet go down it, and then when I go back to the Symol Hole later it lets my Petpet go down again. Is this a glitch, or can you really go down the hole over and over again? Also, if it is not a glitch, then why would it be a daily? ~daisyice
Oh, you can pop up and down the hole all day long if you're bored enough, you're welcome to it. Of course, there's a timer on the Symol Hole. Therefore, you need to wait between visits for the hole's timer to be reset in order for you to have the chance to get any type of reward from it. This is why it's considered a daily.

Will you be re-releasing some of the older stamps? Many of the rarer ones from early albums are almost unavailable, or retailing for tens of millions of Neopoints. ~oddgodhmk
We've actually discussed this several times before, and we are considering a couple of options that would help reduce the price of the item while also not horribly damaging how rare and difficult they are to acquire.

I have 2,000 Neopoints (I know, it's not a lot). I was trying to go to the Soup Kitchen to feed my Neopet. Well, as soon as I clicked on the Market Place it said that I had 3,000 Neopoints and wouldn't let me feed there. I logged out and logged right back in to see if that had fixed it, but it hadn't. Please fix this! ~ haily_haily_1_1
The Soup Faerie counts all your Neopoints, including those in your Shop Till. To collect your Shop Till go to your shop and click the blue text link that says "Shop Till." You can withdraw it there. Remember not to use commas when entering the amount. Also, since you've outgrown the Soup Kitchen, you may want to consider keeping your Neopets well fed in the Neolodge. You can still play and interact with them there just the same as you normally would. If you prefer feeding them by hand, though, that's perfectly fine too. ^_^ In that case, we suggest visiting the Giant Omelette to help reduce the cost of feeding them. :)

Mmm... omelettes.

My preschool daughter got her first Neopets a couple months ago, but while she divvies her time between here and several other similar sites, I managed to get hooked. My question is on the advertisements that "new themed items are available at this store." Once an item is added to a particular store's inventory, is it there for all time, or just for that day? Take Uni's Clothing, for instance. I've seen the Censor Bar sunglasses come up a few times over the last month. But will the Gobbler suit (released 11/19) stick around, or are seasonal items like that a "one day only" sale? ~midgarn
Hehe, we're glad you're enjoying the site. ^_^ As far as your question goes, most items remain in the shops for ETERNITY until they are retired. The Gobbler suit you mentioned will not be removed once the holidays are over. However, there are times when we do release event related items for one or two days and then retire them right away. Usukicon is the best example, since the con only lasts a day. This is pretty rare, though. We don't retire items that often.

I read a comic in week one of the Neopian Times and saw someone mention a "Rainbow Pass." Do or did these items ever exist and are they still available? Thanks! ~ 27wicca17
At one point they did exist, but no longer. A "Rainbow Pass" was the old way to use the Rainbow Fountain. Basically if you signed up with some sponsors you got access to the Rainbow Fountain to paint one of your Neopets. This was around six years ago, though. The way to use the Rainbow Fountain now is to be offered a Faerie Quest for the fountain. This old Neopian Times article has more in depth information.

Can the Secret Laboratory Map be stolen once you've used it? ~babygirl229911
Once you've turned the map in and have received access to the Lab Ray its pieces are no longer items, meaning they cannot be stolen by Random Events, traded, given, or sold.

My Neopet just got owned by this guy, and now I'm hurt! What can I do? ~ethanb77__la
If you mean you're emotionally hurt, then we can't help you much. However, if your Neopet is wounded, either from the Battledome, a daily, or a Random Event, etc., they can be taken to the Healing Springs, where there is a chance the kind faerie there will heal your Neopet. There are also items that can restore hit points, such as healing potions. Other good healers are the dewberry reviver (heals 175 HP) and essence of everlasting apple (heals 250 HP). Both are inexpensive. :)

Hi, TNT! *gives a cookie, since they don't hurt as much as rocks* I was wondering, when you enter the Gallery Spotlight, do you save the image of the gallery from when it was entered, like when a Neopet is entered into the Customisation Spotlight, or does the entry update along with the gallery? I've added many things to my gallery layout in the time since I submitted it, and was just wondering if I needed to re-enter after the updates. Thanks! ~the_ozz *throws another cookie*
Mmm... cookies are much better than rocks. :D We talked to the Gallery Spotlight judge who informed us how it works. When you submit to us, you're basically sending us a link to your gallery, not a snapshot of any kind. When the galleries are looked through, we're looking at them as how they appear right then, not when you submitted them. If your gallery is chosen, we then save the gallery. Any changes made after that point would not change what the spotlighted gallery looks like, though. Short version: No, you don't need to re-enter. :)


Hi, TNT! One of my Neopets is turning two years old soon and so is my account. I decided to donate to the Money Tree on that day. I also thought it would be fun to tell the people on the Neoboards about this. They could then congratulate my Neopet and I and run over to the Money Tree at the announced time to try to get a prize. Of course, I'm not going to hint that I want presents or anything like that. :) I know that giveaways are against the rules, so I was wondering if this would be considered as one and if I should donate without informing anyone. :) ~ gingerfist
We talked about this and figured it was perfectly fine since the donations will be through site-controlled areas. That means feel free to have a grand time donating to the Money Tree or Second Hand Shoppe. This way it's more fair for everyone celebrating with you. Just please be sure not to call it a "party." :) For those smart-alecks who will no doubt now make boards telling everyone they're going to make donations and to go "wait" at the Money Tree for a donation that is never intended to be made, we have no doubt the monitors will NOT be as amused as you are, so please use the boards responsibly. ;)

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