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Hello, Neopets Staff. I have a white Ona that I am planning on painting mutant as soon as I get the 130K or so to buy the paint brush. A friend informed me today that I couldn't paint the Ona a different color since it's a white Ona. I know that this is true with the Snow Kookith that was given out by the Advent Calandar, but is this also true with my Ona? Please, say it isn't so! ~purple_rayne
Sorry, it is so. The white Ona and snow Kookith were both special Advent Calendar prizes and cannot be painted another colour. D:

Hey TNT! I just have a quick question about restocking. Are accounts of a certain age not capable of seeing the items that are "avatar items" while restocking? Oh and also, you guys are amazing. ~_pinkpolkadots
You're on the right track. To prevent restocking cheaters who have had all their accounts frozen from just creating a new account and going back to cheating, we implemented an age limitation. As an account gets older, higher and higher rarity items will appear during restocks. Though this may inhibit new members from getting certain avatars right away because of the rarity of the items required, overall it allows everyone to have a much better playing experience.

Hi TNT!!! What exactly is the picture for the "Your Items" link on the top bar in the shops? Is it a fat Blumaroo or a bag or something? Not trying to offend the artists or anything. ~crazieneo50
That would be a plushie Buzz morphing potion. We get asked this question a lot. >_<

Hello TNT! After reading a dispute in the Avatar Chat, I was curious to know if it is at all possible to win a MSPP (TCG) in a Random Event or from any place around the site. I thought they could only be received from the now discontinued real life TCG redemption codes. ~hoshino_shira_megami
Possible, yes. Probable? Ehh, it's a stretch but it could happen. There is a Random Event that gives a player a random TCG card (the site item, not a real one), and there is a possibility that the player could receive the MSPP (TCG). With over 1,200 different TCGs available, though, it's a long shot, especially because that one is of higher rarity. Of course, considering the number of players on the site, it's bound to happen occasionally.

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for the new thrift store. I'm confused on two things, though: 1.) Why are piles of dung allowed in there?!? 2.) How do I donate specifically to the thrift store? Thanks so much for the clarification. Have a great day! ~lisa_lisa00
Piles of dung are now wearable by your Neopet, and the Second-Hand Shoppe is not one to turn down a donated wearable! (We know all of you that enjoy voting for Neopets for the Customisation Spotlight are just lovin' it, too.)

If you're kind enough to want to donate clothing and other wearable items to fellow Neopians, just donate the wearables as you would any other. We've set up a series of tubes that automatically reroute any donated wearable items to the Second Hand Shoppe instead of the Money Tree.

*Ahem* As I accept this wearable option,
I'd like to thank everyone who helped me get here:
Mom, Dad, my manager, that nice Gelert farmer,
my publicist, PR manager, *sniff* Skippy, Mr. Bobleskins,
and everyone else who ever encouraged me
to be more than an item so useless that even the
Money Tree wouldn't take me! Thank you everyone,
thank you! *happy tears*

TNT, you boulder! (AKA you rock!) Anyway, I moved (and left my friends, *sob*) and was without internet for a while. (Well, I was; my parents got to use their laptop. D:) When I got it back again I checked my mail and when I clicked it, it said it didn't exist! What happened? ~cheeseslushie97
To keep things from endlessly piling up in the databases, we delete Neomails after a certain amount of time has passed. Sorry you lost your message! Hopefully you got a look at the username so you can mail them back if it seemed important.

Hey-yo TNT! Due to the unfair treatment of 10-year-olds like myself, I am writing a comment/question. First, my comment: I think 10-year-olds should have the power to at least get a User Lookup, Petpages, and Pet Lookups. We're not really that immature, and we're really underrated. Now, my question: are "kids" under 13 allowed to write for the NT and Storytelling Contest? And what about regular contests? Can we enter those? ~[removed]
Sorry, but we're bound by COPPA (a federal law here in the US) and can't allow you to post anything, regardless of maturity, without parental permission. :( Players under 13 are more than welcome to enter any site contest, though! We read through those and choose what eventually ends up on the site, so we can make sure no personally identifiable information is included.

Also, +10 points for nice comma and hyphen use. You don't want to know what most of the questions written to the Editorial look like before we edit spelling/grammar. x_X And we're sure a lot of them were written by folks over 10-years-old. You do your age proud.

Hi TNT. I was just wondering if blocking the images of the junk (non-profit) stuff while restocking is a freezable offence? I'm asking because I have heard of some people doing it, but I'm not sure whether or not I should attempt it. Thank you! ~n00btactular
You should definitely not. Image blocking any items while restocking is giving yourself an unfair advantage, which is a great way to get a one-way trip to the freezer with all your accounts.

So, bank accounts on side accounts? Yes or no? If they're allowed, are you allowed to collect the interest? Some people say they are allowed, other people say not, some people say you can collect interest because it doesn't have much of an effect (and they'd get the interest on their main account anyway) others say its making Neopoints on a side account. It's a question I keep running into on the help boards and a lot of people aren't sure of the answer... ~reclusivity
You know, we actually think we haven't answered this question before! (Or perhaps we have, and forgot; remembering what's been in 300+ Editorials is a bit difficult. x_X;) Congrats to you for a fresh question!

Anyway, going by our own rules, we say that's a no (to collecting interest on sides) since that would be using your side account to generate NP. Best just to keep the bulk of your NP on your main account and collect the interest there (you'll earn more interest, anyway). There's really not much reason to have a lot of NP sitting around on side accounts, either. PIN numbers keep your loot safe, and sticking your side-account Neopets in the Neolodge every 28 days doesn't really cost that much. If you've collected interest in the past, don't fret about it... just please don't do so going forward.

Oh, TNT. I have caught you out. Firstly, all of us know that Neopoints, items, games and *cry* Neopets are (touchy subject matter) made up. Not real. Shazam! Non-existent. I have discovered something even less real than all of these. What is it, you ask? The Raptraphant of course. On this completely nonexistent site is an even more nonexistent animal who has had its nonexistent legs separated form its nonexistent body to make nonexistent meals. What is the Raptraphant? Why are "Raptraphant Legs" available as a food item if there is no Raptraphant? A paradox, yes. Are there plans to make the Raptraphant come into existence? I would like to know. ~misskilez
Alas, some things are just doomed to be more (or less?) nonexistent than other nonexistent things (is that even possible?!?) -- the Raptraphant being one of them. :(

It's a cold, cruel, nonexistent world. ;_;

Dear TNT, I'm really puzzled about this situation, especially after getting a warning about my guild. You have said that donation shops are acceptable. But what role do donations have in a guild if prizes and contest are not allowed? ~inervel
Ahh, the million NP question. We think we answered a long time ago that yes, donation shops are fine, though why you would need one is beyond us (for exactly the reasons you mentioned). The only thing we could think of was, perhaps, donations towards a Noticeboard or something? If you can think of something else that donations can be used for that doesn't break the rules, have fun!

When you click on "Report a Shop," this message pops up: "Are you SURE you wish to report this shop? Shops that have offensive material in them, or scams can be reported to the Neopets Team by clicking 'OK' below. We will deal with it as soon as we can. Do not report shops that have items priced over 100,000 NP. This just means it is a gallery item which is perfectly OK for them to do!" I suggest editing the last paragraph as soon as possible because you guys introduced the gallery system already, right? ~neochat
Hehe woops, forgot about that. We've made note of it, and if it's just a little minute fix we can clear it up, but if it's more complex for whatever reason it's going on that dreaded TODO LIST OF ULTIMATE DOOM.

Hey TNT, I have an awesome idea! Wouldn't it be great if there was another place we could go (besides the Editorial) to submit our important questions about Neopia, and DEFINITELY have them answered by TNT staff? It would be great, cause I know you guys get thousands of questions each week, and you can only answer a very small amount of them, so a lot of people never get their questions answered, and there are some questions that only TNT staff can answer. I know that I personally get really annoyed when I submit an important question and it doesn't get answered, since there is then no other way for me to find that answer. So please, make a new area where us players can go to ask our serious questions and always have them answered? Obviously there would have to be a limit, so maybe one question a week for each player? Please TNT, help us out here? ~starprincessamber
While the idea sounds good on paper, and we'd love to give everyone with questions individual attention, in practice we think it would fail miserably. There's only so many times we can tell players that only the Esophagor knows when and where Martha Kyrii died, or no, we're not telling you how to get the Bonju avatar, and no, we still don't know when the Pound will be open, etc. We looked through the previous 123 questions you've asked and, actually, we haven't really found any that would merit getting into the Editorial. The FAQ, or even just asking your fellow Neopians or reading through past Editorials should clear up a lot of those questions. Also, concerns (which is what most of yours are) or comments aren't really what the Editorial responds to, so you'd have better luck submitting such things to the proper forms. You won't always get an answer, but your concerns will be forwarded to the appropriate people.

Hey TNT! Love ya guys to bits. *hugs* Anyway, I'm collecting grey items for my gallery and I have been searching the trading boards for a Grey Faerie doll and they range from 5-8 mill. I was wondering how they got the doll, because I can't figure out where to find one other than the Trading Post. Thanks again. :p ~lydoshygirl
Dragona says the Grey Faerie doll was released from the Smuggler's Cove several years ago. She'd better be right or she's going back in the closet without her daily ration of socks! It seems the item is also r98 as well, though, and is therefore stocking in the Toy Shop. I guess that explains why it's so cheap (for a faerie doll).

Coved AND in shops? That's... erm, unique.

I am kinda disappointed. I was on the team who won Altador Cup 2 and I never got the rewards. ~showshow61
It seems gone are the days when we delivered the prizes to you. We're much more evil now and require you to pick them up yourself by clicking links from the New Features page. Of course, we balanced it out by letting you pick your prizes. Enjoy your rewards!

(Also, be aware that simply choosing a side and then never participating means you don't get prizes. Only those folks who put in some effort are rewarded.)

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