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*Bangs boulder on your head* Happy? :D So, I was working for the pack rat avatar and was just about to put stuff in my deposit box when I noticed that you can't donate dung. Why is this? You're able to donate items worth just as much... *cough*someone's shoe*cough* so, why? ~nativsis
We stopped dung from being something you can donate long before the appearance of the Underwater Fishing Hole, so that explains why it's blacklisted but all those shoes aren't. We originally stopped the dung because it was so worthless and common it was just clogging up the Money Tree. We suppose we'll have to reevaluate if we should block some of the Fishing Hole stuff. Hopefully adding items to that blacklist will be easy. If not, well, we're afraid it will go near the bottom of a very long to-do list. x_X

TNT, this question may sound stupid but I need to know. Do you like tacos? 'Cause I love tacos; if I don't have tacos I will implode -- that happens to me sometimes. ~kaykon
We eat tacos as often as we can to avoid imploding and possibly destroying the world via black holes. After all, we already get enough grief over site changes. Could you imagine if we destroyed the whole planet? We'd really get quite a few angry emails then.

We fed Mr. Insane 15 of these earlier. He still wants more. *quivers*

Hiya, TNT! I was just curious about why we aren't allowed to put videos on our lookups, shops, and Petpages? As long as we are following the rules, I don't see what's wrong with it. =/ Thanks! ~jrtluver1994
Yikes. Sorry, but that's just one more area where people would be tempted to post videos of themselves or other things that are totally inappropriate. While we trust most Neopians would follow the rules, there are a lot of people who won't. (Just allowing you to post images hosted elsewhere is a HUGE deal for monitoring, support, legal... everyone. Videos are just too sketchy.) Also, Neopets doesn't involve chatting about your personal lives and posting videos of your favourite band -- it's Neopia, an overall game and world that everyone can enjoy while taking a break from other aspects of life.

Now, if a video you made was shown on Neovision and you wanted to post that, well, that's a different story. The content is approved and it's on the site in another area. In that case, we'll see what we can do... but like we said above, it would be at the bottom of a very long list.

*Bows to the overlords that are TNT* Hi! I just had a question about Altador's placement on the map... at the docks it says, "These docks are the basis of Altador's mighty shipping industry." On the other hand, Altador is completely landlocked on the "Explore" map. Since you guys are "lyk ttly prfct", I'm leaning toward my computer being bad. XD Thanks! ~guidence
Hehe... we can see how it appears this way. Remember, though, that the map isn't to scale. Meridell castle isn't 200 miles wide (despite what the old world map displayed). If you look at the world map you'll see an opening in the mountains on the southwest side. If you go to the Altador map itself you can see the background is that opened area, and it looks a lot closer to the sea than the more iconic world map.

Hi, TNT! You guys rock! Anyway, I was just wondering... can you have another account on a different e-mail address and still earn Neopoints? Or would it be considered cheating? Just wondering. ~cinderpelt171
The main account rule says that each user may have one main account on which they earn Neopoints and 4 alternate accounts where Neopoints cannot be earned. So, regardless of whether you use a different email address or the same, you as a single user may not earn Neopoints on accounts other than your main.

Hiya TNT! You're just so coolio! Okay, I was wondering... what happens to the Neopets on an account that becomes frozen? Thankies! ~kempeck99
Well, the reason we don't automatically put them into The Pound is that the owner could have the account unfrozen and definitely wouldn't want to return to find that all of their Neopets are gone. So, the Neopets must sit and wait until either the account is unfrozen and the owner returns, or the account grows so old that it is wiped from the database and can be created anew. At this point, the Neopet names are also cleared and someone else can create them. Don't worry, we provide them with packs of cards and all the sippy drinks they want while they wait for a new owner to think up their name and take them in.

"Yeah, my owner entered Mpic on 5 accounts. *sigh* Go fish."

First of all, I’m really surprised how great the new layout on Neopets is! (Not that I ever suspected anything would be wrong with it...) I have a guild, and I'm wondering about one thing: is it okay to host trades or auctions only for your guild? Say hi to that sock-eating dragon for me! ~petpethotel
Sure thing! We've actually considered making a "guild only" option similar to "Neofriends only" for things like Auctions and the Trading Post, but there are actually a few issues to deal with first. (Mainly the fact that, since guilds can have hundreds of thousands of members and the code is as old as time itself, the databases might not like it very much if we ran those kinds of queries on them.) But, while it's not an official feature, you're more than welcome to limit your trading activity to your guild members on your own. It would be impossible to do with an auction since everyone can bid without your approval, so we don't suggest you try that one. ;) (And thanks for the kind words on the layout!)

Anyway, we unlocked the janitorial closet and gave Dragona your sentiments. She was a bit distracted as she was eating DJ Skellington's socks at the time, though. Dirigibles is mounting the search party for the rest of him as we type.

There is a girl who keeps starting boards on the BDC challenging people to a fight in the Battledome and saying that the loser of the fight has to pay the winner 10,000 NPs. I fought her and won, and then she refused to pay me. She claimed that the fight "wasn't fair" because my Neopet was stronger than hers. (Even though she said she'd fight any Neopet with 30 hips or lower, and my pet had 26 hips at the time.) First of all, is fighting for prizes or Neopoints allowed at all? If it is, can you report someone for scamming if they refuse to pay you? (In this case, I'm almost certain that this girl had no intention of paying anyone if she lost... I think she was hoping to scam some Neopoints from noobs who had never fought in the Battledome before.) ~arynash
Nope, it isn't allowed... and for pretty much precisely this reason. Since you won the battle and didn't lose anything we wouldn't think that you were particularly "scammed" out of anything except for a bit of your time and perhaps a snowball or two, but you can certainly report them for attempting to gamble on the outcome of a Neopet battle. Although, in this case, we'd say the both of you were participating, so you should call it even and quit your evil ways from here on out. ;)

Hello TNT! In your last Editorial you stated, "Anyone attempting to lead another user off site should be reported." Does this mean that, if you want people to visit your [popular art website] account and post a link on your lookup or siggy, you can be reported/frozen? I am curious, because I had no idea and I don't want to be frozen! :( ~ulymatedolphinluver
We'll be honest and say that, when it comes to established fan site links, we tend to be a bit lax on this rule. Established websites and fan sites that have historically not been used to scam or pose a threat to players are ones that we generally leave alone, opting instead to spend more time on the ones we know are trouble, like "free hosting" sites and sites that are offering serious cheats or "NP generator" scams.

Now, that's not to say it's allowed. Posting ANY off-site links, regardless of where they lead, is against the rules. So if you post a fan site link and are warned, don't blame this Editorial. We just want to be truthful and say that we pay more attention to those links we know are harmful, and that's why you may see some of these other links slide.

Also, it should be noted that if you do have a link to the established art site everyone knows we're talking about, it should not have any inappropriate material on it that younger folk could see if they followed the link through your UL. Normally, posting links to sites like this gets you warned. If it links to inappropriate material, you're frozen straight away.

How many site themes are currently available? ~zaiserchick
There are 17 themes total, if you count default themes. 11 of these must be unlocked.

One is currently available from an open plot.
One is currently available if you know where to look.
Four are only available annually.
One only appears if it's Neopet's or your own birthday.
Three were plot related and now retired.
One is only available through Premium.

What do you mean I'm retired!?! Guards!

Hello Neopets Team. I don't talk to random explosives (TNT). o.O Anyhow, I was wondering if it's possible to get wearable clothing items from quests such as the Snow Faerie's Quest, Kitchen Quest, or by any Random Events on the site? If not, could it be? ;) Thanks TNT! ~aberfitch450
If the quest/event has "clothing" set as an item type it can give away, then yes! Since we have more non-wearable clothing than wearable at the moment, you'll likely get one of those instead, but there is a chance.

YOU GUYS ROCK! I was browsing Neopets and found this Lupe called [Petname removed]. I visited his Petpage. There were custom-only adoptables that I wanted at first sight. However, the status was "Customs: CLOSED. Trades: CLOSED." I think that means permanently closed, which I don't believe is fair to people who wanted customs and were going to ask for one. Should I report [Petname removed]'s owner? If you don't answer this I'll dress you up as Chias and send my Lupe after you. And leave my name out. ~[username removed]

So you want to report someone for not taking time out of their own lives to provide you with free art? x_X Whether you asked or not, we left your username out for your own safety. We suspect the harassed artists of Neopets might snap and send you rather unkind Neomails if we left it in.

In response to your question, we need to inform you that reporting someone for such an absolutely absurd reason would most likely get YOU a warning from a monitor for false reporting. No one is entitled to free art or has any right to demand it from an artist. (Same goes for anyone who provides things like free User Lookups, Pet Lookups, guild layouts, etc.) Since paying for services like this is against the rules, these artists are offering their time and energy out of the kindness of their hearts. Please respect that.

TNT, this has been really annoying me and some other "snipers" lately. People put an item, let's say a main codestone, in their shop for 1 NP. They then wait a few seconds for someone to find their shop and change the price to 99,999 NP. The buyer, who is already in the shop and thinking that it is 1 NP buys it, only to lose 100k. Is this reportable? ~ nickjames912
Oh yes. This is a scam that's been around for a very long time. We've set up certain protections against it, but it relies on people paying attention, and in situations where speed is key, this doesn't always happen. (As we've said in previous Editorials, ALWAYS make sure to read the notices in those little JavaScript popups BEFORE you click okay.) Whether it's successful or not please report the player immediately. Anyone attempting to do this will have ALL their accounts frozen regardless of which account was performing the scam. (Also remember that people do actually misprice their items. If they put a codestone in their shop for 500 NP and realise they forgot to add a 0, that's not really a scam.)

Do not disrespect the codestone with your nefarious plots!

Hi TNT, quick question. Can I use another person's picture and give them credit on... maybe my Neopet's lookup or page? I did that the other day, so I was just wondering... =^^= ~[username removed]
*hears more cries from Neopian artists* We're assuming you found a pic you liked drawn by someone else and placed it on your Pet Lookup (with credit), but did not ask for permission from the artist? Sorry, this is a no-go. Unless the artist has clearly stated (either to you specifically via Neomail or mentioned it elsewhere on the page) that the art can be used with credit, you do not have the right to use it. While we salute you for crediting the original artist (some people don't even do that much!) we're still going to have to ask you, and anyone else that has done the same thing, to take it down. Once again, please respect the work and time of Neopian artists/coders and only use their work with their expressed permission. Even if you give credit, that's theft, and theft is reportable and can get you a warning.

Hey TNT! I have a question that concerns me often. At Pet Central, it says that there are 1.474 Neopets per owner. Are you saying that people can own PARTS of Neopets!? *gasp* That's cruel! Or did you just do the math to figure it out, causing the problem the end in a decimal? Which would be better. :) Please answer this. I cannot sleep soundly until I know whether or not people own parts of Neopets. Of course, I probably won't be able to ever sleep again if it is true. ~ace2464
While we did have a few headless Neopets floating around during the introduction of Customisation, don't worry. You can sleep well tonight. It's just the result of a mathematical equation and we do our best not to slice up Neopets. Well, except for that Blumaroo tail steak, but we tend to not talk about that...

I know everyone is still going nuts about the Bonju avatar and that you won't give us any hints at all. :( (Maybe just one hint? Is it bork or the cooking pot we have to worry about? :P) So in the midst of all this controversy let's say someone gets the avatar? Would it be considered a scam to "sell" off how to get the avatar? I've seen a few boards with this topic going around and it looks like if Bonju does get out there will be a heavy price to pay. P.S. TNT rocks. ^^ ~ nene70
No one has it yet, but if someone does find it, while they are perfectly allowed to keep the secret to themselves or only tell who they like the secret, they may under NO circumstances request someone to "donate" or pay them for the secret. That's one quick way to the freezer.

I have tried to get this confirmed in many different ways so I am trying you. Time and again I see people with their account referral links on lookups and other parts of their accounts. Is this not abuse of the referral system? One person literally asks people to make side accounts and use his referral link. This doesn't seem what it is meant for. Isn't it meant to get new members, not to talk existing people into making more accounts? That doesn't seem any different than if I were to have used my own referral link when I made my side accounts. Could you please clear this up once and for all? Thanks. ~poohbear1320
While yes, the intention is to get new people to join, we know that's not always what happens. We're going to have to go for the "reasonable balance" response here. While we don't mind referral links in shops, ULs, or Petpages, actively mailing Neopets players or posting it (or requests for people to use it) on the Neoboards is crossing the line. Also, we'd just like to throw it out there that using your own referral link when creating side accounts is a no-no as well.

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