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Is paying another main shop to keep up your banner freezable? Let's say a main mall decides to group pool NPs to pay another main market shop to keep their banner in that person's shop. Is this considered cheating and a freezable offense? Or is it just like putting up a noticeboard? TNT says you cant offer NPs or items for a service; would this be a service since they aren't in the mall? ~From the boards
A quick description for the rest of Neopia: "Malls" are formed by multiple players who act cooperatively to increase shop sales. Generally they have a colourful ad that links all of their different shops together, so in essence, it's similar to a real life mall. They often buy noticeboard ads for their malls by using donations from each player in the mall.

Anyhoo, paying others to display your shop ad in their shop is paying for a service. If they freely put it up, that's perfectly fine, but no NP or items should be exchanged for using their shop as advertising space for your mall, even in the form of a "donation." Though this should be obvious, we're not retroactively going to punish for this. From now on though, anyone found doing this will be appropriately warned/frozen for the action.

I was looking at the Games Room and noticed that there are very, very few quiz and word games. I happen to really like both quiz AND word games, so I was wondering if maybe you could try and release some more of those types of games? Thank you! ~cheeseworld101
These are difficult to pull off because our site is translated into 11 languages, so anything new we make has to work for users in every one of those languages. Word games especially become problematic because we then have to have a HUGE dictionary for each language, and the Asian languages would likely suffer greatly.

Quiz games are slightly easier, though it still means translating every question 11 times (and a good quiz game would have a LOT of questions), but we're still giving it a go. Look out for a game called Imperial Exam in the next few weeks (which is also the "Coming Soon" game listed at the bottom of the Games Room).

Hey, TNT! I was just wondering... what are the names of the fruits featured in Gadgadsgame? I just keep calling them "blue fruit thingie," "purple fruit thingie," etc. x_X I'd really appreciate it if I didn't have to do this anymore because I'm completely obsessed with that game. Thanks! ~wwwdotpnuttydotkit
Blue: Blobbule
Purple: Plumberry
Orange: Stramberry
Yellow: Lemwart
Blue and Orange: Gruish Melon
Green bomb: Twirly Fruit / Fruit Bomb

I, for one, feel very informed now.

Are the items from the NC Mall sellable? If they were then that would be a little unfair because users who purchased Neocash could then get Neopoints for these items, which you've said will never happen. Please leave out my username. Thanks.
That would be unfair, yes. That's why items purchased from the NC Mall cannot be sold, traded, or sent out of your account in any way. As a result, they have no worth in the Neopoint economy.

Hiya TNT, I was just wondering: if we go on holiday and put our Neopets in the Neolodge, then who looks after their Petpets? It isn't very fair that we and our Neopets can go away and have fun, yet the Petpets just sit there and wait for our return. There isn't anything that says the Petpet goes with the Neopet to the Neolodge; does the lodge even allow Petpets? Please allow Petpets in the Neolodge or open up a Petpet lodge. Thank you very much. Kind Regards, Le Petpet Lodger! ~dancerbabe84
Neopia is a very pet-friendly place, so Petpets are welcome to stay with their Neopet owners during their stay at the Neolodge. :)

When I go to an old issue and click on something, it takes me to the current NT front page. The same thing happened when I went to something I typed in the NT search bar. Please fix it! ~iluvkadoaties9
Erm, yeah, sorry about that. This should be fixed now. We were doing some work on the back-end and kinda mucked things up.

I was just wondering, because in my mind this seems a bit confuzzling, how people get frozen for "scamming" by doing double trades. Really, isn't the "scammer" just taking advantage of a clear profit gain, from someone who SHOULD know better? Shouldn't the person with the Neopoints bid only on the item, as to avoid said scam, else it's just their fault really? ~criminal
Interesting username for your point of view! ;) While we generally don't reimburse people for being scammed, that doesn't mean it's okay to scam because the victim "should know better." How about an example? Say someone doesn't lock their front door at night. While this might not be the wisest thing to do, since it increases the possibility of someone entering their home and stealing, it does not by any means make it "okay" for someone to steal from them! Stealing from someone is still wrong (and illegal!), even if they've let their guard down. The same goes for Neopets. There is never an excuse for scamming someone. -_- No honest player "deserves" to get scammed out of what they earned, no matter what mistake they made. (We say "honest player" because some people have had their accounts compromised after attempting to download autobuyers and other programs designed to cheat the site. Even though we freeze those responsible for scamming the accounts, we don't really have much sympathy for their original owners...)

So, while we obviously don't endorse people doing multiple lot trades, we aren't going to pretend it doesn't happen. For those that do put themselves at risk by doing so, know that the agreement through Neomail (much like when lending avatar items) is binding once the transaction has begun. Not holding up your end of the bargain = scamming, which = frozen.

Also, if you're curious, it appears the player who asked this question has already been frozen for *gasp* scamming people through trades under the guise of lending avatar items. What. A. Surprise.

King Altador approves of this community message.

Hi TNT! At the Trading Post, the accept/reject buttons are right on top of each other. Say I have a paint brush in my trades and someone offers 401 NP + jelly and I go to reject it but stupidly, not paying attention, accidentally accept the offer. NOOOOOOOOOOO! (Hypothetically, of course.) I know it'll probably be kinda hard to do maybe, but could you consider putting the accept/reject buttons next to each other instead of on top of each other? Thanks! ~artiez
ALWAYS double-check the alert pop-up and read it before you click okay. It's there just in case you accidentally click on the wrong button. If you just click through really fast and don't pay attention, you're going to make a mistake no matter what we do to the buttons. (Unless we do something like put the accept button at the bottom of the page and make you scroll 100 times to get to it... but that would be silly.) Just take your time and make sure to read those alerts.

You mean you hypothetically didn't want me? /sob

Last week I submitted my answer to the Lenny Conundrum, writing "six times" as my answer. In the news, however, it said the answer was "6" -- does that mean I answered incorrectly? I must have, because I didn't get a Neomail saying I got it right, either. I'm confused!!!! ~funnysarah12
D'oh! Unfortunately, yes, you did answer incorrectly. Sorry!

If the answer is a number, ONLY enter the number and nothing else unless otherwise stated. Don't spell the number out, and don't add a unit of measurement unless one is requested. There are many different ways to answer, so we specifically look for an integer (for most math conundrums) or a keyword or two (for word or puzzle conundrums) to figure out who got the answer right.

I've been wondering (this is all hypothetical)... if a person had waaaay too many files, but then later they felt guilty and self-froze almost all of them, would they still be breaking the rules and be frozen? I can't seem to come up with a logical answer. ~hannahschilling
This one would really depend on the circumstance. As long as nothing fishy was going on in the accounts (like dailies on multiple accounts, then funneling all the gains into a main) it would most likely be okay. Once again, it all boils down to intent. If you just made a bunch of cool usernames (with the intention of using those accounts) but then ended up making more, realised you went overboard, and self-iced the accounts, we'd probably let it slide. However, if you made a bunch of accounts (in preparation for, say, getting frozen) so that you could hop right back into the action... nuh-uh. It's not going to fly. Also, the intent to self-ice the accounts isn't good enough. If a monitor spots you with more than 5 of your own accounts there is a serious chance they will all be frozen. If you have innocently created more than 5 accounts we implore you to self-ice extra ones right away. If they have idled so long that you have lost access to the password, don't fret about it too much. Just never log into it again.

Why aren't Meercas available in snot or Chias in jelly when there are characters in these colours? (Meuka and the Jelly Chia) ~flying_tree
Mostly because there are Neopian characters in those colours and we try not to make paint brush colours that look like site characters. (Although, there is a Snot Meerca available... but it's quite a bit different from Meuka.)

Neopets is awesome & you do a fantastic job! Thank you. (I bet you do not hear that much!) *smiles* I was wanting to know if Neopets can equip themselves with weapons in the Battledome regardless of what Neopet species the weapon is for? For instance, if a Gelert equips itself with a Golden Pteri Shield for the Battledome, will it work for the Gelert? That is about it for me; I hope you answer this question in the next issue's Editorial, as I'm starting to lose hope. :( I've been submitting questions for years now & have never had one published... let alone answered! :) Besides, this is an important question, don't you think? *grinzzz ~abbey9
Thank you! While a Gelert could be *equipped* with a Golden Pteri Shield, they wouldn't be able to use it, since the item is not for their species. *poses and takes a picture with you getting into the Editorial*

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