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Hi there! I recently received a warning for "advertising commercial websites," for making a board about a certain art website. I wasn't aware this was wrong to do, because I see artists who submit their comics here to the NT add links to the same website on the bottom of their comics. Could you please clear this up for me? Is it wrong talk about the website on the boards, but all right to include the link in comics, or what? Thank you for your time. ^^ ~collies4ever9696
Erm... yeah, we agree that's a bit odd. Off-site links are not allowed so they shouldn't be included in comics, either. We'll make sure future comics don't break the rules. (Hear that, comic writers!?)

I know I have asked several questions in the past, and you have answered a couple of them, but I need to ask this one and I truly hope you will answer it. There is a certain player who (in my opinion and that of several others) acts like she is a part of TNT. For example, last night she claimed this player had cheated and said, "No, your account will be frozen." This is something she posts all the time. That's against the rules, to say "Your account will be frozen for *fill in the blank*." She also says what is and is not a false report, and claims to know what is and is not harassment. She continually tells people they will be frozen for harassment, false reports, or whatever. Can she be reported for this? ~[removed]
Get ready for another edition of "Longest Editorial Answer EVER!"

Anyone who feels the need to "backseat mod" is doing absolutely nothing to actually help the situation. We notice most of the people doing this are merely interested in a power trip and they're just exacerbating things instead of helping to keep the boards clean. What these people should do is simply report the user and move on. If the user they reported is, in fact, breaking a rule, the monitors will obviously notify the user of such in an official capacity. No one besides the monitors can send a warning or freeze a user, and so no one on the boards should be threatening such actions. As such, we consider these posts to be spam, and anyone who does so repeatedly will be warned themselves.

That said, there are some users who do the same thing, but for a completely different reason. For example, if User A posts a chain letter, User B may not report (since it's a very minor offense) and instead post, "Hey, I just wanted to let you know that this is a chain letter, so you're not supposed to post them. I don't want you to get a warning!" User B actually wants to help, not just prove they know the rules better than some others. We think this is fine, and commend those who want to help their fellow users understand the rules so no harm comes to their accounts.

We did look up the board you're referencing, though, and... well, the entire board degraded into one big argument. If you're trying to win that argument by having this question answered, we're afraid you failed. You were just as bad! You replied to her "this is against the rules" post with a "posting that this is against the rules is against the rules" post. >_< You did exactly what you're complaining about, and so did many others on that board. Again, if you see someone doing something you think is against the rules, report and move on. Leave the monitoring to the monitors.

Dear TNT, I have a question about Eliv Thade. Is it against the rules to go back and forth between spaces to get more points? And, if this gets in, can you leave my name out? Thanks!
Nope, this is just fine. More power to you if you can solve all those anagrams so well that you can go back for more!

Uoy lashl grerte oyur nedblsos...

Hello! My E-mail recently changed! I want to send the consent form. I've looked it over, and I've noticed a spot for your E-mail. Do I put in the E-mail I signed up with or my new E-mail? Thanks so much! ~[removed]
Hi! Please use the email you used when signing up so we know it's you! Most email programs allow email forwarding so that emails sent to your old address will be sent to your new one. :) Or you can update your email with us after we have authorised your consent form.

What happens if your Neopet rereads a book? ~verytrecool03
Neopets don't seem to enjoy reading the same book twice. If you try to read a book to one for a second time, they will inform you they've already read it and are not interested in reading it again. The book will still remain though, so you could read it to another one of your Neopets or sell it in your shop.

Hi TNT! Lots of people on the boards got starry paint brushes from Tarla. I wasn't online when she was giving them out... isn't it a little bit unfair?? ~[removed]
Ahem. *gets up on soapbox*

To put it plainly, life isn't fair. We also understand that Neopets isn't "real life" but 100% fairness in all aspects of even your Neopian life can lead to economical stagnation and lack of interest. Let's assume that, in order to be "fair," we gave a starry paint brush to everyone, since they might have missed the Tarla event. Starry PBs would now be utterly worthless, and starry Neopets so common that they were no longer any thing special. To make Neopets truly fair, we would have to give an item to everyone when one person got something, say for winning a Storytelling contest, for example. What, then, would be the motivation to enter contests? Or what about newbies? Is it unfair that they start with 1,000 Neopoints and a Newbie Pack while there are users with millions and millions of Neopoints? If everyone had millions, what reason would there be to play at all? Just remember, Neopets is a game, but it also has a real economy and society, which is why it really can't be 100% fair to everyone in all aspects. Besides, though you might have missed something now, you may get a nice prize next time while others are offline.

*trips and falls off soapbox*

The Neopet [removed] is in excess of 1,000 lbs! I have asked and asked with no reply. Is this a Lab Ray possibility? Thank you! ~anydamnedthingeez
Hehe, no, the Lab Ray can't change the weight of your Neopet. Certain food can though, such as the BBQ Porkwich item.

Lawyerbot says: Neopets does not endorse making your Neopets overweight.

Hey TNT! Thanks so much for running a great site, and I'll spare you the rock jokes. I was just wondering, is it a freezable offense to put a "paint brush" in your shop for a very cheap price, when it really takes you to a pet page? I thought I had seen something like that in an editorial before, but I just wanted to clarify. Thanks so much! ~soccer_340
Unless it's an attempt to scam, then no, it isn't freezable. You may get a warning though for such a thing (and frozen if you repeat the behavior after being warned for it). Such mean-spirited jokes are not welcome on Neopets.

How specific do Mystery Pic answers have to be? For instance, if it's the Neopets logo on the Birthday sidebar, is "Neopets logo" acceptable, or does "Birthday sidebar" have to be included somewhere? Thanks! ~lil_jen_aside
These days we'd like you to respond with the overall picture. So we would prefer you responded with "birthday sidebar."

Many people advertise their private avatar guild on the avatar board. Some people think they should move to the guild board. Is it okay for the people to advertise their private avatar guild on the avatar board? ~epicx
Much like our response to the first question today, technically speaking they should move it to the guild board since they are posting an outright advertisement, but generally we don't mind if Battledome guilds advertise on the BD chat, or avatar guilds advertise on the Avatar chat. However, if a particular user abuses this and it becomes an issue because they're spamming up the boards, then they will be warned.

Is posting the link to Tarla (so that other people can get the prize) on the Neoboards against the rules? ~theemeraldp
No, we don't mind this. It's not a competition, and it's nice that some players are willing to help out others who may be unable to install the toolbar.

Gosh, I caused a lot of Editorial questions this week! :X

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG HI TNT! *waves* OMG! I was going to go to sleep tonight when I saw the alert on the toolbar flash and I quickly clicked it. The image was flashing... a lab map or paint brush... AND I GOT A STARRY PAINT BRUSH! I thought that was, like, the happiest moment of this week... until I went to search for the auctions. Turns out that it's only worth 1,000 NPs! I couldn't believe it. So TNT, can you please make a page that tells, on average, how much every paint brush costs? Cuz I was a newb for a longlonglong time and I just found my way around... and I tried to earn 1,000,000 NP for something worth 1,000 NP? Also, can you please leave my name out and say anonymous? Thankz, you rock! -](I'm a cyclops! XD) =] ~[removed]
HI! *waves* The prices of paint brushes are always fluctuating so it'd be difficult to create such a page. We'll give you some advice regarding Neopets, though. Always be aware! While this is good for most parts of life really, it can be quite important on Neopets. We're guessing what you did was enter "starry paint brush" on the Auction House search form, and what you saw was a whole bunch of starry paint brush plushies (which are worth about 2k or so). Always be sure to read a full item name before ever bidding on it in the Auction House or Trading Post. We're really glad you didn't sell the PB for that amount, and we hope you read this and get the proper worth for the item.

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