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Just a quick request to the great Neopets team -- is there any chance you could add a Safety Deposit Box link to the dropdown list underneath Shops? I know this seems very silly and would probably be at the bottom of your list of things to do (which must be a mile long by now!) but it would make navigation a little easier for lazy and unworthy Neopians like myself! Thanks! :) ~digit2000
We can think of TONS of things we'd like to put in the navigation, but we've got a rule that we'll not put more than six links in each drop down. We don't want them to be too long since it kind of defeats the purpose of quick navigation to have to hunt for the link you want. ;) So, even though you asked very nicely (thanks!), we're going to have to say no. :( We do have something else up our sleeve along the same vein, though, that should make getting to your items a bit easier... we hope.

What's the deal with all of the broken Neopoints? Can you fix them at the Toy Repair Shop? If not, what's the point of them? ~indian_gurl_48
Yes, Donny can actually repair bags of broken Neopoints. Of course (oddly enough), bags of broken Neopoints generally sell for more than what you can normally win from them once fixed, and that's not even considering Donny's repair fee.

This picture seems familiar...

Why can I not have Neofriends? Every time I go to the Neofriends page it says that my parents have to send back a page saying that I may do it but my parents never got that email. ~fairieluvrs
That page should include a link that leads to this page. Your parents will need to print that page out and then mail or fax it to us, granting us permission to allow you access to those pages. There's more information provided at that link!

Can you please clear up this ongoing feud for all Neopians? People are giving away the answer to the Lenny Conundrum on the boards and such, and others are reporting them. Is it against the rules to give away the answer, or to give away "hints" that lead right to the answer or not? Please leave my username out and thank you. ~[removed]
Lenny Conundrum is a competition, so under no circumstances should anyone be on the boards blurting out the answers and giving "hints." This is reportable. Maliciously giving out wrong answers to throw other people off is not allowed, either.

How many levels are in Shenkuu Warrior? ~peridot_green
More than you want to know about. Trust us. ;)

My friend said that you can get frozen for restocking. I have gotten banned before and she said that, if you are banned too many times, your account will be frozen. Is that true? ~out
No, restock bans are in place to set limits on restocking and are not a punishment or warning of any kind. Restock bans do not lead to being frozen.

YOU ROCK TNT!!!!! Had to do that. :) Okay, so in the Altador Plot, you have to do certain things to get the constellation. Like the punch place. What if you don't do those things but still find the constellations? Can you still finish the plot, or do you have to do EVERYTHING? ~anonymous
Yes, you need to complete all the steps in order; otherwise you won't be able to locate the constellations you need to find.

This image is relevant because it has "constellation" in its title.

Hello, dear Neopets staff! I realise that the maximum pricing for the auction is 20mil. With the many items now over 20mil, will you ever up the maximum pricing for auction? Thanks! ~ahboi_lim
Hrmmm... interesting point. We'll have to talk about this internally. (Really, it's a pretty serious request. We'll need to discuss how it will effect the economy, what other things may or may not have to be changed to accommodate it, etc.) We'll give it some thought, though. If we do decide to change it, we'll announce it in New Features!

Hi, now that our active Neopet is shown on the boards, many of us would like to use our best Neopet as our active Neopet while posting. There is a risk to using your best Neopet, though. Boochi or the Random Event that turns your Neopet invisible are both risks. Is there any chance that we could choose which Neopet would be shown on the Neoboards while we are posting, rather than this solely being determined by our active Neopet? Thank you for your consideration. ~upinthehills
Not to worry! That feature is already on the list. ;) You will eventually be able to select which Neopet you want to display on the boards. There are a few things to work out, due to the nature of abandoning and adopting Neopets, so we'll likely finish The Pound up first before we get to working those things out and releasing this feature.

Hi TNT, you know you rock, so I won't bother reminding you. I'm loving customization and all the clothes that our Neopets can now wear. The thing is, I like to think of my Neopets as PETS instead of people, so will you be releasing some pet-type accessories, instead of all the anthropomorphic clothing? For example, I'd love a nice collar for my Kougra! ~jekyll_101
Well, Neopets really aren't full blown pets. :) For instance, they can talk and remind you why they hate visiting the Health Food shop. ;) So we don't want to make them appear too much like real life pets, with leashes and the like.

Hi, since you've been answering OUR questions all the time, why don't I and/or we (Neopians) answer your questions?! ~got_iton_ebay
That sounds fun! Maybe we should put up some more polls? :)

You RULE! (Sorry, decided to give the rocks a break.) I have one question that I believe only you can answer. If someone has in their shop, say, a baby paint brush for 1,500 NPs and you click on it and are taken to a Petpage that says you were tricked and that it was fake, is that against the rules? I was just wondering because on the Neoboards someone got zapped by Boochi and people were telling them the price of a baby paint brush. Then this person popped up and said, "595k? In my shop I'm selling it for 1.5k!" I click on their shop, and sure enough, there is a picture of a baby paint brush in the shop format where I click. Then I get lead to a Petpage saying it was fake. On the board people are telling the person, "That is so lame." The person then started saying it was real. Is that a reportable offense? ~baby98207
Yes, any fake Random Event (often in User Lookups) or shop items (often displayed in the editable areas of shops) that are malicious in nature, such as making a person really believe they got an official Random Event, is reportable. Please use your best judgement when reporting such things. In this case the person should definitely be reported. Ones that are completely benign such as, "A Cybunny hops by and thanks you for visiting." are fine as they are not tricking you into thinking you gained/lost something.

The other people were right about fake REs... LAME.

I purchased the Defender of Neopia Superpack when the NC Mall was still in its beta version and, at the time, it was said to expire in 90 days. The Defender of Neopia Superpack now expires in 180 days. Will mine go away in 90 days or 180? Thanks! :) Oh, by the way, I like the NC Mall and am all for it. :P ~shadow89012
The items you purchased will last 180 days. :) If you ever purchase something from the Mall, and the general expiration on that item changes, your item will change, too. (Meaning ALL Shenkuu Warrior Armour items will have the same lifespan. If one changes, they all change.) This won't happen much, but it's possible. As such, we will NEVER lower expiration dates of items people have already purchased. You will never buy an item that lasts, say, 180 days, and have the expiration change to 150 days. That would not be fair in the least. So, if the time does change, it will always be longer.

However, for example, if an item was sold a year ago for only five days, we would know that everyone who bought one has had it expire already. So, if we decided to start selling it again, we could then lower the expiration date without it affecting anyone. It's not likely, but it could happen. We just wanted to point that out since it's not the same thing.

Do you guys and gals have any plans for producing a real life MSPP plushie? I already have one here on the site & would love to own a real life plushie version of this awesome Neopet. Also, if you do, can you make it like the original version prior to the redraws (the one on 2 legs). ~dark_wil
Ooohhh, that would be awesome. Perhaps a plushie version of the MSPP plushie would be even cooler, too! We'll check to see what our marketing department is up to and slip them a hint if they haven't thought of it already. :) We can't promise anything, of course, but there's no harm in trying!

I recently won a Caption Contest and received a trophy, 10k, and a Snowickle. *Hugs Snowy* I was wondering, do you always give out items worth millions, or does it vary (like someone might get something worth 50k)? ~sylviau
Oh WOW, lucky! Basically, there is a prize list that has quite a few things on it. Most of these are items ranging in price from 5 - 10k (like codestones), but there are also paint brushes and really rare items. When you win a competition that gives a prize from that list, our program randomly selects an item and gives it to the winner. It may seem a bit unfair that one person could win a codestone while another might win a Snowickle, but everyone has the same odds of getting something nice from a single win. If you want to improve your odds of winning something extraordinary, simply participate as much as you can and hope to win!

Why isn't Lawyerbot in the Gallery of Evil? It kind of sounds like he belongs there. ~_moonsfire_
We're too scared he'll sue us for defaming him. D:

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