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Hi TNT! I found an interesting Petpage the other day; it showcased all the new wearable clothing items, which Neopets could wear what, etc. But according to the author, currently NO clothing items could be worn by mutants of ANY species! (I later attempted to put an item on my mutant Zafara and found this to be true. Darn.) I understand mutant bodies are... well, a little *different*. But will our lovable freaks ever get clothing of their very own? D: ~blackrat47
We'll be working on clothing for all sorts of Neopets, including the more neglected colours like mutant, Maraquan, and baby. We're still doing our best to get as much clothing out there as possible for everyone to use, so we appreciate your patience. We also recommend you plaster the name of the Petpage on your UL before your inbox gets flooded with people asking for the URL. x_X

You said in last week's Editorial that once a Neopet has been painted, say, Christmas, it will retain the Christmas clothing/accessories that come with that even if the Neopet is eventually painted another colour. What if the Lab Ray zaps the Neopet into another species -- will my green Buzz retain the items that he got when he was a Christmas JubJub? – thanks ~coolbenz228
You'll retain the items, but you will be unable to use them unless you have a Neopet of the proper species. So, you'll keep the Christmas JubJub items, but your new green Buzz will not be able to wear them.

Dear Neopian Times, I have been wondering why you guys don't give away things that are worth more money on the Daily Puzzle? ~grace833
Sometimes we do... you just wouldn't be able to tell unless you knew the value of the item before it was used as a prize. :) Any items we give away through the Daily Puzzle (even rare/unique/expensive items) are going to plummet in value right away since the market would be flooded with them. It's likely that by the time you answer the day's question and receive the item, it's not as valuable as it was when we chose it as the prize. This is why we mostly give away Neopoints.

Sorry, that's probably not the answer you wanted to hear D:

Before the layout of Neopets was changed, it was possible to get a Limited Edition Neopet by getting lucky and clicking on their picture. Now, their pictures do not show up in the make-a-Neopet page, so how do you get those Limited Edition Neopets? ~tiger_paw55
You still click on that species' photo. :)

In the old version, the species image would be displayed regardless of whether or not there were any to adopt. Now, the Create-A-Pet page can tell if there are any available. If there aren't, the image won't show up. If there are, you'll clearly see it in the list and be able to click on it and adopt.

Hey TNT, one of my buddies and I are trying to figure out our guild layout, but we're having trouble with the positioning of everything. Before the revamp of the site, generally we could easily make one layout that was compatible with both Firefox and Internet Explorer; however, we're running into some trouble with the guild poll. I find it odd that it's all put on one line, which stretches out the left column quite a bit and throws off everything we try to position. If there is a way that you could make the polls go onto separate lines like they do in IE, we would much appreciate it, and it would lessen our headaches considerably ;) ~mariopartyer
Yup! There are a few other little quirks with the guilds ever since we moved to the new layout. The programmers are working on fixes and will sync them out as soon as they're done!

Dear kind TNT, this question has come up on the help boards and, well, we would like an answer, please. Can you send to a side account and then turn in World Challenge map pieces to earn the prize? I mean, if you get the prize you could send it to your main, correct? Some of us are just wondering. Thanks! ~egyptian_prophecy
No. Aside from Secret Lab maps, you may only turn in map pieces of any sort (including WC) on your main account. There's no good honest reason to turn in others on side accounts because, as you said, you can send the resulting prize to your side account once you redeem it.

In Issue 162, you said that all action figures came with a Petpet. I played with a Meepit vs. Feepit Action Figure, and there was no Petpet. Did you abandon that idea, or can you only get it from certain action figures? ~24meepit13
That Editorial question was asking about the real-life action figures we produced quite some time ago, not site items. The (now retired) action figures were Lord Kass, Illusen, Scorchio warrior, and the Grarrl gladiator.

If she were a site item, she'd be r180 now :(

For Neovision, would you like submissions to be a particular screen size? There's a limit on file size, but the rules say nothing about dimensions on clips to be submitted. If I submitted a video that was larger in size (720 x 480 pixels), would it be rejected for being too large, or would TNT compress it down to the stage size for viewing? (I also assume we should submit clips in TV ratio size -- 4 to 3 -- to avoid skewing the film, so no widescreen ratio?) ~spotthechelsey
Yup, you're correct all around! Regardless of the format in which you send your video, it must be re-encoded to work with Neovision anyway. So, as long as it's 4:3, our spiffy video editor extraordinaire will be able to resize it to fit the player.

Are you allowed to have people bump your fun auctions? Thanks. ~oooaaaeee
To clarify for everyone, "fun auctions" are generally auctions of hard-to-sell items that are placed at a low starting price in the hopes that people will keep bidding up to the average selling price of the item. With that in mind, unless it's an honestly mispriced auction, asking people you know to bid on your auctions to up the price is a serious no-no. You are not allowed to bid on your own auctions, and having your friends who are not interested in the item bid on it is basically just skirting the rule. Someone who doesn't realise what's going on may take these other bids to mean that there are other serious buyers and end up paying more for the item under false pretences. As you've probably guessed, this is basically a scam, regardless of whether or not you're intentionally trying to deceive someone. As such, it's against the rules. Anyone found participating in this (as either the seller or bidding friend) will be frozen.

Can you get frozen for inflation of items? ~fa5tb1dd3er
If you decide to buy x number of y item, that's fine. If you tell, hint, or in any way encourage your friends or others to also buy the items to help you inflate them, you will be frozen. This is also true with the Trading Post. Sellers offering the same item may not coordinate to raise the price of a certain item. Price fixing is not allowed.

After putting a stamp into your Stamp Album, is there any way to take it out and put it into your inventory again? ~symphonia19
Nope. We're afraid placing any stamp/coin/coconut into your album is a one-way trip for the item.

Just don't ask why the coconuts don't fall out... it's, erm, magic!

I read an Editorial in Issue 297 that said that once you collect your prize from maps, the pieces go poof. It said that the Lab Map was included. But I had earlier read an Editorial that said we were allowed to use the Lab Map on side accounts. Since it didn't explicitly say, does that mean that I would have to buy all the Lab Map pieces again if I wanted to use it on both my main account and my side? I don't think that's fair, especially since my friend and I have been saving up together, thinking that we could share the map by transferring the pieces. Please help me sort out this weird problem! ~hannahschilling
Yes, you are allowed to use Lab Map pieces on side accounts, and yes, to do so you must buy a new set for each account on which you would like access to the Lab Ray. As far as friends saving up for Lab Maps together, there is no possible way for you two to share access to the Lab Ray without cheating. We suggest you divvy up what maps you have purchased together and each continue working toward completing the sets on your own.

Could there be a shelter for free food, furniture, and basically free everything for people with less than 500 NP? ~28927
Well, there's the Soup Kitchen, the Money Tree, and the various dailies that may give out free prizes... if you're lucky. We think that's probably plenty. ;) And 500 NP is really not all that hard to earn. If you spent just a few minutes playing games, you'd have plenty of Neopoints to feed your Neopets, and if you played more games or learned about the many other ways to earn Neopoints, you could easily provide them with furniture and a Neohome roof over their heads, if that's what you desire for them. Neopets itself is a game, and what fun are games if you don't actually play them?

I know this is totally out of the blue, but I know there's a rule about not putting personal pictures on your lookup. But what if you were a famous celebrity? Then would it be allowed if the picture of yourself wasn't inappropriate? I mean, there would be other people with you on their lookup, too. ~thats_miss_swann
Okay, we understand it's only natural for some people to pigeon-hole rules to death, but please, please think about the spirit of our rules instead of asking 10,001 things that can or cannot be done, whether it's pictures, side accounts, or programs. This is why we have to make our rules broad, as a blanket to cover the swiss cheese that players try to make out of the site rules. We cannot possibly cover every single little detail, and so we try to explain the *why* of each rule so that you can use common sense from there.

Anyway, please, no personal pictures (no matter your age/celebrity status). Besides, we have a feeling that if anyone "famous" actually played Neopets, they wouldn't want everyone on the site to know who they were. ;)

How does the Petpet Protection League condone the explosion of clockwork Yooyus in Yooyuball? And what happens to them after they explode? Do they die or reassemble themselves? ~ampersandwich
There's no need for the PPL to condone it... they're clockwork, not robot. ;) There's a HUGE difference!

Hey, I just want to know what's up with the Altador Cup scores. There must have been some problem, and that's obviously what caused the major delay for the 26th's match results. I've seen a ton of KIers claiming to have lost 200-300 games' worth of points against DC. Were they still factored in against DC, even though they weren't updated for the user? ~smallvillefan12225
Correct! We had an issue with the script that calculates individual scores and updates rankings, but all the scores are there and nothing was lost. They were still factored in when tallying tournament results.

The script is being fixed, and your personal results will be calculated soon. No worries!

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