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I was searching for some clothes for my Neopet to wear recently and noticed that a vast majority of them are way out of my price range. Are they always going to be this way? ~nalyd133
Aside from the rarity (and occasionally Tarla giveaways) we don't control the economy. The prices of items on the secondary market are driven by the users. So, while many of the new clothes have a somewhat low rarity, they are quite popular at the moment and Neopians are snatching them up, which keeps their prices rather high. Supply of these items is always increasing, though, since they're always restocking, so hopefully they'll drop in price soon enough. If you just can't wait, you may want to start saving and keep an eye on the Shop Wizard for a good deal!

Hey! One question to ask... are you allowed to say "accepting tips" while lending? I've been to many boards that say "lending -so and so-, accepting tips." & I just want to clear this up. Thanks! (Please remove my username, thank you.)
However creatively, politely, or subtly you ask or "hint" for tips for lending things, you're still breaking T&C for requesting a type of payment for lending something.

Lend to be nice, not to make a profit.

What is the closet? ~goddes_44__64
Much like a closet in real life, Neopian closets are where you can store all of your wearable clothing and backgrounds for use in customising your Neopet. There is a link to your closet in the "Jump To:" list on the inventory page. (And, once again, to get to your inventory, you can click on your Neopoints in the upper right hand corner.) To place an item into your closet, click on it and select "Put in your closet" from the drop down menu.

If I were to paint or transform my Neopet, would that Neopet still have its Best Dressed trophies? ~booster_angel
Yep. Trophies stay with your Neopet no matter what, even if they are morphed, painted, or... abandoned. D:

Hi TNT. I have to know; people on the boards are saying that having a full page layout in your guild is now against the rules and the guild can be deleted because of it. Is this true? And, if so, is this a new rule? I've always thought guild layouts look better full page. Also, I know contests are against the rules, but what about randomly giving a gift to one of your guild members just for being there? I really love my guild and don't want it deleted. Please let me know so I can fix the layout and stuff. ~only_ashley
Just like User Lookups, you can create any unique layout you want in your guild. All we ask is that you leave your stats intact (basically, the entire left side guild bar) so that everyone can clearly see who is on council, stat numbers, all the links, etc. We also ask that you place the main Neopets navigation links on the page somewhere as a courtesy to other users who want to continue to navigate around the site!

As for your other question, giving gifts to your friends is totally fine. We definitely don't want to discourage that. What is against the rules are outright contests where a user has to do something/donate something/join something/etc. in order to enter. These end up as scams more often than not, unfortunately, so we've had to disallow them.

Hi, I was wondering... with the new site changes, where did the Gallery of Evil go to? I can't seem to find it. Thank you for your help, and you guys ROCK! ~del_torn
We had to remove the link from Pet Central, but we haven't forgotten about them! We'll let you in on a little secret... we're redoing a lot of the maps as part of the site upgrade! (Have you seen Faerieland lately!?) The reason this is relevant is because both the Gallery of Evil and the Gallery of Heroes will become icons on one of these maps, instead of just links in a nav bar. There is a catch, of course, and that is that the map upgrades are nowhere near complete, so it will be quite a while before you see the two galleries return. For now, here are the links to the Gallery of Evil and Gallery of Heroes (which actually never even had a link in the first place. Doh!).

TNT, sorry -- I was one of the millions that complained about getting stuck in the jungle maze. I knew you would fix it eventually, but I was so frustrated. =P Soo, I'm trying to battle the Petpetpet Horde, and equipped an old stand-by: a sticky hand. It shows up on my equipment screen, but when I enter the battle, it isn't there anymore. Why not? I know most DON villains have buffer items to stop you from stealing their good stuff, and you can only equip one stealing item, but - why can't I use the sticky hand during a plot battle? Is it because the one I'm trying to use is retired? Are all sticky hands retired? Or is this just some special feature of plot enemies? (I'm sorry if you've addressed this question somewhere else, and I've missed it -- I'm not really looking to make the editorial; I just think that other players might be wondering the same thing. AND I'd really like to know the answer! Thanks.) ~toast418
We're really sorry about the jungle maze incident. :X Even some of our own staff members got caught in huge loops, so trust us, we understood the frustration! In regards to sticky hands, one of your guesses was spot on. :) Generally speaking, all stealing items are disabled when plot-related challengers are in the Battledome. We programmed it that way long before we came up with the spiffy idea of giving a bunch of junk items to challengers to stop you all from stealing their spiffy nice items. BUAHAHA.

Curses! I've been thwarted. D:

Hey TNT! I'd just like to know, what year was the Kougra released? I'm making a site for the site spotlight, and I want to go into a full background of the Kougra, but I'd have to know what year it was released. ~nekoddnikki
The original Kougra was announced on the 9th of August in 2000, but actually released the next day. On August 4th, 2004 players were invited to vote on a new look for the Kougra, and the new design was unveiled on August 25, 2004.

In the news, the Smarmy Monocle is shown as being available from the clothing shop in the Neopian bazaar. Yet when you look it up, it is found in the Neovian clothing shop. Which shop is it found at? ~shadowhunter136
Woops! Sorry about that. Yes, it's available from the Prigpants & Swolthy, Tailors shop in Neovia.

You rock SOOOO much TNT! But let's get to the chase! I received a really random Neomail today and it said that all I had to do was Neomail the sender back and they would tell me how to get millions of Neopoints! They didn't actually say they wanted all my info and they didn't mention a phony website. So what I'm getting to is: even though they didn't try and scam me but they had the intention to, can I report it? ~maggiealltheway
If you get a suspicious Neomail like that, feel free to report. The monitors will look into the situation. Often these people are trying to bait other players into giving them their email address or instant messenger name to get them away from the safety of Neopets, and though you were smart enough to see through them, other people may not have been. The monitors can look at all the activity, not just what was sent to you, and verify for certain what you're thinking is true: they're a scammer.

Can we use Neopets music for Neovision? Or does it have to be just our own music? ~alesita_x
Ah, good question! You may certainly use Neopets music and graphics in your videos -- the same way you could use them in your Pet page or User Lookup submissions. We own the copyrights, so we can use that content however we wish. What we can't do is use other people's copyrighted material, so that's why Lawyerbot made it a point to ask that you create your own. We'll clear this up in the submission rules to state that Neopets created and/or your own original music is allowed.

I'm just curious, can invisible Neopets wear clothing? ~isatura
Yep! It will just look like the clothes are floating in the air. Hehe.

*spooky voice* Woooo, floating clothes! Wooooo!

Hey TNT, I read a story in an issue of the Neopian times and found that it was copied from another story, except it was changed into a Neopets version. I know this is wrong, so what should I do? ~[anonymous]
Please report the person, and link (if possible) or clearly explain the original source of the story. Plagiarism is NOT allowed in the Neopian Times.

The subject about inappropriate ads has been commented on many times. I know that you don't hand pick each individual ad you place on the site, but for those that can't grasp that idea, I ask of you to please shed some insight on the ad picking process to people who don't understand how inappropriate or questionable ads get by. ~kj_182
Thanks for understanding! You are quite correct that we aren't able to see the ads before they go up. We use third party ad services, and they control the ads based on criteria we give them. Sometimes, ads meant for other networks slip in. There are also ads that seem fine but have one detail crop up that's not appropriate. Oftentimes, new ads are put in to the system on Friday evening when there is a much lesser chance staff will spot any bad ads before the weekend. We get just as mad as you players when we find inappropriate ads have been on the site. (Trust us, we love this site just as much as you guys do!) So please, please, please if you see a bad ad, report it immediately! We don't want that kind of stuff on our site! >:[

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