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The British clocks went forward an hour recently and I was wondering… will Neopian time go forward/back an hour when the real clocks go forward/back? ~firey_uni
Yes, the Neopian clock is always set to Pacific time over here in the USA, since that is the time zone where the headquarters are located. Since daylight savings is observed in California, the Neopian clocks change with the time here, too.

If I choose to stop my premium service will I lose my lucky space faerie charm? Please tell me I won't... ~pjtrinks1
Sorry, but the Lucky Space Faerie Charm will disappear if your account loses its premium status :( The same thing happens with the premium avatar. There is good news, though! Your hard work at referring others will not be forgotten. If you ever reinstate your premium status after cancelling, you will get both back! :D

I'll never forget you! *sniff*

Hi, TNT! *KAPLOOEY* Whoops, I guess I shouldn't get too close... anyway -- I know we aren't allowed to have pics of ourselves on here for safety and other reasons, but what about our personal pets? I've told my pets not to be jealous because I love both of them equally, but is it another "safety" reason? I'd love to have a cute pic of my guinea, but is that allowed? ~anonymous
We thought this would be fine, but we asked Lawyerbot just to be sure. His exact words were, "It's fine as long as they are cute." Silly Lawyerbot.

So yes, this is fine! As long as you (or any things that can identify you) are not in the photo, you can post photos of your real-life pets!

Are "advice" boards allowed on Neopets? Non-Neopets advice? I thought that the boards page used to say "Neopets isn't an advice column" but I might've just heard someone else say that... please don't show my username. I don't feel like dealing with the person who intrigued me to send this in.
There is a warning that states that Neopets is not an advice service, so that's probably why you heard it floating around. :) So yes, please avoid posting on or responding to such boards since they are not allowed. Generally, any area of life that people ask for advice regarding is not one that should be being discussed on Neopets, anyway. There are many places all over the web where people can talk about such issues… Neopets isn't one of them.

My brother and I were having an argument about the color that your Neopet could be turned if you get a certain Random Event while it is depressed. I said that it will turn blue, but he insists that it will turn grey. Am I right, or do I need to do some apologizing? We've been fighting for days. Please HELP! ~alwaysand4ever
Well, don't rub it in too much, but you are correct. If a Neopet is very sad there is a Random Event that can turn it blue! :X (If there was one that turned them Grey, we have a feeling people would intentionally try to make their Neopets unhappy. =/) So remember, keep your Neopets happy by playing with them, grooming them, and maybe even taking them to the Merry Go Round on Roo Island.

Happy Neggs work, too!

Is it true that only people from the United States can get into the Neopian Times? If not, can French people that speak English like me get in? I'd like to submit my comic! ~pierre99999789
No, and yes! The Neopian Times is based on language, so it doesn't matter what country you live in. If you would like to enter something for the English version of the NT, the only requirement is that you know English. :) The Neopian Times is currently also released in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Dutch, Japanese, and Spanish. French isn't available yet, but we hope to have all the languages available eventually!

1. Can you vote in the BC on your side accounts? (I know you can't enter there, though) 2. If you get a faerie quest on one account, can you look it up on another? It would sure beat having to ask on the boards. :) 3. Can you buy items from Neopian shops on side accounts? It is possible you could profit from this, but not certain. 4. Can you buy items from players' shops on side accounts? Same reason as above. Thanks. :D ~beads_and_buttons
1 - No. That's not very fair, is it?
2 - While this is not encouraged (it kinda defeats the purpose of blocking access to the Shop Wiz, doesn't it?), we've never frozen anyone for it mostly because there are people who can't ask for quest help on the boards.
3 - No, you may not restock on side accounts.
4 - As long as the Nepoints you're using were earned on your main account.

I've read that all Neopian Times submissions must be Neopets related. Can they have references to other things, such as books, TV shows, or video games? Even though I'm a fairly decent writer, I can't seem to make a story without it being related to a certain book I like (the title of said book shall remain anonymous, though). ~kiowaneoeevee
Please avoid real world references or pop-culture jokes in your submissions to any of the Neopian writing competitions. Also, please do not "borrow" ideas from books you have read. Just take your time thinking up unique ideas and enjoy the creative process.

I'm not going to be home this weekend and I won't have internet access where I am, but I still want to get one of the big Daily Dare prizes. Will the challenge remain open for any time after the 31st? I know I can't get the prize for getting them on the day they open, but what about just the one for playing each of the games and beating the high score? ~mattnath21
Eeek! We're sorry, but you must complete the challenges by midnight NST on the 31st to be eligible for any of the final prizes. If you miss it, please console yourself with the fact that you did get over 30 unique prizes for all the other challenges, which we're sure added up!

Dang, I'm worth a lot! :O

How many different colors are there of Draik eggs? ~pfreckles
Currently, Draik eggs are available in green, blue, red, yellow, and Darigan. So that would be… *counts fingers* five! :D

Dear TNT, I was recently thinking it would be a good idea to have the option to create multiple bank accounts for different purposes, like real banks. For example, in one account you could stash some NP for buying Battledome supplies, one with NP used to save up for something big you want, or just random stashes or something. I thought, this way, it would be easier to organize our points into categories and be able to choose how much NP would go toward everything. :) ~phantastique
It's a nice thought, but it also means much more database load. It's not impossible, mind you, but the bank now does exactly what it's supposed to do... store your NP savings and earn interest for you. The extra storage that would be needed to allow you to divide up your NP in the bank could go toward some other feature that would be quite a bit more useful! :)

I have less than four Neopets and I went to the Draik Nest but nothing happened. I am confused because I read that, if you went to the Draik Nest, you could hatch an egg there. How do I do this? ~olliebollie44
Sorry if last week's Editorial confused you. To clarify, you need to be in possession of a Draik egg (a rare item that stocks in Merifoods), THEN go to the nest to hatch it. If you do not have a Draik egg, nothing will occur at the Draik Nest.

Did we mention they're really expensive? :X

I was just wondering -- for the Lenny Conundrum, could you put, "Don't tell anyone the answer!" in big huge bold print so that more people would notice and (hopefully) not give the answers out? ~zero_hour776
Hrm… that's a good idea. We could also threaten some sort of punishment that involves Meepits and hot Borovan. We'll forward this on to the LC guru.

Am I the only person who thinks Crumpetmonger would make an awesome hero or villain name? ~ghost_halo
No. Three out of five TNT members believe Crumpetmonger would be an awesome hero/villain name. The other 20% thought it'd be better as a band name, and the remaining 20% thought the rest of us were nuts, but that's nothing new.

Hi TNT, if you recall, back when the toolbar (I think) came out the first people to sign up were able to get an ice Bori. I could have sworn there was an ice paint brush for this, but ice paint brushes seem to have disappeared off the face of Neopia now. Did you guys delete or replace the item? If so, is there any possibility of the brush coming back? Thanks. ~fizzle009
Sorry, but Ice Paint Brushes do not exist, nor have they ever. Aside from the unique ice Bori offer for the toolbar way back when (which was a completely different toolbar than the one currently available, by the way), the only way to turn a Neopet ice is through the Secret Lab Ray. The toolbar ice Bori was available through a special area of the site. You could create a new one or morph one of your current Neopets into one. No paint brush was needed.

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