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Okay, I've been looking for the answer to this for ages. I know covering the stats in your user lookup is not allowed. But, how about this… what if your lookup in IE works fine, but in Firefox it's covering your stats? I wanted to look at someone's lookup, but it's covering her stats, which I told her. Her response was that it's okay in IE and TNT couldn't do anything because her lookup is fine in IE. Is this allowed? ~jadesterne
It's rather amusing when players try to make interesting loopholes such as this. Your stats must be viewable no matter which web browser is used to view it. If you don't have access to multiple browsers to check, you can ask a Neofriend or someone on the boards to check for you.

Hiya TNT! You guys rock. I just have one question. When your account gets frozen, but you are logged in, do you get automatically logged out? If not, you should so the person can't send all of their items and Neopets to a spare account. Please remove my username and say it was eaten by a crazy Feepit. Thanks! ~eaten by a crazy Feepit
Yes, if your account is frozen while you are logged in you will be instantly logged out. If you try to log back in again you will encounter a notice that gives the general reason for your freezing.

Neopets is so sedimentary! Anyway, I've been wondering -- the Soup Faerie knows if you have Neopoints in your bank or in your shop till, but how about in stocks... or should that count? I just wanted to ask. Thanks. (And, to those with stocks that go to the Soup Faerie, please don't hurt me for asking.) ~rookeealding
Hehe! The Soup Faerie doesn't count the Neopoints invested in stocks because that's just what it is… invested! Much like buying items and holding on to them or selling them for more. It's just an NP investment instead of an item one. We don't have any plans to have her start counting stock NP.

I'm not THAT intrusive.

I think we should have an item that is called "Empty your mail." We will send this item to anyone who has over 100 Neomails. I'm a Neomail packrat and like to keep all my Neomails. Because of that, sometimes people can't Neomail me back when I Neomail them. I then end up wondering, "Why aren't they Neomailing me back?" Sometimes this can cause BIG problems. So I want an item that is straight out called "empty your neomail" or something along those lines. BTW, I rock! ;o ~malalon
Hehe, yeah. We've been entertaining the idea of low-rarity books named Wanna Be Friends? and Empty Your Inbox! for quite some time. We're quite busy at the moment, so until we can get around to it, try sending a Soggy Old Box. That usually works. ;)

Hi, in Issue 276 you stated that it's alright to participate in DON (Defenders of Neopia) on side accounts. I was just curious, though, since the only way to get the Brain Tree (mission 5) as a challenger is by doing quests (for him and the Esophagor). Is this still acceptable? When you do a quest you get an item and NP, so I wasn't sure how that would fit in with not earning NP on a side. I'd like to be able to get the DON trophies on my side accounts, but don't want to break the rules to be able to do so. Thanks in advance for your time TNT. Love the site. :) ~chia_lubber
Oh. Hrmmm... well, we'll be quite honest with you and say that, as you probably guessed, we totally forgot about situations like that when answering the original question. So we're sorry for opening our big mouths and creating confusion! As you mentioned, the rule is that if the activity earns you Neopoints or items, it's off limits, so that mission is definitely not one you should do on your side account. Thank you for pointing it out!

However, we completely understand you wanting to earn the trophies on your side account, especially after we said it was okay and there's only one mission getting in your way. :) So while we can't promise anything, we'll talk with our Battledome gurus and see if we can work this out.

To be very clear, you currently CANNOT do any missions on your side accounts that involve earning Neopoints in any fashion. If this changes in the future, we'll let you know in New Features! (And we're hoping it can since you were so nice in pointing out our stupid mistake! Thanks, again!)

Hi TNT, I am thinking about painting my Neopet but it is expensive (I mean, about 2,000,000,000 and I am not joking!). Also, I want to see someone else painted with it before I buy it, but I can't find anyone painted with it! So, is there a page that I can go to to see a Neopet painted this way? By the way, the paint brush that I want is a Mystery Island paint brush, ok? ~hockeyrocks44flyers
Okay. We think you have a few too many 0's in your cost estimate, but we'll answer your question just the same! The Rainbow Pool in Neopia Central is just the place to go for this sort of thing. At the top there is a link for "All Pet Colours". From there you can find out what any Neopet looks like. Some worlds also have pages that show all the Neopets available in the colour associated with that land, such as Krawk Island, the Darigan Citadel, and Maraqua to name a few. Sadly, though, there isn't a page like that for Mystery Island at this time.

We hear island Cybunnies are lovely this time of year!

I entered the Mystery Pic competition last week and I know I guessed the answer correctly. How do I know if I won? Does it show up on my game scores, or what? ~blinddragon
If you're correct, you will get a Neomail when the contest is over alerting you that you have won, as well as the amount of the Neopoint prize pool you were awarded. If you responded with the correct answer quickly enough, you'll also be notified of your trophy and item win.

How do things get in the Merri Acres Farm dump? Whenever we discard something, or are those items just erased? ~emental_spirit3284
It places its own items there. However, if you go to the page it will sometimes say an item is donated by you! This is just a joke, though. When items are discarded they go POOF! They don't go anywhere; they just cease to exist. Items that you donate go to the Money Tree in Neopia Central, though.

I know you can NOT post images of yourself on the Neopets site, but can you post an image you drew of yourself on Neo? I see "anime" versions of people quite often, but I am a professional artist and the image I drew actually looks like me. O.o By the way, I'm hoping to work for Neopets one day -- open up an employment opportunity for artist! ~lilangel
This is touchy because a drawing can look like you while still not being able to personally identify you, or it can be photo realistic and be no different from posting an actual photo. As long as it's a cartoony, non-identifiable representation, that's fine. Obviously, there are no clear cut rules to list out here. If the monitor feels it's too identifiable, it will be deleted, so stick to non-identifiable representations of yourself and you'll be fine.

Is it allowed to make worthless bids on good items, with the intention that they might accidentally accept? ~swedelock_holmes
Uhh... no. Trying to bait someone into making a mistake that will greatly benefit yourself or your friends is a total scam. While it is the seller's responsibility to be wary and know what they're getting into, someone who is intentionally being underhanded and misleading is just as liable. While the seller loses out on their Neopoints, the buyer will lose their account. (And yes, we know there are bids of this nature that are in no way attempts at scamming. Obviously, not everyone knows the market value for every item on the Trading Post. So no, you won't be frozen for simply making a bid that happens to be low. There is a BIG difference.)

How many submissions do you get each week for the Comics section of the Neopian Times? ~sisabb2
We asked our lovely NT editor this question and we nearly fell over at her response, which was roughly 500-1,000 comic submissions each week!


Can you still get Draiks from Draik eggs if you take them to the nest? And, if so, is it only on Draik Day? I don't remember how to get there, but I'm sure I can find out somewhere. I was just wondering because I've been wanting a Draik and the eggs seem to be more easily available than the morphing potions. It'll be a while before I can afford one either way, but I'd still like to know what's up. Thanks! ~rainbeast
They sure can! Draik eggs can be hatched at the Draik nest any day of the year. :) To hatch one you will need less than four Neopets (of course) and to think up a unique name for your Neopet. After you enter a unique name and submit it, your new Draik will hatch! As a general note to everyone, please remember that it will be the colour of the egg that was hatched and will NOT start off as a baby Draik.

If you buy an item on the TP and then put it up for trade for an amount larger than what you paid for it, can you get frozen? ~babysitter39228
Nope! That's how quite a few Neopians earn their NP, actually. Now, if you buy an item for 2,000 NP off the Shop Wiz and then stick it in trades claiming it's worth 200k when you know fully well it's not… well, then you're becoming that sneaky, underhanded scammer we mentioned in an above question. But, as far as finding a good deal and making a profit off your success, that's not only allowed, it's a fundamental part of the Neopian economy. :)

How come, on week 186 of the PPL, there was only one Pink Garooda? ~shachar02
Because there was only one equipped to a Neopet in all of Neopia. D: I guess the poor thing isn't really that popular.


Today I got 2 emails from 2 different neopet owners asking me if I would take over their accounts and or pet sit for them. I know this can't be good and I'm sure there is some kind of scam behind it, but I am not sure if this is allowed or if they should be reported or if I should just ignore the emails (which I have done so far). I don't understand why some stranger wants to give me their password and account info when they don't even know me. These emails came after I put a christmas paint brush up for trade. Is there some connection? Please advise... thanks! Please keep my name off here. :)
You were quite right to be suspicious! It's very important to never access an account that someone offers you. There are various scams that go along with it (which we won't duplicate here, of course), but they will result in you losing your accounts, either to the scammer or by freezing, since accepting or giving away accounts is not allowed.

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