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I ask, nay, BEG you to answer a question that has been plaguing me as of late! What exactly is the plural of Mootix? Is it "Mootixs", or "Mooti"? Or is it like moose and just Mootix (which would be terribly boring and very unimaginative, not something TNT would have anything to do with, I'm sure!) ~xxxkaylaxx
Erm, *shifty eyes* heh, why would we ever come up with something as silly as the plural of Mootix being Mootix? *sweatdrops*

If we put an item up for auction and it's not going for very much, would it be considered cheating if we bid on the item on our spare account (to boost the amount)? ~booya___grandma
Absolutely yes this would be cheating. In fact, if you do so you will be frozen for multiple account abuse.

Many people have said you can be frozen for giving out your email on Neopets. I can't seem to find the rule that says you can't. If there is one, can you point me in the right direction, or at least clear this up for me? Thank you, oh and you guys are legends. ~jenn107107
They are correct. It is not allowed. The rule is listed under #3 in the basic summary portion of the Terms and Conditions page. Legends? I think you have us confused with those worthy of such a title… like Rocky and Bullwinkle or Mighty Mouse.

Hey TNT, I'm not going to start my question with you rock or anything, because your heads might get so big that they explode, and head-mush isn't great at running web sites. I was wondering, though: is it possible for Boochi to, say, change your Neopet's gender or turn him a colour other than baby? ~fyora0000
Yes, after getting so many "YOU ROCK"s thrown at us our heads are quite mushy -- hence the request to tone it down a little. As for Boochi, he isn't the Lab Ray, so alas, he can only turn your Neopet baby and nothing more. To clarify, we are talking about the Random Event Boochi, and not the one you fight in the Battledome.

Yes, that's a good rock... stay... stay.

How come, in Adam's shop, the description is, "This shop description was found to be unsuitable and was cleared". What did he say? ~the_one_named_lucy
That's the default message that displays when a staff member deletes all the customised code/text from a shop via admin. In general, it doesn't necessarily mean someone posted something horrible in their shop description. It could be as simple as poor coding (which caused the shop to have issues) or any other number of reasons.

As for Adam's shop, he was probably testing something and cleared it and never bothered putting new text in the shop, that's all. Please remember that our staff accounts are, for the most part, our test accounts. Many of us have main accounts we play on, since we love the site as much as you do, but our admin accounts are basically our guinea-pig accounts where we test games, activities, and other site content often before it comes live on the site. So, if anything ever seems "out of whack" with them, don't worry about it. These are generally our official work accounts, not the ones we play on. Please note, though, that some staff accounts were previously our main accounts before some of us went into hiding, and many still have leftover scores and galleries.

Er, I have a question regarding screenies. When putting screenies on your Petpage, is it required that you remove the person's username from the screenie? I can't imagine it would be, since it's their words, but I was curious as to if it was a form of harassment. Please and thank you! ^^ ~_october_skys_
If the person has no objections to it, you may post the screenie along with their username. If they contact you (via the message boards or Neomail) and ask you to remove it and you do not, they are perfectly within their rights to report you for harassment. Please note that "playing dumb" and blocking them from Neomailing you and pretending you don't see their posts asking you to remove it is not acceptable.

I have noticed a Petpet that looks like a bird all over the Neopian Times. What is it? Is it available to purchase for your Neopet? I think they are very cute and I really want one! ~sparclygirl
That would be a Weewoo! They are naturally brown, but can be painted white to match the one that is often seen in the Neopian Times. If you are quick and have a lot of dubloons on hand, you can try to purchase one from Little Nippers on Krawk Island. Otherwise, you can take a peek at the Trading Post to see if there are any for sale there.

You can thank those crazy NTers for white Weewoos :)

How come, when I make a mistake while submitting an article or something and press backspace before correctly typing it in, the things I typed behind it are deleted every time I type in a new letter? ~frodoman1521
Try toggling that off by hitting the "insert" button on your keyboard. If that's not the case, please send in a bug report, thanks. :)

Qasala=Kwa-za-luh? Are you ever going to add Qasala to the pronunciations page? Because, even though I'm usually good with words, I seem to mispronounce a lot of the Neopian ones. =DD ~stars_and_stripes180
It's actually a lot simpler to pronounce than to spell! That lack of a "U" always gets us. It's pronounced "Ka-sa-la." We'll look into adding that onto the poor neglected pronunciation page.

Some people are saying that Tonu aren't limited anymore, while lots of other people say they still are. Could you clear this up for us, TNT? P.S. Dr. Sloth will take over your office with his army of dancing Harris!!! ~petpetsitter12321
Not to worry, they are still limited edition. The new Neopet creation process doesn't show Limited Edition Neopets by default, but they do show up when there are some available to create. Since Tonu are released more often than the other Limited Edition Neopets, they show up in the creation process more often. :)

Why are only Neopets links allowed? Do you plan on fixing this? ~sciencelover79
We don't plan on "fixing" it, no, since that's the way we purposely set it up. ;) There are just too many unscrupulous people who would abuse the privilege and post links to scam sites or inappropriate web sites or images. We prefer to keep the site as safe as possible for our players.

Just wondering why the prizes for Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway didn't relate to the game. Rather, they seemed to have more in common with Volcano Run. You Guys ROCK X_x... sorry, I had to do it. ~forensicator379
Sorry about that! We realised it after we started getting massive feedback about the error, but by then it was too late to do anything about it. :( At some point Volcano Run was switched out for Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway for the Daily Dare, but someone forgot to tell the Art Department! Whoops! :X

Arghh! Not another! *whunk* /sob

Hello TNT, I was wondering if we're allowed to train the Neopets on our side accounts if the codestones or dubloons are sent from our main? Thanks! ~djlancey
Yep! That's just fine. You can also train your Neopets with the Lab Ray on all your accounts (up to five, of course) and take advantage of free training on their pet day. :)

The other day I was at the Trading Post, and I was looking for a glass paint brush. I found plenty, but when I saw a trade that said, "WARNING: This brush does NOT work anymore. You can't paint any pets with it." I freaked out. I have been checking other trades and auctions, but none of them state that the glass paint brush cannot be used to paint a Neopet. Is this true, or was this person lying? ~super_stylish_360
That user was being quite honest, actually! Stone and glass paint brushes can no longer paint Neopets those (or any) colour. They are just collector's items these days, as they have no function.

Dear TNT, a few days ago I literally watched a friend of mine get frozen on the boards. He created a board warning others about a chain letter of sorts he had gotten. He posted on the board asking if anyone had gotten the same Neomail, and if so to make sure they deleted it, as it was a scam. However, and this is where I am sure he met his folly, he posted the Neomail on the board. However, he did say he was going to post it (giving a warning to the report happies) and clearly said he was warning others. So he posted the Neomail in one comment. Others saw that (perhaps not reading his good intent in the warnings) and reported him. After about five minutes he was frozen -- even after his good intent. I'm just upset because he was just trying to send a warning out, and he got frozen for it, without so much as a warning I think. Is there any way he could be given back his account? Please remove my username, but you can call me Luna =D
Hi Luna! Posting a scam or chain letter on the Neoboards that you saw or received, even to note how ridiculous it is or to watch out for it, is not allowed. It doesn't generally carry as harsh a punishment, however, as being the original poster of it. Your friend should write in and explain the situation to Email Support. Please remember for the future, though, that even if you are posting something like that with good intentions, you're still posting a scam or chain letter!


DID YOU KNOW? There are different daily prizes for the Daily Dare depending on whether you beat AAA or his sister?

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