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TNT, YOU ROCK! I was wondering, I submitted a short story called The Shrine and I have not seen it in the Times. Because of... unforeseen circumstances, I was not allowed to go online for a week, and so I have not been able to check the Times for my story. Is there a way to check if my story is in the Times, and if so, in which issue? If there was way back when, why was it removed? ~rammy566
If your story has appeared after the 150th issue, then simply enter your username in to the search box to see if your piece has been published. :)

Can we have a trophy for how many Petpets the Turmaculus has eaten? *begs please please please, grovels, etc.* :) ~neomyotismon
Why would anyone WANT the Turmaculus to eat their poor Petpet? That's just wrong and we can't condone that type of behaviour, so sorry, no trophies for that!

How could you even suggest that?!? ;_;

Is there a way to change your username? Please tell me! Please leave out my username
Sorry, there is no way to change your username. You'll have to create a new account and move your items and Neopets to the new one, but trophies and other aspects of your account cannot be transferred, alas.

Besides going back 180 pages to check, how do we know if our Petpet species has already been in the PPL contest before? ~firon_silver343
I'm afraid we don't supply a list, so currently you would have to go through all the pages. Hopefully there is a Petpage out there that lists this info, though. If not, well... if you're handy with HTML, it sounds like a fun weekend project for you or another helpful Neopian!

How in the wild, wild world of sports do you pronounce "Pygui?" Great job on the lunar festival, by the way. I love Shenkuu. Can't wait to see more! ~theknighthawk
We're glad you like it! We think Shenkuu is a pretty cool place ourselves! As for the Pygui, we were discussing it (we have a lot of odd discussions in the office) and figured it was best described as sounding like "Pig-wee" but said with an English accent. And yes, we love our jobs.


There is a user that constantly reports people for everything. Another user had "___ says... (what they say) ...and steals a cookie." The user that reports everything reported this. She also reported somebody for saying "Oh poo" because it was too close to a bad word in her opinion. She has been frozen multiple times, and has admitted that her sister plays on her side accounts. What riles me (and THOUSANDS of other users) is that when she reports you she gets in your face about it. For example, she has said (and I quote) "brb gonna go on my other names and report u again." Is there anything that can be done about this? Most everyone I know agrees that she is out of control. I am not trying to harass her, but I'm asking if this is ok. I'm sorry if this confuzzles you guys since I'm not naming any names. ~lucyandnyuu13
Being a report-happy Neopian is just as bad as being someone who spams the Neoboards, so feel free to report them. Also, harassing someone and then going on other accounts to report them is NOT appropriate behaviour and will get you a warning or frozen for repeated behaviour. Please note, though, that simply stating your are reporting someone is NOT harassment if they have actually done something that warrants them being reported. It's only when it's taken a step too far that it becomes harassment. Please use your best judgement in these situations. If you are antagonised by someone who is report-happy on a perfectly fine board please just ignore them; confronting them will only escalate the situation. Just report them for false reporting and let the monitors sort it out.

I was reading some old editorials, for fun, and I came across a question concerning how to change your Neopet's gender. I knew that you could do it with the Lab Ray, but I don't want to risk changing my Neopets colour or species. But then you said that there was a "special potion that could be bought at the magic shop" but you failed to mention what the name was. I'd like to look it up on the Trading Post or something, so can you tell me the name of the item? Thanks. ~epoxy
Okay, this was just so freaky we had to put it in here. The person that asked a question just before yours asked:

Are you ever going to update the old images on Neopets? There are some old ones like the ones for some pets (for Petpages), some items, and so on. And also I would like to know why the Strange Potion looks so plain? ~someoneink87
Which is just freakish because that's the exact potion you were wondering about! Imagine the odds of that one! And, since he oddly answered your question, we'll kindly answer his question:

Yes, we have been going through and updating old images. Perhaps you've seen some revamped plushies? They are quite cute. It's slow going, but we're doing what we can. As for the strange potion, it was made so long ago that no one really remembers why it's so plain. :(

Okay, so I'm the image of a Healing Potion X with a purple glow around it.
What do you want from me? *sobs*

Greetings, TNT! I have a suggestion... do you think you could add a "Give to Neofriends" option to quick stock? Thanks guys, and have a happy February! =D ~samlikesyou
While (in the spirit for which it was intended) this feature would be fun for randomly sending gifts to all your NFs, we're afraid the darker side of Neopia could seriously abuse something like this. :( If you accidentally gave away your password and someone got into your account, they could quickly delete all your NFs, add only their account to your list, and instantly send 70 items at a time to their wretched scamming account. We're afraid that would just be too dangerous a tool to have around, sorry.

Back when I was 13, I adopted a Neopet with a very, err... inappropriate name. At the time, I didn't know what the name meant and just thought it was a strange word. When I posted on the Neoboards about my pretty new Neopet, I received numerous Neomails saying I was "disgusting" and "perverted," and was told I would be frozen. I panicked and disowned the Neopet. My question is: would I have been frozen or warned for inappropriate language? Second of all, is there some type of log to record which Neopets were created and which Neopets were adopted from the pound? ~brakelights
Whoops! It's a good thing you decided to quickly disown the Neopet. Monitors will warn people who adopt a Neopet with a bad name and remove the Neopet from the account. Generally speaking, though, we imagine most people are aware of a bad name when they seen one, though it is reasonable to imagine cases like yours have occurred in the past, but there's really no way for us to tell. Those that actually create Neopets with bad names are treated a bit more harshly and will be frozen if the name is exceptionally inappropriate, or warned if it's, erm... questionable in taste.

Dear TNT, why is it that we can only scratch off 6 out of the 9 spaces on a scratchcard? ~okeefe_melinda
That's how scratchcards generally work. :) It's a lame answer, we know, but that's just how it is.

You guys couldn't come up with a better explaination than that?!?

Is there a way to unban a person from a guild? ~underscoredotid
We tested it out to make sure, and yes... when it says permanently ban, it really means it! Even re-inviting someone will not work. You will get an error that reads: "ERROR: This user has been banned from the guild you are inviting them to!" even if you are the guild leader.

Hey NT! OK, on to da question. For the Lenny Conundrum, you have all of the previous conundrums at the bottom with all of the previous answers. So, let's say for example I saw that the last conundrum's answer was Ogrin. I look back at the question, and I have no idea how you got Ogrin. Therefore, I spend the rest of my life wondering, "Why Ogrin?!" ripping out hair and jumping off numerous cliffs in the process. Could you add explanations to the answers for those too clueless to figure it out for themselves? Not like that's me or anything...*shifty eyes* thanks for your time! ~mazecraze777
We harrassed asked our master of Lenny Conundrum if he would be kind enough to start that up again and he's agreed to do his best in the matter. As for LC round #202, if you look closely at the paragraph you'll notice that each sentence begins with a letter in alphabetical order, all the way from A-N. The next sentence that begins with a blank would naturally be "O"... and the only Neopet whose species begins with that letter is the Ogrin! Tricksey, eh?

Would you rather be a faerie paintbrush or a Darigan plushie? Very random. :) ~faerie_daemon
While we cannot speak on behalf of every member of TNT, we think most of us would prefer being a Darigan plushie, though a mutant Cybunny plushie would probably be our main choice.

I looked in the pronunciation key but I couldn't find how to pronounce Gadgadsbogen. Could you tell me please? Thanks! ~dolgirl62
Just break it up and say it slowly until you get the hang of it. "Gad-gads-bo-gen" The last syllable is similar to "bin" rather than the "gen" of generation.

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