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Hi, TNT. I don't usually ask questions but I've had one particular one on my mind for quite some time. I've noticed that the Neopoint rewards for trophies (750 for gold, 500 for silver, and 250 for bronze) have stayed the same over the years while inflation has made the prices of everything go up, making the Neopoints less of a reward. I was wondering if you were planning on fixing that or if it would stay at its current amount for all of Neoternity. Thanks! ~jrbluehen
You never know what may happen in the future, but as of right now, there are no plans to change it.

Hi there TNT, I just wondered if there is any chance that the National Neopian Bank could start giving out loans. There are some things I really want to buy but can't afford. Maybe, if you didn't pay the loan back the bank could take your items away. Thanks. ~bananaqueen22
We wouldn't want our players to have to deal with the stress of being in debt! Okay, seriously, there are just so many ways people would try to abuse loans, so they are pretty much impossible to implement. There would really be no way to force anyone to pay their loan back, and if you could take out a loan to buy whatever you wanted, there'd be no reason to work hard and save Neopoints, which is a big part of what makes Neopets challenging. So, sorry, but this is not a feature we are likely to add.

You'll just have to save up!

Hey, whenever I log in, I see a message that says, "WARNING, your site username matches your e-mail username! It is recommended that you change your e-mail address so that it is not the same as your site username!" Why is this a problem? (Yeah, stupid question...) ~ [removed]
Because you can send your Neopets password to your email address, many scammers will try to hijack your email account, which is why we encourage you not to reveal this information to anyone. However, even if you never divulge this information, it would be quite easy to figure out your email address if the usernames were the same. And, simply by talking to you for awhile, a scammer may be able to obtain the answers to security questions some email sites use, like what's your favorite pet's name, or where were you born. Then, voila! The scammer has access to your email address and, by extention, your Neopets account (and any other accounts you have associated with that email address). A good way to prevent this is to have an email address that does not contain the same username as your Neopets account, and you should never share personal information with people you do not know. Asking for or giving out email or messenger names is not permitted on Neopets for this very reason (among others).

Dear TNT - a while ago I noticed a new trophy on my page, called Lucky Guesser, and I have no idea how I got it. I thought that maybe it was from the last plot, but I didn't remember participating much, so I'm not sure how I got it. Thanks a lot! ~gummibear200497
It is the trophy for the Cyodrake's Gaze plot where you had to figure out various aspects of Hoban's disappearance. Obviously you made some correct conclusions/guesses!


Well, this is kind of a three-question question. Anyway, I was wondering why 1. photos are not allowed in the Beauty Contest, even as a background, 2. there is no place on the site that states the specific BC rules like this one and 3. if photos aren't allowed, can people still sculpt their Neopets (I was asked on a board about a clay sculpture) and enter photos? It's all very hazy to me, although in my opinion the easiest way would be to allow some photography, as it, too, is like all the other media allowed into the Contest. Clarification please? ~vermilionlunatic
The Beauty Contest has a strict "No Photos" policy. Entries must be drawings or paintings of your Neopet. Perhaps you'd find the Art Gallery or Random Contest more to your liking, since they are more open to the media you mention. :)

Well, I was Neomailing someone, just joking around about being their stalker after speaking on a board, and suddenly they started flaming me about it and said they would report me and have all their friends report me as well!! I'm frightened for my account's safety; what should I do? ~[removed]
Stalking or death threats are NOT to be joked about online (or offline, for that matter). You knew you were joking, but obviously the user took your Neomail as a serious threat, and we would do the same. We want everyone playing Neopets to be safe, so we take these things very seriously. This is not something to joke about, and anyone displaying this behaviour will be warned or frozen. Those users who send repeated threats thinking it's funny or cool need to realize the seriousness of their actions. Contacting someone by phone or mail and claiming to stalk them or threatening their life is no laughing matter, and that doesn't change just because you're using Neomail. We do not hesitate to contact the authorities in these situations, just like in real life.

Dear TNT, I just noticed this now, but how come on the "gallery spotlight trophy" it says "your shop" on it? ~suzibow_842
Woops! That must be left over from the days when galleries were in shops and not a seperate area. We'll see if we can get that updated :)

Help, someone update me! /sob

I have seen some people who claim to be celebs have a stamp on their lookup that says "approval for official celeb," but then someone told me they don't make those. Did these people make the stamps on their computer or did TNT really give them out? ~southernchic0203
No, they are just using html and images to make themselves feel important. :P Please ignore them or report them if it's getting out of hand. As stated in a past Editorial, we do not give any special treatment to "celebrities."

TNT, I'm wondering -- if a Neopet is painted and then you update that Neopet species picture when it is painted, will the Neopet stay the same as it was when it was painted, or will it change? ~guineapig602
It will update to reflect the new art. Just to avoid confusion, it will stay the same painted colour, just look spiffier with the nicer art. :)

First off - thanks for reading this. ^^ Second, is it mandatory that you have a message on your lookup stating you play Neopets from multiple computers, or that your siblings/friends use your computer? Just wondering, 'cause it's been bothering me. D: Thanks! ~radioaddict
Nope! It's not mandatory, necessary, or even welcome, really. In fact, if we do see it, it only makes us MORE suspicious of an account, since scammers often put stuff like that up to try to "fool" us. So please understand it's pointless. Use that space for more important things.

Hey, I'm wondering if you can tell me the name of this fox-looking Petpet from Shenkuu? I have visited the shop, and some shops from the market place, but no luck. I can't search the Shop Wizard because I don't have the name, so please tell me what it's called! Sorry if this message is too long. =)
That adorable little fellow is called a "Juma." If you can't find any on the Shop Wizard, we suggest checking the Auction House or Trading Post.

Fiesty AND cute!

I heard a rumor that you are not allowed to make any graphics (user lookups, guild layouts, etc.) if you are using Neopets characters. Is this real or true? Our site makes graphics, but we only claim the way we arrange the pictures, and we do not claim that we made the actual pictures. Please help! =/ P.S. - I hate asparagus! *runs away from computer and hides in closet* ~ proud_moe_gryffindor
This is fine as long as the images are created for the Neopets site, you do not distribute the images, and you do not place a copyright symbol on the image. The image you create is your own artwork, and of course if someone steals it we will take action against him or her, but you simply may not claim copyright.

After reading the editorials, I have been to the Perfectly Flat Rock Quarry and bought a Perfectly Flat Rock Shield, but I still can not access the archives and do not know what constellations are. Can you please give out some more hints? Thanks for reading this. :) ~mag13312
*headdesk* You don't need the shield. It was just a hint. Also, there are plenty of guides out there to help you, if you really need it. ;)

Hi TNT, my friend emailed me yesterday and said that she is all stressed because she forgot she was on her side account and went to get her Advent Calendar prizes. It was a complete accident. Now she thinks that you are going to freeze all her accounts and she will have to start over! Is this true because it was an accident? ~ saphira_999
It’s okay, she doesn't need to worry. There is an obvious difference between an occasional mistake and blatant multiple account cheating. :) Should this happen to you, do not collect on your main account that day, and be sure to pay close attention the next time you visit to make sure you're on your main.

How long does it normally take to prepare an issue of the Neopian Times? ~agateshadow
It generally takes a full week to prepare the Neopian Times. It's a full time job!

We have a dedicated editor, so all the work
isn't an
issue though. Haha... we're so clever.

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