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I like Draiks, I like Krawks, can the Lab Ray rock my socks? In other words, is it possible to zap a Neopet into a Krawk or Draik? I hear some say yes and some say no, but the only thing everyone seems to agree on is that it doesn't happen often. ~infernoraptor
Some say no, some say yes, but, in fact, it's anyone's guess.

Well, that didn't help.

What I noticed was that, with all the faerie quests I have done, the pictures of the faeries seem more updated then the other quests. Is this just an update, or is it that the more you do quests the next faerie will look more updated, and does getting a Faerie Queen quest mean anything? ~goobster1000
We actually are going through the site and attempting to update old images when we have the time. That's why some images are updated and other are not. Completing the faerie quests have nothing to do with the quality of the art. :) As for Faerie Queen quests, you are quite lucky if you get one of those. They're rare, and she gives generous Neopet stat rewards for those who complete her quest.

Let's just say someone made a User Lookup with a picture from a 3rd party site (of a band or something like that) and the owners of the site discovered that someone used their pic without permission and decided to sue Neopets for the breach of copyright. My question is who would have to pay; Neopets or the person who made the User Lookup that breached the copyright? ~kittybean_09
Well, we spoke to Lawyerbot and he spit out the initials DMCA and said something about Neopets being a service provider. When we pressed him on this, he said that Neopets is in a safe harbour (though, we hardly think we qualify as a boat) and that the users should obey the applicable intellectual property laws because they could be held responsible for breaking the law.

So, yeah... what he said.

Since I made it into the NT, I want to say - THANK YOU! Also, happy belated birthday. o.o Anyway, I wanted to know if you could update some of the Petpages (such as the Tuskaninny or Lenny's) as they have images of the old versions of the Neopets. I would've checked them all, but time is money and I had serious chatting to do. B-) Please and thanks! ~x_nightmares
Already in the works! In addition to updating the art, our writers have been going through ALL the Petpages and making note of those that could really use some TLC.

Are you saying we're outdated?!

Hey TNT, I enjoy Neopets very much but something is bothering me. At the bottom of your game challenge rating page it says that if you accept but don't complete 10 challenges you will be banned from sending or receiving game challenges. I was wondering if this was for a specific time period or forever? It has been bugging me since I first saw it because it isn't specific. Thanks in case you get to this. :D ~jester_xyz
Well, previously it was forever, but we talked about it a bit and decided that was a bit harsh. We've decided the time period will now be one year. It's still a long time, but at least it's not forever, right? :)

Hello TNT! Happy Holidays! I have a question about the Inflatable Fire Yooyu Ball given out by the advent calendar. Some people on the boards have been claiming that when their Neopets play with it and break it, they won a large amount of Neopoints. The description for the toy does sound like you can break it: "Just don't pop it. No one is quite sure what it's filled with." Is this rumor true, or just something they made up (perhaps) to sell them at a higher price in their store? Thank you! ~snoopy99eb
This is just a rumour. Anyone who is lying about their item in an attempt to sell it at a higher price WILL be frozen. They are scamming.

All I do is bounce!

I was wondering if you could add a button in the shop till, so that you can take out all of it at once instead of having to type in the entire amount. You guys are awesome!!! ~myangel94
Ahh, hrmm. We know there was a reason we made it work the way it currently does, but we sorta can't remember what that is now. Heh. We'll check it out and see if it's safe to add that in.

Someone on the Help Board was asking about everyone's wish list, and I said I wanted to paint my Petpet fire after Christmas to match my Neopet (tippy0325) when I paint him fire, and this person said he would send me a fire Petpet paint brush. Then a girl came on the boards and said giveaways are not allowed (I know giveaways are against the rules) so I told her that I didn't ask for anything. All I did was say what was on my wish list, so is it against the rules for him to have sent me the item that I said was on my wish list? Because, if it is, I will send the item back to him as I don't want to do anything to risk my account. PLEASE answer this so I don't have to worry about losing my account. Thanks... one more thing *clap* you guys and girls rock *clap* and snarkie rocks more. :D Oh, and you can leave my username in. ~hotpurple1
First off, we all rock exactly the same. We've measured. It's all very scientific.

To the point, though, giving gifts to Neofriends is certainly allowed! Birthdays, holidays, or "just because" gifts are quite fun to give and receive. What's not allowed is going on the boards and requesting that a user do or say something in order to "win" a prize or be given an item, or posting to ask who wants free items or Neopoints and the like. There are many scams that involve things like this (that we won't explain since we don't want to give people ideas), so we've had to ban them completely. Besides, if someone really wanted to give gifts to random people, there are tons of users posting and lots of usernames to choose from. There's no need for that person to post a board unless what they really want is the attention. ;)

So, in your situation, you were participating in a discussion and someone sent you an item to be nice. That's not a giveaway. You did nothing wrong. :)

Does Sloth have a last name? ~myprecious_baby
Actually, Sloth IS his last name. His full name is Dr. Frank Sloth, but you will call him Dr. Sloth. Master Sloth is fine, too.

Do you think you could change the name of the Krawk Petpet? Maybe to like... Baby Krawk, or something. Seeing as how it's rather annoying to search up the Krawk Petpet (shop wiz or trading post) because 'Krawk' just isn't exact enough for searching. I really want to buy one, so a name change would be so much easier (at least I think) than refreshing the search page for hours on end 'til the Petpet comes up. ~dailincoldfire
You can change your searching parameters to search for the exact word only, both on the Shop Wizard and Trading Post. On the Shop Wizard, it's to the right of "Search Items" and on the Trading Post it's just to the left of the text box where you enter what you are searching for. This way, you won't get anything with the word Krawk in it. You'll only get the item named "Krawk."

It's that easy!

Hey, TNT! I heard a while back that you aren't supposed to put up pictures of yourself on your lookup, guild, Petpage, etc. but lately I've seen a lot of peoples' pics of themselves on their lookups and stuff. Is this allowed or is it against the rules? I really want to know 'cause a lot of my friends want to see me! P.S.- SUGARISAWESOMEHAHAHAHA!! O.o ~litlle_devil0913
o_O Oh dear. Sugar and editorial questions are always an interesting mix. As for pictures, no one (regardless of age) has permission to post their picture on Neopets. Even if you see "other people doing it" it is still not allowed, and they should be reported so that we can clear their UL/Petpage/etc. While it is totally understandable why minors should not be posting their pictures, we must also ask adults to abide by the same rules, as it is obvious that other players are often confused by rules when they see others breaking them.

I was looking at someone's user lookup when I noticed a present at the corner of the page. I put my mouse over it and it said this user has given me a Faerie Queen doll, so I clicked on it, but the doll wasn't in my items. Is this a scam or something? Please answer! ~ madneogirl
Grr, this is a trick that people sometimes put in their UL code. While it may not harm anyone, it is considered malicious because of the confusion it causes and so it's not allowed. The same goes for fake random events. If you're tricking someone into thinking they've received an item or Neopoints that they did not, that's scamming. If it said, "Thank you for visiting my UL" or something equally benign, it would be okay since it would be clear that it is a joke. However, in this case it is against the rules and you may report them.

There is no Jelly World. It is a myth. It doesn't matter if 60,000 people say it exists, it doesn't. Can I have a cookie now? *Xweetok eyes* ~iloveunis3632

*passes you a cookie*

Hi guys! You are all doing a great job with Neopets. It is the best, but there is only one small problem. I put a bunch of stuff in my safety deposit box because a little bug said it was going to eat it all, but when I went to get it out it wouldn't come out. I went to the help wizard guy, but all he said was to click on it and when I did nothing happened. I really need to get something important out of there. Please help me! Thank you SO much. :) ~emilee_3
Hi, emilee_3! Don't worry about that bug. I mean, look at the bug... and then look at the size of your items. He couldn't eat them even if he tried.

Anyway, to remove a single item from your SDB, look to the right of the item and click "rm one." If you want to remove lots of items at once, select the quantity for each item you want removed, then go down to the bottom of the page and click "move selected items." If you have activated a PIN number for your account you will need to enter it before you attempt to remove any items.

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