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I would just like to thank the person(s) who spent many sleepless nights to find a way to get my toes stepped on, coffee spilt all over me, and my computer over-run by my household minions... see, if I'm playing on Neopets and (like an idiot) I blurt out, "oh cool, Tarla just gave me (fill in the blank)," well, it's like a stampede of buffalo here with me getting knocked to the floor (usually with coffee or a diet dew in hand) by 3 kids and even hubby fighting to see who can log on next to scarf some goodies from Tarla. It used to be like that with Snowager, but now Tarla has taken his place. Any chance TNT can send me a couple more computers? Maybe Tarla can put them on the next toolbar alert? Or how about no weekend, school holidays, or giveaways after 4pm EST? Can you ask Lawyerbot if I have grounds to sue my family for personal injury or maybe destruction of property? My carpeting can't just be changed with the click of a box like the Neohomes. :| ~insanes_silent_rage
Lawyerbot says, "Thank you for writing. Please wait while I select the most appropriate response... TNT is not responsible for stained carpets due to overzealous players. You may, however, feel free to force your family to scrub the carpet. We recommend duct tape if you have any further desire to verbally acknowledge that Tarla is giving out prizes. Also, don't run with scissors. Response Concluded." Disclaimer: The opinions expressed by Lawyerbot do not represent the opinions of NeoPets, Inc. or any of its principals.

Oh sure, blame me!

What is TNT's favourite Neopet? ~lizzie987987
As soon as this question is asked, there are shouts from all over. "Zafaras!", "Grundos!", "Moehogs!", "Eyries!" voices shout! Alas, contrary to popular theory (we read the boards, you know!), TNT is actually a team of human beings who, oddly enough, do not seem to have one collective consciousness. Hence, the reason why we all respond differently to such things. However, if we are ever assimilated by a race of cyborgs and have our collective consciousness added to their own collective, we'll be sure to get back to you. ^_^

I'm just curious -- why did you make Neopets capable of living forever? I mean, it would've been more interesting if they died, or if some died, anyway, since it would've decreased the amount of abandoned Neopets and done other good things. ~angelica9393
Well, plot Neopets and characters that we've created can and will die, but you're right about user Neopets. They do not. We think a lot of players enjoy Neopets to escape the harsh reality of life, but they can't always spend every day with their Neopets like they would a real pet. If you can't sign on for a few weeks and your Neopet is dead when you return, that would be pretty sad. We'd like everyone to always have a Neopet waiting for them when they come to the site, and we don't want to upset some of the younger players, so that's why we chose not to make them mortal.

Why is there an option to leave Mystery Island through the harbour, but no other place (that I can find) has a link to leave? ~starman802
That was just a special aspect of Mystery Island that was used when it was first released - back when you needed totems to access the island. So, even though it's not really needed any more, it's still there as an added bonus.

Dear TNT, please tell me how to switch graveyards in the Haunted Woods plot. If you don't I'll cry... ~monica757
Don't cry! All you need to do it go out the graveyard exit. :) Well, you did anyways. Guess we're a bit late answering this one. Oops.

You know you've spent too much time
doing the Haunted Woods plot when...
you paint red X's on your Halloween Rock Petpet.

Hey! I was happy to see the new Symol colors so I bought a spotted Petpet paint brush and took my Symol to the Petpet puddle. I painted him and he turned into a BALL! If my Neopet plays with him, he will pop from claws! Save my Symol! ~kittykapow925
Whoops! Sorry about that. Seems there's a problem with the yellow version as well. We'll fix that right up…

Well, you know how you have a gallery spotlight? Why don't you have a shop spotlight? ~savannah_the_dreamer
Firstly, the whole idea of shops is to actually sell items and make a profit, right? This means finding or restocking items below market value and reselling them with a markup... lots of fancy business dealings and whatnot. Judging how well someone can do all that is quite tough, and there's no way to determine how well you run your shop just by looking at it once. Also, the likelihood of your stock changing regularly is high if you're actually running a nice shop, so we couldn't really spotlight it since it would be different every time someone came to visit! And, while you might have a nice design that does stay the same regardless of stock, that's not what a shop is really about.

Secondly, by way of the New Features page, we would be sending thousands of Neopians to your shop as you gleefully roll in your overflowing shop till. No fair! We think it's best to just stick to galleries. ;)

When you split the NPs in the Lenny Conundrum, if an odd number of people get it right, how do you split it? You don't ever give 00.003 NP or something, so do you add more NPs or take them away? ~vanessa35606
We round up, so occasionally we will give slightly more than 2,000,000 Neopoints out to make sure no one gets half a chunk of a Neopoint.

But partial Neopoints would make maths
around here SO much more interesting!

Are we allowed to have referral links on our user lookups? Like, can I put "Need a new account? Click here!" and have it link to my referral thing? Some people said it was tricking them into making an account and I could be frozen. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE answer this!!! Oh, and could you leave my username out?
The text you described seems like plenty of information to provide in a referral link and there is nothing wrong with placing that link on your lookup, so no worries there. :) Now, if you were attempting to actually trick or confuse people into creating a new account when they didn't want or need one, that would grab the attention of the monitors and probably see you frozen quite quickly for abusing the referral program.

Are Eliv Thade and Dr. Death related? After all, they have the same last name... sort of. ~peristalsis
What? Thade and Death are totally not the same. Oo However, we attempted to ask them anyway, just in case. Dr_Death just glared at us until we left, and Eliv's responses… well, we're still trying to figure out what he said. Despite them both having rather dark personalities, we're gonna go with our guts here and say "no."

If you play Deadly Dice and lose so many times that your Neopet's level is 1, can the Neopet still use abilities that need a higher level? *Cries of "Come on, answer this question! You know you want to..." in the background* ~admiral_6_6
Well, once your Neopet learns a faerie ability, it retains that ability despite loss of level. However, the "berserk" ability that is automatically learned at level 50, for example, will be lost if your Neopet dips in level. They will regain it again if their level reaches 50 or above, though. *nod*

Pfft. You'd BETTER not forget my blessing!

Hello there, oh great Editor of Doom. I have a question for you, almighty one. I got a codestone from a random event on my side account. 'Tis okay if I transfer it to my main account... right? o_O ~earthterra55
Yep, yep. Go right ahead. Random event items are all yours. (Sorry. We know we answer this a lot, but obviously the word isn't spreading too fast. Hehe.)

Has there ever been a time that the Lab Ray wasn't around? Just curious. ~automatistic
Yes, it was a dark, robot-Chombyless time in our history which we would not like to dwell upon.

Hi! You know how you have to use a code from your e-mail to activate your account? Well, what if you don't have an e-mail address? What should I do? 0__o ~ tropical_gurl_7
There are plenty of places that offer free, web-based email addresses. If you are too young to sign up yourself, you can ask a parent or guardian to do it for you. Also, for the security of your account, please don't post or give out your email address while on Neopets.

Does the staff actually play on the "theneopetsteam" account? Just asking. :) ~flamesdestiny
No, our theneopetsteam account is used for official purposes only. No one is allowed to access the site or play through that account. Someone tried once, but we haven't heard from him since. We don't talk about that, though. *shifty eyes*

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