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My pet has been turned into a baby by Boochi. Can you still paint the pet? I've heard you can't. ~cococola_12
Yes, a Neopet that has changed colours due to a Random Event can be repainted another colour just fine. :)

Hi, TNT! I have a small problem. See, when I built my Neohome I was young and rather clueless. I messed up on the exits and entrances, so I can't go from one room to the next. How can I fix this without demolishing and rebuilding? ~saphira361
Eep! Sorry. We're afraid the only way to fix it is to demolish the rooms and rebuild them.

AGGH! I forgot to build a doorway to the bathroom!

I have heard that, if you make more than 2 million a day, your account will automatically be frozen. Is this really true? ~kristen_nikole
No, this is just a rumour. There are many players who make greater amounts than this daily, and as long as they do not break the rules while doing so, it's perfectly fine. :) (And we congratulate them on their financial acuity!)

Are Unis and Peophins related to horses, because Prince Jazan rides one, and also I would like to know if I could keep my real-life neopets plushies in my play stable with all my stuffed horses without any fighting. Please clear this up for me. ~ highlighter72
Heee! Neopets plushies are quite nice and love to make friends. We can almost guarantee they'll get along with your other plushies just fine. ^_^

Dear TNT, Many role players are both shocked and upset about how High school and Vampire rps are now against the rules. I missed it when all of this happened and found out when I saw a Vent Board. My question is, why did you ban them? If this makes it to the Neopian Times, can you please make me anonymous. Thank you.
Erm, where to start...

First off, anything non-Neopets related is technically not allowed on any of the message boards. You are on, after all, and there are lots of other sites out there that are dedicated to various types of roleplay and will probably provide you with a much better non-Neopets roleplay experience. However, as we've stated before, as long as you stick to the rules and the roleplay contains nothing inappropriate, the monitors will likely let you go off-topic (though they still can and will delete off-topic boards if they deem it necessary). You can also keep on topic quite easily by making your characters Neopets instead of Humans and your settings Neopian worlds instead of real life ones. ;)

With that said, high school and vampire boards are notorious for romantic roleplays (as are dances, parties, dorms, cruises, etc.). It usually takes less than a page of posts for the roleplay to degenerate into this type of inappropriate conduct and, more often than not, it starts in the first post! Romance has and always will be against the rules. This is nothing new and should come as no surprise to anyone, since you agreed to abide by the Terms & Conditions when you signed up. As such, most high school and vampire roleplays (as well as the others mentioned above) will end up getting deleted and the participants warned once this type of behaviour starts. If you can and wish to start a high school or vampire roleplay that will not, in any way, break any of the rules (such as the excessive violence that is common in vampire roleplay), you are welcome to it. Just know that if it appears that any romantic or inappropriate behaviour is or will take place, action will be taken by the monitors.

It should also be noted that marital status, preference, and anything of that sort in your character bio is not allowed. If the bios on a highschool roleplay board all mention they're single and looking, we can tell where's it's going and it will be deleted. If you're roleplaying legitimately and not planning on breaking the rules, this information is not essential to the development of your character during the roleplay.

Again, this is the way it's always been. Romance, flirting, dating, or anything that is not allowed is regular conversation on Neopets is also not allowed in roleplay. There is no exception.

I'm trying to get a Booktastic Books badge for my Aisha. If I read her the same book twice, will it count as one book or two? ~bootpelt
A Neopet can only read a book once. If you try to read it to them again, they will inform you that they have already read it, and probably not be too happy about it.

It's expensive, but oh-so-shiny!!

Ok I sent a report because this girl named [username removed] was scamming for items and Neopoints but when I asked her if she got a warning or her account frozen she said no. PLEASE HELP! ~love4eric
Just like in real life, not everyone on the Internet tells the truth. Often when people say, "I got frozen for no reason!" or in this case, claim they didn't get a warning, it's simply not true. While it would be nice if everyone was completely honest, even from behind their computer screen, this isn't always the case, sadly. We cannot disclose what happened to the user in question, of course, but please remember that you're dealing with a potential scammer. If they lie to you to steal your Neopoints, they are likely not truthful about their account history.

Hi! I was wondering where you got the names for the Kadoaties in the Kadoatery. I've seen some incredibly strange names, like Lawyerbot, Food4Turmy, and Moooo, but there are also some average names like Honey, Cupcake, and Cassie. Can you please clear this up? ~ allo_allo_numa
Kadoaties are rescued by Kadoatery staff who clean and groom them before they make their way to the Kadoatery floor. (This helps them attract feeders!) Once this is done, they are set free in a HUGE room at the back of the Kadoatery. This room has Petpet toys and quite a large space for Kadoaties to play. This room also has many, many cages, each with a name on it. Every Kadoatie can wander until they choose the cage - and the name - that suits them best! Only then are they placed out front to await the kind feeders of Neopia.

We hope that answers your question and you don't write back asking who put the names on the cages in the first place or anything like that.

I heard that you gave out Halloween Paint Brushes for the first place team, seeing as it was the Haunted Woods... I never actually sent the score in for them, but I totally supported them! I am not good at those types of games, so I don't think it is fair to me, not getting the paint brush while I never switched teams. I just stayed with Haunted Woods... so is it true that you did give them away? I am just a little upset at that... and that I didn't get the really nice trophy... TNT, please clear this up for me! Thanks! ~mn178153
The Halloween paint brushes weren't given out, but they were one of the many prizes you could get by redeeming your Altador Cup points here. As far as the rest of the matter, we're afraid simply signing up for a team wasn't enough to earn a reward. Even sending in a single score was enough to get a trophy. The players that earned both a trophy and nice prizes like the paint brush put a lot of effort into earning points for their team, and have been justly rewarded for their dedication.

It's so... mesmerizing... *_*

Hey TNT! I hope I got in this question thing. I never do. Can you guys (or girls) see what is written in Neomails and guild forums? ~jonerian
Yes, Neopet employees can monitor all forms of communication on the site. If this concerns any players, who are worried that we are seeing very private or inappropriate Neomails to other members – it shouldn't be typed on Neopets in the first place, now should it? ;D

I am a new user and I clicked on the notice board. I would like to know how to advertise on the notice board. ~ hokie12345678
Above the notice board, click the button that says, "Add Your Notice." You will be taken to a page that will prompt you to enter the title of your ad, the message (it does support some html), and how much you would like to spend to place the ad up. Keep in mind that the more you spend, the higher your notice will be on the notice board. Also, you will basically be buying the ad space, and you will NOT get the Neopoints you invested back. Additionally, in the bold area of the instructions, it tells you, "If you buy a notice for less than the amount paid as seen here, your post won't appear!" Be sure to check this before posting your ad. If it's less than the lowest priced notice board on that last page, your notice will NOT show up. Always make sure to preview the post before putting the ad up as well. It will take a few minutes for your ad to appear, so please be patient.

Hi. I just received a message from a Neopian saying that I had been selected to be a Neopet Staff Member and if I joined I could get all the Neopoints I wanted. My question is... do people get selected randomly to become members of the Neopet Staff? Is it allowed or should I report her? ~yuly5
Please report the person immediately! Pretending to be a Neopets staff member is one of the quickest ways to get an account permanently frozen. The person that contacted you is a scammer, who may be trying to steal your account information. Neopets does NOT Neomail (or email!) players inviting them to be staff or monitors. Neopets is much like any other company, which means you need to be of proper age, and should send a professional resume with work experience and references about a specific job opening for us to respond. Alas, Neopets employees do not "get all the Neopoints they want" in any case. If staff members want to play the site, they need to play under the same rules and guidelines as regular players, which means no free stuff!

Neopets staff will NEVER contact you asking for account information!

Recently, I saw TNT delete a board asking if something was a scam. Why is trying to avoid a scam not allowed to be posted? The person just wanted to be safe. Instead of putting up the "this topic does not exist" message, can't you put something up like "this topic has been deleted for the following reason: __" so people can better understand how to follow the rules? ~ happykbnha
Occasionally monitors will lock threads and state what was inappropriate about it, but in this case the warning most likely went straight to the player. While we appreciate Neopians who report scammers, it's important that players don't repost the scams on chat boards. For example, a player gets a scam mail. They go onto the chat and say:

Topic: Dumb Scam Mail

I just got this Neomail that says, "Go to (name of scam site) and you'll get 10 million Neopoints!" Do they really think I'm going to fall for that? Haha!
Now, regardless of whether they were laughing about it, warning others about it, or anything else, it doesn't change the fact that they just also inadvertently advertised a scam site. Less experienced players might be tempted to go to the site out of curiosity and possibly become victims of the scam. Please, when using the boards, use your best judgment and never repeat or quote an inappropriate post. Even if the text wasn't originally yours, monitors must still enforce the rules that those types of things cannot be posted. If you believe someone is attempting to scam you, please report them immediately, and if you feel you must spread the word, you can go to the boards and alert people that, "I believe USERNAME is trying to scam, be on your guard."

Please do not post the above unless you are certain the person is attempting to scam. If you post something like that as a means for revenge, or even as a joke, you will be the one that gets the warning. Harassment of other users in this manner (or any manner) is not allowed.

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