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Are you allowed to make a topic on the boards that says "TURMACULUS IS AWAKE!!!!" Because you're supposed to find the correct hour yourself. ~mepetefe
This is just fine. :) Stuff like the Turmaculus and Snowager aren't competitions, so feel free to alert your fellow Neopians that they are awake.

I'm saving up for a secret laboratory map but I was wondering, can your lab map get stolen or destroyed if you have all the pieces and go to the lab to get your pet zapped? ~corey1234147327
Prior to gaining access to the secret lab ray, yes, they can be stolen or destroyed by random events, so keep them in your SDB until you have them all. Once you have collected all 9 and turn them in, however, the map pieces disappear, leaving you access to the lab ray. After this point, the pieces no longer exist as items, and cannot be stolen.

You also get 10,000 NP when you turn the entire map in!

On your pet's look up are you allowed to cover the circle image with your own hand drawn image, that is of your pet's custom design? You're allowed to cover your shields, so I can't see how this could be any different, especially because the pet's name, species, and color are stated above the picture and stats. ~lunatic_kisses
Yes, this is fine, as long as it's used properly. You MAY:
Cover the image of your Neopet with an image you drew, or were given by a friend with their permission to use.

You may NOT:
Cover or alter the stats of your Neopet.
Cover the text or alter the text at the top that states your Neopet's name, species, and colour.
Cover it with the image of a different official Neopet image. (For example, please do not cover the image of your yellow Cybunny with that of a plushie one.)

Hi! I was wondering if people can make their own Neopets plushies like on Random Contest #21? I would never EVER sell one for money or anything else! Thanks, you guys are the best! ~aishaanna2309
Personal fan art from sculptures to drawings, and even plushies is just fine! However, you may NOT sell Neopets related art or make a profit off of it. This includes earning Neopoints or items for your art (or coding).

Be sure to plan ahead when sewing!

I didn't know what to put this under but I put it under opinion. Well I was in my guild chatting and my computer did a double post so I posted a message like so "sorry about the double post my computer is stupid" and TNT deleted all my messages on the board and gave me a warning. Do you think you can read the messages before you delete them and hand out warnings? Or is this done by a system? I have never gotten a warning for saying my computer is stupid. Thanks! ~nitetimecarebear
Well, in regards to what you said, your exact wording wasn't "my computer is stupid." You used another word that is NOT appropriate and therefore can't be mentioned here, but suffice to say the warning was warranted, even if you don't feel that is the case. The reason all your posts were deleted is because any time anyone gets a warning, ALL their messages are deleted. This includes chat posts, guild posts, and even notice board ads. Also, all warnings and freezings are dealt out by human beings, not a computer. Your message was seen by a human, who decided it was not appropriate, and took the correct action in warning you not to use that word again.

When I was younger I remember a Petpet called flizardo? I think that's it... anyway I'd like to know if it's still around because I can't find it on the Petpet list. Is it totally gone or just extremely rare? ~azxcs123
Flizzardos were retired quite a long time ago, and are now getting quite rare. You'll have to visit the Trading Post or Auction House to find one these days. It isn't listed on the Petpet list, as it is too high a rarity. Also, it seems that you may have left out the second 'z' during your searches. Perhaps that is why you were unable to locate any.

Lookie me! I'm rarity 180!

Okay, say I get a Petpet and put it in my gallery. Whether you'll actually do this I don't know, but hypothetically, if you changed all of these Petpets into a completely different Petpet, would I have the new Petpet in there, or is it only preserved if you have it attached to a pet? :( ~confunkle303303
If we update the art, all Petpets, whether they are in galleries, SDBs, or attached to your Neopet, will change. In the past we have completely changed Petpets, and in this case we are not simply saving a new image over the file of the old one, but are actually replacing the Petpet. In this case, Petpets in galleries and SDBs will update, but the ones attached to your Neopet will not.

TNT, I realllly need this answered. Please and thank you! I recently had my premium cancelled because I had paid for a year, the year was up, and the credit card was cancelled during the year. I realized my space faerie charm was gone. Do I have to refer 2 people again? And 4 for the avvie, when I already had 3? This is very unfair. I'm hoping somehow when I buy premium again, they'll return... will they? I'd rather not be surprised... :D ~checkerball10
No worries! If you reinstate your premium, your hard work will not have gone to waste. Your Space Faerie charm and avatar will return. :)

It's charming that you missed me so!

We would like to apoligise for the terrible pun, and are currently reading bad fan fic as punishment.

Hey, I made a side account for RPing, and I'm looking at my items page. It's offering me a newbie pack. Now, since it's a side account, I know I'm not supposed to go to the dailies and get extra stuff. But that button is tempting. I thought I'd check with you before I pressed it. ~zephandolf
Yes, you may accept the newbie pack on your alternate accounts. It's basically our welcome package to welcome home your new Neopet. Please do not confuse this with other monthly, weekly, or daily freebies – those are for your main account only.

I was just wondering... what art program do you guys use to make the amazingly beautiful pictures we see on Neopets? (50np says that it's Adobe Illustrator.) ~christinia
Our artists do their vast majority of work in Flash, actually. For more refined art, such as the TCG cards, they do the majority of the work in Flash, and then sometimes touch them up a bit in Photoshop.

Because vector art is COOL!

Hello TNT. :) Ok, about music. Is it ok to have a song that has words, but no cussing, profanity, or offensive words and such? There's been rumors that you could get frozen for having music with words, and I would like it to be straightend out. Thank you for handling this confusion ^^ ~ puppylove_758
As long as the lyrics to the song do not contain anything inappropriate, you're fine. :) This includes religion, politics, and anything else that you wouldn't be allowed to mention on Neopets.

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