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I am going out of town for 10 days starting on Monday and that is when you said Altador Cup Prizes are coming out. I really want to be able to collect my prizes, but I won't have computer access while I am gone. Will I still be able to get my prizes when I return from out of town? ~limeturtle804
Generally speaking, after the prizes for a plot are released, you have a *very* long time to collect them. We leave the shop pages up for quite a long while, so if you want to wander over and grab your prize(s) even 2 or 3 months later, we're certain the option will still be available. Don't wait too long, though. The page will come down in a few years when we remember it's still there, and you'll have lost your prizes if you procrastinate!

I hear so many different stories as to why Neopets was created, and people use these to justify ageism - which is just wrong in my opinion. Some say it's made for college students only, some say for adults, some say for little children. My question is originally, WHY was Neopets created? (My own opinion is that Neopets is for all ages). ~spekje1390
Originally, the site was designed for bored college students. Obviously, however, the site has broadened quite a bit since then, and there are people of all ages who play Neopets. If you are a young player, don't be surprised to hear that many successful players are adults, parents, and even grandparents! There is such a wide variety of things to do, it's quite understandable that people of all ages find aspects of Neopets fun, relaxing, or just a great way to kill time while at home or the office! ;D

I've seen user lookups saying a person has collected over 3,000 of a single item. That got me to wondering how many items it is possible to stuff into the SDB. Is there an upper limit? ~littlefuzzykit
Nope! There is no limit to how many items you can store in your safety deposit box! If you are just dying to own 12,000 pieces of dung, your SDB can hold it!


Hello TNT, I couldn't decide what exactly to name my question, so I just put it under random stuff. I was browsing a board, and a girl stated she was freaked out her name was mentioned in a user's page--but I won't mention names. I carelessly drifted to peep at the page, and scrolled down, thinking I had nothing to worry about. Until, I saw him quote, "When I took this picture, it reminded me of cheryltwins." Of course, I was in shock of how on earth he came to know of my username. I'm not sure if he puts other names in his sentences, although I'm sure I want to know... is this reportable? ~cheryltwins
Ahh, the good ol' #VISITOR trick. If you try to edit your Pet page (by going here and clicking the "Edit" button), you'll notice one of the special codes to use is #VISTOR. Coding something like, "Welcome to my page, #VISITOR" will change #VISITOR into the username of whoever goes to look at your page. While most people use it for its intended purpose, there will always be pranksters who use it to confuse those who come across their Pet page. It's just a fun little gag. :) It's not something targeted at you personally, so it is not considered harassment and, therefore, not reportable. If you're sure your username is mentioned directly on a Pet page and it is not a #VISITOR trick, and you have asked repeatedly to have it removed but it has not been, this is harassment and can be reported.

I just looked at my user lookup and it showed that I had a Lutari Talisman. I don't remember ever winning it or anything, so if this just mysteriously shows up on peoples' user lookups then that would be nice if you could clear it up. Thanks! ~ribbons_galore__
Every single account was given a Lutari Talisman so that everyone would have an opportunity to fill it and receive its benefits. Just consider it a "freebie" to add some colour to your trophy section! :D

Oohhhhh, mysterious!

I wanted a Filamen from a girl and she didn't specify how much she wanted. I asked and I said I'll give you 7.5k because that was the lowest I had seen on the TP. Well, that was about 3 months ago and prices have shot up since then. I didn't mean to tell her that, and she didn't bother double checking my facts. Am I a scammer? ~swimchick2m
Though it IS up to the seller to be informed of an item's worth that they have up for sale, there is a difference between getting a good deal and maliciously taking advantage of someone (scamming). Bartering with the seller until you reach a price you're both comfortable with (regardless of market value) is great! Intentionally trying to undercut someone who doesn't know any better is scamming.

However, we don't think you have anything to worry about. A search on the TP is showing Filamen Petpets at about 7,500 - 7,900 thousand Neopoints. :)

Is there a glitch in the Advent Calendar? People on the boards have been saying there was but when I went there it gave me summer prizes. Also the description of my items were "given out by the July Advent Calendar." Could you please clear this up? (Oh and if you pick this could you please leave off my username. Thanks)
Hehe. We were a bit late in getting it up and running, but if you visit the Advent Calendar today (July 7th, 2006), you can get a special prize and see an animation for Blizzard Day! Please note that 99.9% of the time, the Advent Calendar is only active in December. This is the first time we've done something with it outside of that month and it's not a regular occurrence. ;)

Some people have been joining the –guild name removed-. I know what they are and stuff, but whenever I make a roleplaying board, they always come and "raid" it because they think I'm desperate. I personally think it's annoying, because all we want to do is roleplay and have fun while we're doing it. Can you help us people whose boards get raided? ~anonymous
*headdesk* We've discussed this before, but it looks like we're going to have to reiterate. Anyone that joins or encourages the formation of a group or guild, with the intent to harass or threaten another individual, group, or guild, WILL be frozen! Harassing someone, no matter what the reason, is NOT tolerated. It does not "help" us in any way to harass someone who is breaking the rules. In fact, it is much more a hinderance. Now, not only do we have to properly warn/freeze the original rule-breakers, we have the whole group of harassers to deal with. There is absolutely NO excuse for harassment and you WILL be frozen, regardless of your intentions. We can definitely understand the desire to join a big group and have fun with friends, but please, do something constructive that does not break T&C! If you'd like to join a guild to help keep the boards clean, that's great! But stick to reporting those boards or players that have acted inappropriately and let the monitors take care of the rest.

Also, while on the subject of roleplay, please remember there should be no romance of any kind, between ANYONE, on or off the Roleplay board. Also, kidnappings, violence, mates, and flirting are not appropriate roleplay topics. We want everyone to enjoy role playing on our boards, but please respect that you are on Neopets and this is Neopia. We have created a great big world for you to make all types of wonderful stories and characters in, so try it out! Expand your RP horizons! You can pretend to be a teenage mutant high school vampire just about anywhere on the Internet, but here you can be a Lupe exploring the Lost City of Geraptiku and unveiling its mysteries, a Uni on a special quest for Fyora, or even a Puppyblew lost in Meridell. There are thousand of possibilities if you just use your imagination! If you're in the mood for a Harry Potter or InuYasha roleplay, there are plenty of sites out there where we're sure you'll find a number of willing participants.

I've heard rumors that the Lab Ray can turn your Grundo Marshmallow. Is that true?
Yep! The Secret Laboratory Ray has the ability to change many Neopets into exclusive rare colours! Lab Ray possibilities include the coconut Jubjub, robot, and the always cool MSP Poogle!

Mmmm, mallow.

some of the DC players are saying the cup was rigged, and others are saying that the HW's cheated. Can you tell them to cut it out and it wasn't rigged, and they didn't cheat????! please! ~bayduckie
We'll give it one more shot, and hope they listen. The cup was not rigged, and no one cheated, regardless of any claims made anywhere. As one of our programmers said, "Just because I claim the center of Neopia is made out of ice cream, doesn't make it true." The same goes with the Altador Cup. Both teams played very well, and should be pleased and pat themselves on the back for their success in reaching the finals. Please don't indulge in poor sportsmanship by making silly claims that take away from the rightfully won glory of the Haunted Woods team.

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