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As far as I know, and I have it on pretty good authority, Jub Zambra and the Cobrall Charmers have not played a concert in the tyrannian concert hall since their first performance on March 24th. Normally this wouldn't be a problem but there are many people, including myself, that would like to get the avatar. So my question is, was this lack of a concert on purpose or merely a forgotten accident? Please reply even if it was on purpose because I would love to know. Thanks and keep up the good work TNT! ~somename4
It was not on purpose, that's for sure. :) There was an error that caused another band to play on the day Jub Zambra was supposed to perform. The good news is that this was already fixed earlier this week. So, do not fear. Jub Zambra and the Cobrall Charmers shall play again!

You said that something big was going to happen in June. It's the middle of June already! Where's our big surprise? Oh! I hope it's the other side of Neopia! If there is another side of Neopia coming soon, can you add a Meepit Statue somewhere? Just so we can go there and appreciate who brought Neopets to us. ^_^ ~chinesedude357
o.O *places a rather large blinking neon sign at the Altador Cup*

I may not be a new side of Neopia,
but I'm fun, too! ;_;

In the Safety Deposit Box, I had deposited some Altador Cup Souvenirs (which you guys have done a great job on. Go Haunted Woods! :)) only to find you couldn't access them by category, because the SDB didn't have one for them. Do you think you could update this please? I'm sure all those Altador Cup Souvenir crazies... erm... COLLECTORS (like me) would appreciate it. ~heroic_knight23
You can find your pennants under "Neohome," your jerseys under "Clothes," and miscellaneous stuff like the hands and water bottles under "Gift." :)

Hello there, I have a question. I am thinking of making a gallery of Snowager items on my side account... would it still be against the rules to visit snowy on my side IF I keep the items on my side for my gallery and don't transfer them? thanx! ~deladele
Yes, this would be against the rules since you may ONLY claim freebies/visit dailies on your main account. Please visit the Snowager on your main account, and send the items won from it to your side account to place in your gallery. That is perfectly acceptable. :)

You only get keyrings in one account!
Stop waking me up!

We've noticed that the results of Round 1 of the Altador Cup seem to have been rigged. If you divide the symbol vertically, the teams on the left, from Kiko Lake to Maraqua, lost. The teams on the right, from Haunted Woods to Roo Island, won. Is this just coincidence, or is the cup really rigged? o.O I was just wondering, because that's kind of weird. ~ salamandastron_gal05
Haha, a lot of people have mentioned this. Honestly, it's just a really bizarre coincidence. We aren't deciding who wins the Altador Cup... you are. Who wins the cup is entirely up to the players, so do your best and bring home that cup for your team!

(And yes, we know that there will still be plenty of conspiracy theorists out there who just won't believe us no matter what we say, but that still doesn't change the fact that this game is NOT rigged in any way!)

I was wondering why you can't get points for cave of the week. I have done all the levels. Now I go play cave of the week but never get the points. Could someone tell me why? ~amsiejean
The levels that we provide in the game are balanced to give the appropriate Neopoint rewards based on skill. Player levels could have as little as one treasure chest in them, or even a hundred, which would cause an imbalance for time played and Neopoints rewarded. If you play any of the player spotlighted games, please remember we cannot award you for your time. It's just for fun. :)

Will we be able to play against our friends in Yooyuball just like how the staff members are playing against each other? ~starfire1991
Sorry! Yooyuball isn't a multi-player game. For the staff tournament, we play 10 games against the computer and submit all 10 scores, then the scores are compared based on match-up. The best record in that match-up wins. It's quite a bit less complicated to score than the real tournament, but we still play our tournament the same way you play yours. It just happens that we're the only player for our respective teams. :)

In my SDB, I can't search categories for "Furniture." Please fix that. ~kittyinthewater
You can find your furniture under the "Neohome" category. :) As a friendly reminder, please remember that stamps, coins, and other things you can put in your album are listed under "album" in your SDB.

Shhh... I'm *hiding*

Are we allowed to submit the same picture into the Picture Contest (the Art Gallery) *and* the Beauty Contest? For example, if I made a spectacular picture of one of my Neopets, could I use it in the beauty contest to earn my pet an award, and then submit it to the Picture Contest to win a trophy? ~simba_128
This isn't encouraged at all. If the judge of the Art Gallery sees that you have already used the image for the Beauty Contest, they may decide to go with a different picture, and vice versa. It won't disqualify you necessarily, but it will severely lessen your chances of winning. You've already won something with that image, so we want to give other people a chance.

I am new to neopets.com and there has been no contests. Why? ~johnna146_8
Welcome! Please do not feed the Meepits.

Contests are constantly going on, actually. :) Just visit Pet Central and look under "Current Competitions." You can click on each one to find out what it is, when it runs, and how you can enter.

I recently received a Neomail asking if my Main pet, WhatISStolenArt, was still up for adoption. The person had found my pet in an adoption agency on someone's pet page. I have never had or ever planned on having WhatIsStolenArt up for adoption. So I checked out the page. Sure enough there was MY pet up for adoption with a link to MY neomail. I check around the agency's site and found that the guild was give 2K NPs for people who gave them abandoned or unwanted pets. Now I know paying for that is against rules, but is posting someone's pet who isn't up for adoption without the permission against rules?~ stolenart
Well, here's an interesting question. While the paying part is, as you stated, clearly against the rules, there is no specific rule for your other concern. However, if this happens, we suggest neomailing the person that is making these claims and politely asking them to stop. (You don't know their side of the story and it may just be a misunderstanding.) If - after you do this - they refuse or ignore you for more than several days, please report the person and the monitors will look into it and handle the situation.

Hey TNT! Okay... this may sound stupid, but I have a question for you. You know when you are in one player battles in the battledome? Well I was wondering if you guys actually read the messages we send to our opponents (such as Punchbag Bob or Edna)? Thanks! ~ faeriewingsflyer
Yup! ANY text you input anywhere on the site is monitored (and you can and will be warned/frozen for anything inappropriate). So your conversations with one-player challengers are monitored. Be nice to them!

How can you SAY that?
Punchbags have feelings, too!

Hey Tnt, sorry if I'm one of the millions sending in questions about the Altador Cup, but I just wanted to ask if the PRACTICE scores that you play when the rounds are being tallied actually get counted toward your score? Thanks guys, you rock xP. ~gluxu
No, the practice scores are just that – practice. :) Only the scores you send during actual rounds will be used throughout the tournament. We just thought people would like to see how they had done during previous practice rounds, so we went ahead and displayed those scores as well.

Someone had said a staff member posted on the boards about the cup and said if you lose and don't send your score it will still be counted as a loss :\. Any comments or clarification? ~fruit_loop_2
Egads, no. We are certain no staff member said this. Probably just some evil ploy by some mean users. Grr. Just do your best and submit EVERY game you can regardless of the outcome. Every bit of effort counts!

I have seen this many times on the boards: players from opposing teams making side accounts, joining the rival team & losing to lessen the score & have the other team win. Is this reportable? ~sfdscheer
Not only is it reportable, it's a freezable offense. No one may participate in the Altador Cup on any other account aside from their main. Sending in bad scores for the other team is not only poor sportsmanship, but is also downright disgraceful to the team they should be representing with honour. (And don't worry, they're really only hurting themselves.) ;)

Why you dirty little cheat...

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