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Whenever I search for a faerie paint brush, the only one that comes up is plushie faerie paint brush. Why? Does it exist? ~angrymuffin107
Yes, but if you are searching on the Shop Wizard, you won't find any faerie paint brushes unless you are extremely lucky! This is because the top price you can sell something in your shop for is 99,999 NP. Faerie paint brushes are worth more than this, so you will need to go to the Mystery Island Trading Post or Auction House in Neopia Central to purchase these expensive items.

This has been a topic of debate for a while on the Premium Charter boards. Say Neopian A is in a wonderful guild on their main account, but they have several friends in another guild. Would it be a freezable offense if Neopian A joined the second guild on a side account? ~rei_hino_marsgoddess
Not at all. You can join a different guild on all your alternate accounts. Just remember not to spread yourself too thin. Being loyal to a single guild can build strong guild bonds. :)

Hi! Just like many other guilds I have seen, our guild uses a guild account as our leader. I just wanted to ask if this was okay or if we have to change it. ^_^x Thx for answering! ~jeazard
Yes, having a guild account as your leader is fine, but that account may only be accessed by the actual guild leader. Guild accounts, like all other accounts, CANNOT be shared.

If a pet had earned some trophies from some contests and was abandoned, does the pet keep his or her trophy? ~flygon353
Yes, the trophy will stay with your Neopet. He or she earned it!

See this trophy? It's mine. And if you ever try to take it away,
I'll bite you... hard.

I just saw your commercial for the Altador Cup on TV and I have to say that I am very impressed. ~meganvanj
Why thank you! ^_^

Ok, I was on a board where someone was asking if anyone was going to abandon a cybunny because they had too many pets or for whatever reason. Then someone typed something like, "OMG You're a n00b for begging!!!" I'm asking, is this considered begging?"~harpietamer
:-/ Yeah, it is pretty much begging. It's not much different from saying, "Can anyone give me a Battledome item they don't want any more?" There are much better ways of seeking out the things you'd enjoy having. There are many players who make boards announcing they are disowning a Neopet; why don't you try politely informing them you would be an excellent candidate to take care of their Neopet, since they no longer want theirs? Also, there are alternative ways of getting limited edition Neopets, such as morphing potions, magical plushies, the secret lab ray... in the end, if you put true effort into earning things, you'll feel a lot better about what you accomplish in the game. Remember, there is no end of the game, or even "winning" Neopets. It's the journey to achieve your goals that's the truly fun part.

Aww, wasn't that heartwarming?

I think I'm going to cry...

On some boards I see people making "blonde jokes." At first I had no problem with this. Now, I feel insulted because I'm blonde and sometimes, if they see offended people on that board, they treat them like fools. They treat blondes like some sort of miserable, hated species. They make jokes that say that if you're blonde, you don't even think. Please stop this. Once, when I was offended on a blonde joke board, and I told them I was offended, they made fun of me and I said, "Fun is winning the lottery. Fun is going to a luxury resort for a month. Fun is not being cruel to people because of hair colour." They said something like: "IT IS FUN MAKING FUN OF BLONDES. U JUST DONT NO THAT CUZ UR A DUMB BLONDE." That isn't exactly what they said, but it's close. Please try to stop these boards. They're REALLY offending me. ~aisha_luv_r22
Harassment is NOT tolerated on Neopets, especially if it's gone to a level where despite people clearly saying, "This is hurting my feelings, please stop," the abuse continues. If you see this happening on the boards, or to another player or group, please report the offenders. Serious harassment or bullying someone is not appropriate, and is not funny, even if "popular" users are doing it. Please take a stand, and report these bullies. If you do not, you could very well be the next victim of it, and wonder why no one helps to stop it. To anyone that participates in this type of serious harassment, your accounts will be frozen if you continue to mock or harass someone that has asked you to stop in a situation like this.

Also, it is important to keep a cool head if you are on the receiving end of harassment. If you start spewing insults, even if you feel it's in "self defence," it is not appropriate either, and you can also be warned or frozen. Clearly ask them to stop, and if they continue, report them and leave the board. Don't let them bring you down to their level.

On the trading post and in the shop wizard many people have Transmogrification potions. My question is is how do these potions come into circulation and how does one get a potion? ~dragonbreath666
Alas, Dr. Sloth is the one responsible for handing those out. He just will not rest until every poor Neopet is a deranged mutant! From our reports, it seems he just randomly appears and hands them to unsuspecting Neopians.

It's ugly in a cute sort of way... really!

I have a great idea! You guys should create a world made entirely out of jelly! Maybe you could also make there be a giant jelly that works the same way as the giant omelette. I mean, it's not like there's already a Jelly World. :P ~mcgriddles
Brilliant idea! :D We may consider doing something like that in the future, but no promises!

Is the robot thing on the Flash Games page (representing Open Challenges) any sort of pet or petpet? It kind of looks like a Slugawoo, but they don't have a robot color... Do they? ~jb_inu_chan
*looks* Ahh, actually that little critter is a Rotawheel. You can purchase one at the RoboPet Shop on the Virtupets Space Station, or via the Shop Wizard.

Slugawoos do not currently have a robot option, but we have a strange feeling we'll get a flood of requests for it now...


What were you guys thinking when you took away the Plot board?! Tons of people posted there regularly! You should have at least kept it until the next actual plot comes out. To some of us this board was a home. You have made many unhappy people by doing this. ~militancy
O.O Erm, *points to the Altador Cup board* We just left "plot" off the front of it because it's more of an event than a plot, but really, it's the same board...

Also, we do understand that the Altador Plot is still open for completion, so we don't mind people posting about that plot on the Altador Cup board. Please do your best to co-exist peacefully. Thank you :)

Besides, we'd really like to see the OLDPD boards hit 2k! ;D

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