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Do you think it is funny that when you update, everyone runs around Altador for something new and most of the time nothing is there? ~iammagpie
Yes, we do find this endlessly amusing as a matter of fact.

Okay. Only for about the first 5 minutes. :) It sometimes becomes a bit of a madhouse. Please try to remember to work together and have fun! Everyone will have a chance to complete the plot.

I see alot of pets have gotten updates over the last couple of years. I was wondering when we can expect a scorchio update? I'd love to see a Disco Scorchio and the Faerie Scorchio could be a little prettier. More like the Faerie Pteri and Faerie Lenny. They're so much more detailed when they're faerie! Can we expect a makeover soon? ~imginah
Don't worry. The Scorchio is definitely on our list of Neopets to update. As for when, we can't say, but rest assured they haven't been forgotten!

I read on the description for the avatar boards that item pools are not allowed. Why not? It doesn't seem at all bad if, for example, some friends want an avatar item, put their np together, buy it, and then sell it again and split up the np. ~abhobbs
More often than not, item pools are scams. Everyone sends their contribution to one person, and that person ends up running off with all the items or NP. While you may trust your friends enough to pool with them, it is such a common scam that we've had to completely disallow it. Please remember this if anyone asks you to pool with them. You may be scammed, or be frozen for attempting to participate in one.

Hi TNT. Is it true that the more you visit the snowager the better the stuff he gives you? ~quigonjess
Nope! In fact, the Snowager doesn't like visitors at all, so he'll certainly not give you better prizes for continuing to interrupt his sleep!

*ARRGHH* Can't I sleep for even 5 minutes?!

Something that I have been wondering is, does TNT plan out entire plots ahead of time, or do they sort of ad lib, and make things up as they go along? Also, does TNT read the plot boards, and incorporate players' ideas along with their own as plots progress? ~mistersprayer
To answer your first question, a bit of both. :) We sit in long meetings eating jelly beans while planning out the plots as much as we can. We have most of the plot story and flavour done before even a stitch of work begins. Then we get as much of the artwork and programming as we can done ahead of time, and continue working throughout the whole plot to make sure everything runs smoothly and fits together as it should. It's during that time that we can make little last minute changes if we think of something the plot can't do without. ;) There are also times we intentionally leave certain things to the last minute specifically so we can base our decisions on your reactions. One example would be the prizes for the Lost Desert plot. We wanted to make sure we made as many people happy as possible with those prizes, so we waited until the very end and chose everyone's favourite (and not so favourite) parts to turn into prizes.

As for your second question, we do look at the plot boards. It's fun to see all the theories people come up with, and we want to get feedback on how much people are enjoying the plot, but we can never incorporate anything we see. Some people are very clever though, and can guess what we're going to do next! Hopefully one day we can stump those folks. ;)

How do the stats on the petpage work? For instance, if you have 10 page views, does that mean you have actually had 10 views? Or (as a friend suggested) does the stat view count one page view as 10? Can you clear this up? Please? I'll share my asaparagus! ~_kristina_anne_
The counter shows every 10 views, but only updates once another 10 visitors have been logged. For example, if only 5 people have viewed your Petpage, then you will see 0 hits until that 10th person visits your page, at which point it will update to show 10 hits. If 17 people have visited, it will not update until 20 people have visited, and so forth.

Could your brilliant art team create a Gift Item called a "Hug"? I really would love to send my neofriends & guildmates a hug every now and then! I know it's an abstract concept as far as items go, but you guys/gals are all so talented.... ;) ~tribal_moon
With compliments like that, how can we say no?!

Okay, we have to say no. :) That's what Huggys are for! While it's not a hug specifically, it's pretty darn close!


When you look at some of the older Random Contest winners, it's hard to tell what the contest was, since the only clue you get is the contest name! Could you maybe start actually putting the rules in with the results as well? I know it would make me a much happier person! :D ~ wolfdragon316
Hehe. You have a good point. We'll see what we can do. It shouldn't be very difficult at all!

How EXACTLY do you pick who wins the random contest? I'm wondering as some times i see pictures on the winners page, and people who were low on the second place list seemed to have better entries than those who won. Do you take age into account? Materials? ~hitomebore
Each entry is judged by our resident random-contest-judgers (who also consult other contest judges for their opinions, and vice versa). The entries are judged on creativity, difficulty, how well the entrant followed that particular week's rules, and a host of other things as well. There is also a description to go along with the entry that only the judges can see, and it does count toward the final decision on who gets what place. So there is definitely a reason why those entries are placed the way they are. It's not always about that final image that you see. ;)

And to slay an odd rumour that the winners are chosen at random -- this is NOT true. The only exception is if we clearly announce that it was. Trust us, if we chose at random, you'd see lots of entries of random things people have uploaded off the Internet. :P (Thanks guys, you can really stop with that now... really.) Every entry is looked at! The only exception is in cases where a writing contest is held. Those get upwards of 10,000 entries or more and it's quite impossible for us to read every one!

Do you have to enter the gallery spotlight on your main account or can you submit the entry using your main account but indicate in the entry that the actual gallery itself is on a side account? I made my gallery on a side account prior to neopets introducing the gallery feature and am really eager about entering it into the gallery spotlight, but if I were to win I would rather my main account get the credit (and trophy). I would be sad if I had to spend all that np to upgrade my gallery on my main account and move all those items back to my main just for the spotlight. ~ starrynezz
Preferably, we would appreciate it if everyone submitted on the account that they had the gallery on, and accepted the trophy on that account (there is no NP/item reward for the gallery spotlight, so submitting on alts is fine). However, we completely understand the desire to have the trophy on your main account. If you really feel strongly about having your trophy on your main, and can't move your gallery without spending gobs of Neopoints, then in your submission, please clearly state your exact main account username with a polite request to place the trophy on that account instead. If you win, the judges will be happy to oblige. :)

Shiny, captain!

You know the old plots? (example: the Hannah plots) Where can you go to read them? I really want to read the old plots but I can't! Could you please do something about this? ~ bookfanaticcc
This was asked a few times this week, so we will post them here for you to enjoy, starting from the first Meridell plot!

Champions of Meridell (more commonly known as Meridell vs. Darigan)
Battle for Meridell
Hannah and the Ice Caves
Curse of Maraqua
Lost Desert Plot (original name, eh?)

We hope to eventually have an archive where you can see all the plots of Neopets' past, but since we've been working on new plots lately, we haven't been able to do this yet. Once it's done, though, we'll be sure to announce it on New Features!

TNT, When I go to my user prefs page, it says it gives me the option to change my sidebar. When I click on the drop-down menu, it only gives me the choice of Neopets Yellow sidebar. Is it possible to change your sidebar? ~ ultra340
You need to unlock sidebars before you can use them. Some are randomly given out on specific days of the year, while others are earned as rewards for participating in plots or earning other achievements. :)

May you PLEASE (Underline that if possible) put a limit on the length of the account names? People with accounts like "mmwwmmwwmmwwmmwwmmww" stretch out the boards really bad, or they make titles with "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" but keep them on topic by talking about avatars and stuff!! It drives me insane and it ruins the board! I ask you to make the "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" boards spam, on topic inside or not and put a limit on the account names. Thank you. ~ sungwee
Yes, we are aware of this recent trend, and will be freezing any accounts we see making accounts purely to spam and stretch the boards like that. Please use the Neoboards responsibly. We may take harsher actions if things become more out of control, such as warning or freezing your main accounts for your poor behaviour on sides in this situation. (By the way, accounts are limited to 20 characters, but since we don't use fixed-width fonts on Neopets, some letters are much wider than others and two usernames of 20 characters might be quite different in length!)

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