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I've seen a lot of people do this and I wanted to know if this is allowed. A lot of people say buy an item from my shop (usually an over-priced junk item) and you can be my neofriend and participate in my neofriend only 1np auctions. They're usually paint brushes. ~ smartgal2696
This is a scam. Spending 10,000 NP on their bottle of blue sand getting a paint brush worth hundreds of thousands of Neopoints for next to nothing sounds too good to be true! And it is. :) If you see anyone doing this, please report them immediately.

If you've had enough money to upgrade to say, the Diamond Deposit bank account, but then spent the money, can you keep it on Diamond Deposit? My sister thinks it's against the rules, but if it was, surely you'd make account upgrades and downgrades automatic. Can you please clear this up for us so my sister stops downgrading my bank account? ~sweetiepie600
This is just fine. If we wanted you to automatically downgrade, we'd have made it that way. :)

I know this has been brought up in the past many times regarding the Snow Beast. Many of us are stuck in Mission 10 of Defenders because we're not able to get him as a challenger. I refresh for countless hours and I've gotten about every single Winter Random Event except him. Do you think it would be possible to make him easier to get? I know a lot of us would really appreciate it. Thank you ~dark_wil
We've poked and prodded the appropriate person, so hopefully she will make it a little easier to get!


Recently I've seen a lot of royal Neopets. Even though the default Neopets info says male or female, their picture is of the opposite gender. Is there a special way to get this or is it just a glitch? ~lightningryu
If your Neopet is painted royal before a gender change (due to the lab, strange potion, or other method), then their gender changes, but not the picture. This is fine, and is not a glitch :)

Can you guys make it reportable to post the lenny conundrum answers? I mean I've seen at least 4 people blab this week's answer already... it's really uncool to work around 15-20 minutes to find, whoops, someone has just posted the answer. Please try to resolve this. :( ~6xbassplayax6
If you post, "THE NEW LENNY CONUNDRUM ANSWER IS 2,423!" anywhere, you'll likely be getting a warning from one of the monitors. Blabbing it all over affects the prize for everyone, and that's not cool. Helping each other to come up with the correct answer is just fine. Just please don't post the steps or the answer for everyone to see.

This goes for Mystery Pic answers as well.

I would like to help Neopets remain COPPA compliant. I know of a player who is 11 years old and lied about her age when signing up because her parents would not sign the consent form. Is there anything I or the Neopets Team can do about this? If so, how would I go about reporting it? ~sirichigo
If you see someone on the chat boards admit they are under 13 and lied when signing up for their account, please report the post. We will change the age on an account if we find it to be true.

I know you state that Religion on Neopets is not allowed. If a sig or any other part of the site states a Holiday that is Religion based is that reportable? Such as 'Merry Christmas' or 'Happy Easter' -- I have seen many sigs state such things. Please state if Religious Holidays are catagorized under Religion and not allowed. Thanks! ~xxx_lindsay_xxx
No, wishing someone Merry Chistmas, etc. is just fine. :) What we don't want occurring on the Neoboards is religious discussion. Even if you truly think your religion is wonderful and amazing and want others to share in the joy of it, posting on Neopets is NOT the place to do it. There are many forums on the internet where this is perfectly acceptable or encouraged. Neopets, however, is not one of them. It's a place to have fun and not worry about being offended by such things. :) So you will receive a warning for engaging in religious discussions, regardless of the religion.

With that said, if a monitor determines that your NeoSignature could spark a discussion such as this, they will clear it to prevent that from happening. Wishing people a happy holiday is one thing, but discussing the religious signifigance of said holiday is another.

Dear TNT, I've been wondering, when you freeze an account what happens with its items? Do they get sent to the money tree or something like that? ~ordogpokol
Nope. They just sit there forever. The reasons behind this is that if the account is ever unfrozen, the owner would be quite distraught to see all their items gone!

Also, there is a rumour floating around that if an account is frozen with an item from the Smuggler's Cove, a replacement item will appear in the cove waiting to be purchased. This is NOT true. Just wanted to get that out there. ;)

Can a neopet really die from being sick for so long? 'Cause that's what my friend told me. ~bernie595
No, while it'd be quite mean to just allow your Neopet to starve or suffer for long periods of time, there is no way your Neopet can ever "die." We think your friend was just pulling your leg a bit. ;)


Are we allowed to enter the Beauty Contest on a side account? ~ This is a rather weird question but I'm just wondering... Lets say a BCer got gold right? Then that means they can't enter the BC the next time? But can they enter on a side account with one of those Neopets? I would think not, but... you guys suprise me sometimes. So, can you? - Sock Master Coco ~ coco_dog_92
No, ma'am. This is not allowed. You may only enter contests with a Neopoint or item prize from your main account.

If someone gets frozen, can another person make an account with that name? Just wondering. :) ~ballfluff
Account names are not freed up when the account is frozen. A user may have a chance to be unfrozen if they were scammed or self-froze, so we don't want to get rid of the account when it is frozen. There are very, very rare occasions where we free up very old usernames, but this does not happen very often.

I was at the help board, and i came across someone who needed help but didn't post their question in the very first post, but in their second post. So, someone automatically reports them for spamming, and starts an argument about how it is considered spam. So, would it be considered spam if you don't post your question in your first post? ~zity_is_the_best
Oh boy. Not at all. Let's clear some things up:

Spam = Stupid Pointless Annoying Message. It's been around since the dawn of the Internet and, in the case of message boards, it's used to describe a post that has no relevance or valid contribution to the conversation at hand. A "spammer" is someone who does this repeatedly and is doing so to intentionally disrupt the conversation.

On Neopets, our message boards go pretty fast, and the number of different things people talk about is HUGE. It's not difficult to end up on the wrong board or transition into a completely different discussion than that of the original post. So, if something is at least Neopets related, and it's a one-time occurrence, even if it's in the wrong chat, please don't report them. It may just be a mistake. Just kindly direct them to the proper board. Now, if the person repeatedly spams the same message, or is constantly off-topic, you can report. Please use common sense though.

Two more things:
People that post "REPORTED!" on every single board that is the slightest bit off-topic are a bigger pain to the monitors than the people they are reporting. That is spam also and is just as pointless. Additionally, including "avatar!" at the end of your post about your favourite movie star when chatting on the avatar boards, for example, does NOT count as staying on topic. ;)

Hey TNT. When we get random Faerie Quests from the Earth, Fire, Water, Light, Dark, and Queen Faerie we are not allowed to use the Shop Wizard. But why is it that when we do Illusen, Jhudora, Kitchen, Taelia, Edna or any other type of quest like that we are ALLOWED to use the Shop Wizard?? Just a thought. ~xxbabyphat15xx
The first quests you list are random event quests, and are meant to be challenging since you earn guaranteed results. The others are ones that you go and request, and those results range from worthless items to stats. Jhudora and Illusen quest are unique, however, as they have guaranteed items they give at certain levels. The difficulty of the items you need to get at later levels balances it all out, though.

That's not tasty pie!

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