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Hello TNT! Just wondering -- why can't pets eat Qasalan food? Is it poisoned? And no offense to the wonderful Techo shopkeepper at the food store in Qasala! ~bookworm_manga
Woopsies! Thanks for pointing that out. Your Neopets should now be able to taste the exotic cuisine of Qasala!

And you don't need a reservation like that silly Kelp place!

On the Neopets stats page, where it lists all the species in Neopia and their popularity, do those numbers reflect only those that were 'created' in the official way (such as Krawks & taking the PetPet to the Fungus Caves), or does it also reflect those that became that species by other means, such as potions or magical plushies? Thanks! ~xx_qyetlady_xx
The former. :) It counts Neopets that are "created," which includes hatching Draiks and making Neopet Krawks from Petpet ones. These stats do not include ones made from potions, the Lab Ray, magical plushies, morphing potions, or transmogrification potions.

Is it against neorules (freezeable offence) to put a lie on a trade lot (e.g. "full lab set" with only 8 pieces)? I've seen many people do this. ~scottnc32093
Yes, this is a form of scamming. If you see someone blatantly lying about an item or trade lot, please report them. Basically, if you put up a lot, whether it be eight lab maps or baby paint brush plushies, with the hope or intention that some unobservant person will think it's the real deal, then you are scamming.

Hey TNT. I've seen a few people feeding Kads on side accounts, and I've been wondering if this is allowed or not. Can you please clarify? Oh, and can you please also clarify the amount of items that are allowed in your inventory at one time? Thanks! ~chenbi
Since you can't gain any items or Neopoints from feeding Kadoaties on your side accounts, this is fine. You can feed 'til the Kaus come home!

I know that you're not supposed to post the answer to the Lenny Conundrum on the message boards. But what if you figure out the correct answer and then post the *wrong* answer on the message boards to trick the cheaters so they can't share in the winnings? Would that be in violation of Neopets policy? ~nochara
Erm... wow. The things people think of!

Well, let's see. Are you intentionally deceiving someone in order to benefit yourself and/or negatively affect the account of another user? Yup! So yes, this is scamming. And regardless of that, it's just really not a nice thing to do, now is it?

Are you allowed to give your e-mail address away to people if they ask you? ~killer98765432100
No. Please do not ask for or offer your aim, msn, or email address to other players. The biggest reason is that this information sharing is one of the top ways to get a user to fall for a scam. In addition, Neopets tries to be a safe environment for everyone, and anything that is family friendly and legit can be said through the chatboards or Neomail. We cannot monitor what one user says to another when using any of these programs, which means we can't keep our users safe. This is why they're not allowed.

Are you allowed to go over to other peoples accounts to take care of their pets that know you in the real world and have an arrangement? I know that the neolodge doesn't collect your freebies or make your pets any happier. ~ anonumus
No. Your Neopets will remain perfectly happy in the Neolodge, and you certainly may not do freebies for anyone else that is old enough to navigate the site themselves. This is sharing accounts, too, since someone else has your password and is using your account. That is also not allowed (for reasons described in a recent editorial).

Dear TNT, My shop is called "Noahs Charity Center" in which everything is only one NP because I wanted there to be another Money tree like thing. I was going to do this -- if you make 50 donations you get a small prize, if you make 100 you get a rarer prize and an invitation to the guild I am soon going to make, and lastly if you make 150 you get an item you want to donate into the center given to an unfortunate user and a spot in the guild hiearchary if you are one of the first four to make it. I was just wondering if I could do that without getting my account frozen. teenage_knowitall at "Noahs Charity center" ~teenage_knowitall
Even though your intentions may be good, this is not an appropriate way to go about it. You are not allowed to ask people to buy items from you for any type of reward. If you really want to help others, there are many ways to go about it, such as answering questions, helping with faerie quests, or directly donating items. Your idea could easily be used by a scammer to trick unsuspecting users into giving up their hard earned NP. That's why this sort of thing is not allowed.

Thanks for giving Ninja Training School users the ability to withdraw from a course. However, the school asks for a Zed or Sho codestone more times than not. The Volcano still isn't producing enough Zed or Sho Codestones. Could you please adjust the rarities so that your chance of being asked for a Zed or Sho codestone at the Ninja School is equal to the likelihood that the volcano will make one? We really want the Ninja School to be usable. ~ tomgolbourn
Okay, okay, we get it! :) By the time you read this, all types of the red codestones created from the volcano should be MUCH more available! YAY!

These codestones match my outfit!

For some reason I can't neomail and I don't know why. The part you write in is just a gray line. ~ oinkythepiggi
If this happens to you, your computer is likely not set up to handle the "advanced" Neomail editor. Simply visit the User Preferences page (Help->User Prefs) and check the "Plain Text Neomail" option. That will turn it off and your Neomail will work fine. :)

Hey TNT. You know how on your side account you aren't allowed to play games, or sell from your shops, etc. Well I was wondering about something. What if your main account was suspended? Then would you be allowed to play games and such until you can go back onto your main account? Please answer this! I'd like to know for future reference! =P ~ girl_in_green
No. If your main account is suspended, you may not play games, restock, etc. on your side account. We suggest, instead, that you use your spare time to reread the terms and conditions, as well as the T&C FAQ.

I was on the boards once in another account, and I started a 'Teens injected with animal DNA' role play. You used to be able to do them, but I got a warning for it saying something like you're not allowed to cover adult topics. So, which topics are we allowed and not allowed to do? ~selvendor_ami
Roleplay SHOULD be entirely Neopets related, but at the moment we realize there are more important things for the monitors to look after. ;) As such, a monitor can warn for off-topic roleplay but will usually only do so if they believe it will quickly degenerate to roleplay that goes against the Terms and Conditions. It should be quite obivious what ISN'T allowed in Neopets roleplay (the same things that aren't allowed on Neopets anywhere else), but here are the most common offences:

Romance: Just because you are pretending you are a wolf/horse/cheerleader, doesn't mean it's now okay to flirt, discuss mating, kissing, look for a mate, or anything else you are not allowed to discuss in normal chat boards as yourself, even if it's "just pretend."

Parties: Pool parties, slumber parties, truth or dare parties, hot tub parties, beach parties (this list could go on for a while) are not allowed. And ones that include "boys sneak in" are VERY not allowed. Once again, role play should not be used to cover up the act of flirting, dating, or any other inappropriate topic. This isn't what Neopets is about.

Violence/Gore: While strife does make things interesting, there is a line. If you feel you must dispose of your character or NPC for the sake of the story, please do so in a PG fashion please! "The stallion turned on the stranger, and with one swift movement, brought his hoof crashing down onto the head of the intruder, who fell to the ground, lifeless." That is quite acceptable. Gore and hardcore violence are not.

There are these people who go around and ruin inappropriate rps by spamming them and making weird characters. Is that reportable? I sure do think it is. ~removed
Yes, you are quite right in feeling they should be reported. While the roleplays may be inappropriate, that is NO excuse for harassing another member of the site as these people are doing.

The proper thing to do if you have an issue with someone else's board, whether it is offensive or breaks the Terms and Conditions, is to report the offender. Spamming or flinging insults will get you a warning yourself. It does not "help" the monitors in ANY way, which is the excuse most of these people use to try and justify their actions. In fact, it makes things MUCH worse, and NO ONE has a right to tell anyone to leave a chat board, or attempt to force them to leave through harassment.

So, the quick version:
- Don't create inappropriate RPs.
- Don't harass the people who create inappropriate RPs. Just report them.

And now, Helpful Tip of the Week!

Have you ever wondered about that "transparent" option when selecting your shopkeeper? Many people have no idea what it does, and just click it anyway, but today, we shall divulge its great secret!

It makes the white background of your shopkeeper transparent.

That's right! If you have a white background in your shop, you really shouldn't select transparent, as it will make the outer lines of your shopkeeper more jagged. If you have a coloured background, however, click it, and that nasty white box around your shopkeeper will disappear! YAY!

This has been a public service announcement from your friendly Neopets Couldn't-Think-Of-An-Actual-Helpful-Tip-For-This-Week Team. ♥

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