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Will I or my brothers and sisters get in trouble if our accounts use the same e-mail address? And does it count as account sharing? Because we aren't sharing, we just have accounts with the same e-mail because only one of us has e-mail. Also, are all of us in danger of getting frozen if one of us (say, my evil brother) gets frozen? ~mememe939
If you play on your own without your parents' help (we're too lazy to look up your age!), then your accounts should have separate email addresses. If one of you is frozen for doing something inappropriate enough to warrant all your accounts being frozen (such as scamming), then your accounts would be linked by email and would be frozen as well. :( Please ask your parents if they can set up an email account just for you. There are many free email sites, and it just takes minutes to sign up.

Parents who monitor their young children while playing Neopets may set a shared email address, since they are the ones taking responsibility for what happens in those accounts.

Could you please create a High Score table for us Neodeck Card Collectors? :) ~neomaniac1603
We don't see why not. We're a bit busy at the moment with the plot and upcoming content, but we have added it to our to-do list of DOOM.

Hello team TNT... I was wondering if you have on your list(s) of things to do, allowing the Altador petpets to respond (when spoken to) with a phrase other than stating their name? It just seems so cold and a tiny bit annoying... lol Thank you. Have a great week. Signed, house mother of a NaaLaLa named Eko. ~ravynqueen
Sorry about that! We've checked with a leading Petpet veterinarian and it seems they're all fine now. ;)

*runs around in circles*

Are we allowed to do the plot on our gallery account also? ~ zippoboy05
Nope! You can only participate in Neopets plots on your main account! Since players are rewarded for participating in plots, this would be a form of multiple account abuse. Please only participate in plots on your main. We realize we haven't been abundantly clear about this in the past (even though it should be common sense), so please don't harass players that have past plot or war trophies on multiple accounts. We won't be retroactively freezing, but please, if you have started the Altador plot on more than one account, please stop now.

Hello TNT! I was thinking about possible (conspiracy) theories tonight regarding the Altador plot. Whilst searching through the TCG cards, I found Jerdana and Siyana cards in the First Edition. Their cards say they are from Talador, and Jerdana was one of the rulers. Was Talador just the forerunner of Altador, or is there significance behind this? (Would you even tell me if it was significant?? Please wait until the plot is over to answer if the answer will be more complete then!) ~ hardrockr06
Hehe, it's not a conspiracy of any kind. It was changed simply because, come time to start planning the Darkest Faerie PS2 game, Lawyerbot threw some sort of mechanical tantrum and made us change it. We're not too sure what that was about, but if you have a Lawyerbot, you know why we changed it immediately.

I know I've asked this before, but I really want to make sure this gets in. My Kau's Mallard got zapped into a pile of soot. Can it get zapped back into a regular petpet? ~ gijinkachan
Yes, piles of soot can get zapped back into Petpets. However, if your Petpet disappears when hit by the Petpet Lab Ray, it is gone for good.

Could you please clarify the rules surrounding guilds, contests and prizes. I was recently suspended for something to do with my guild (i think it was for having contests but the explaination i got was really vague so i'm not quite sure) and i think it was unfair. What is the point in the 'no contests' rule? Contests add to the fun, that to me is the whole point in belonging to a guild. If you were to delete all guilds that have contests there would be none left, so isn't this rule a bit pointless? ~heffalump1990
The idea behind guilds is to have a private forum where like-minded people can chat and get to know each other and make friends. Contests, while many people consider them fun, are often used to scam, such as fake giveaways to the person who "donates the most Neopoints to the guild," etc. In order to insure a safe and happy Neopia for everyone, it is important that leaders and members of even honest guilds do not have guild contests.

Its there a glitch in how TNT gives the trophy for the Lost Desert Plot? My trophy doesn't show in my user look up, when I check for my stats in the stats page it shows up as a trophy for me. Could it be because of the customized look up? ~ spawnpr
In case everyone missed it in the news a couple months ago, you need to go to the gift shop to get your rewards and trophy!


Hi, there's been a bit of debate about this on the boards recently, so I wanted to ask you what you think. For the plot, a lot of people have been searching for the you-know-what, and just can't find it, so they seek help on the boards. Another person looks at their -thing- and gives them a hint or a co-ordinate to help them find said thing. Now, do you think this is fair or unfair? Personally I think it's perfectly fine if the person is willing to help, and if the other person has genuinely looked. What do you say? ~ werewolfhunter888
People are free to help each other if they wish. Whether someone has looked all over and just can't spot it, or are just plain lazy, it's up to those helping to decide whether or not they will aid them. This however does not cross over to standard competitions like Lenny Conundrum and Mystery Pic because that is what they are - competitions.

I fancied getting a Kadoatie for one of my pets, but when I searched for "Kadoatie" it didn't list the actual petpet. So, I wonder, do they actually exist? (I know the ones in the Kadoatery aren't owned by anyone) Is it possible to have a "Kadoatie Petpet"? ~ margaol123
Yes, Kadoaties are normal Petpets, but they are rare and can be quite expensive, so looking on the Shop Wizard won't help. You'll need to visit the Auction House or Mystery Island Trading Post to find one. :)


I noticed that, a few months ago, for a short period of time you guys would lock boards instead of closing them. Why did you stop doing that? ps: Cheddar or Pepper Jack? ~ queen_of_llammas
Generally we only lock boards if we want to educate other users (those involved in that specific topic and those who are simply lurking) about why something is not appropriate or allowed as a topic of discussion. A majority of the time, most of the other posters are quite aware of the problem, and we can simply clear the topic and warn the topic starter. Other times, the posts should simply not be viewed by players as they can be quite offensive, and are deleted straight away.

Also, Pepper jack.

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