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I have a question. If your petpet turns into a pile of soot and you unequip it, will it turn back into the original petpet or will it disappear? Because my friend had a selket she was zapping and it was a pile of soot- but then she zapped it again, and it DISAPPEARED! I am going to zap one of my petpets soon so I NEED to know! ~reella
Yes, if you remove a Petpet that has been zapped into a pile of soot, it will return to its original form. However, if your Petpet is zapped into oblivion by the Petpet Lab Ray, it's gone forever. Your friend was just very unlucky. :(


Hi! *waves* My Lenny Conundrum trophy won't get upgraded to gold even though it's been silver for a while and I've answered correctly among the first 250 people a few times already after I got the silver one. The same thing happens to my bronze Mystery Pic trophy, which should be gold already... are the trophy makers for these games on strike? Did these trophies suddenly become very expensive to make? Couldn't you guys just 'paint' them gold or something? Is there anything I'm doing wrong? Why aren't there any edible socks in Neopia? Why is it that... ok, no, I think that's enough questions for today =D ~pizzazze
Hi back! And yeah, sorry about that everyone. We have become aware of the problem and are looking into it. It's an error on our side, not the player side, so no need to become paranoid :D

As for the sock thing, our resident dragon believes all socks are edible... at least in Neopia.

Hi, I thought the gadgads avatar was supposed to be available on Gadgads Day, yet it was released on March 4th, not the 7th. March 4th was Gadgads day last year. Did someone forget to update or are you just evil? ~im_gonna_be_rich84
If you take a look on the calendar page, you'll see Gadgadsbogen actually doesn't have a specific date it is celebrated on. It's a month-long event! Since Y3, when Gadgadsbogen was officially celebrated, it has fallen anywhere between the 4th and 12th of the Month of Running, but it could really happen at any point during that month. Really, it's quite hard to tell exactly when new fruits will grow! The avatar, however, will always be made available on the 4th of the Month of Running since that's the day it was initially released. All you wonderful helpful people with avatar guides, please feel free to update your info accordingly. :D

Dear TNT, Would it be reasonable to request a javascript pop up window or some other means that lets you double check the price of something you are going to auction? IMHO, it would cut down on a lot of stress and rollercoaster emotions of those of us who are math or sleep-impaired when we set up our auctions. Thanks! ~jcachica
As amusing as it sometimes is to watch people accidentally auction their Swords of Skardsen for 1,700,000 NP (Kidding! Kidding!), we do understand that mistakes like that are made, and often have traumatising results. We harassed our resident auction-master and he has put it on his to-do list. Huzzah. :)

When I pulled the lever in the Space station, the hand stole 100 NP from me! I pulled it again to see if it would give me money instead. It stole another 100 NP from me! I now have lost 200 NP. This is unfair! There should be a lever that gives you money too! ~holrara
Ahh, there's a reason this lever has "OF DOOM" in its title. We would take a look at it to see if something is wrong, but no one here is brave enough to get that close to it.

I have 2 questions. 1 is: Ever since the 'gallery' feature has been added there has been no rare items for sale. Why did you do that? 2 is: Who gets the neopoints in the local neopian shops (not owned by other players owned by you all)? ~drew59543
Before the addition of galleries, many players would look up items like "Baby Paint Brush" and stare at the seemingly hundreds of shops that were "selling" them for 100,000 NP. However, as soon as they earned 100,000 NP and attempted to buy the glorious PB, they'd learn that items priced at 100k and above could NOT, in fact, be bought. They were simply on display, and this was the very primitive version of a gallery! However, in this new day and age of real galleries, shops can no longer be used as a place to "show off" items, and everything in one is buyable. So, this is why when you now look on the Shop Wizard, there are no more rare items "for sale". They have all been moved into galleries.

I can search shops AND galleries!

As for your second question, the Neopoints you pay to shops in various worlds around Neopia go to the Shopkeepers that run those shops, of course! They need to pay for their Neohomes too, you know!

Okay, so I asked this on the Help Board, but no one seemed to have an answer for me. So straight to the source I went! I know there are specific rules for what you can and can't cover up in a userlookup or guild, but what about shops? I recently came across a shop with a full page layout. TThe navigation (retyped) & items were there, but otherwise everything else (shopkeeper, report this shop link, etc) was covered. Is this against the rules? ~thedevilsarithmatic
Erm, yes. Covering the report shop link especially is not allowed. In short, any links on the page must always be there. To clarify, here's a list of the definitive rules on the subject.

User Lookup:
  • You MUST have your real, official stats viewable. You cannot retype these yourself. They have to be the official, default stats that exist on every user lookup. (Your block of text info, your Neopets, your trophies, etc.) This is so that everyone visiting your lookup knows for sure that this is your true information.
  • You can cover your shield! It's quite nice to cover it with something that matches the theme of your lookup. And your join date is available in your text stats, so covering the shield does not hide how long you've been on the site. However, you CANNOT cover this shield with a different, official Neopian shield. If your current shield says "2 Years," you can't cover it with the 5 year shield.
  • You should have the standard yellow bar links so that they are clickable. They don't have to be on the bar itself, so you can retype them as text links or make your own navigation bar if you like. Whatever you wish as long as those links are on the page. :)
Pet Lookups:
  • The correct stats of your Neopet(s) must be displayed. Again, you cannot retype them or cover them in any way.
  • You can replace the side navigation and header as long as ALL standard navigation links are clickable somewhere else in your shop/gallery. If you do not have these links, your shop/gallery will be cleared.
  • In general, all other information, such as prices, your account name, user lookup and report links, etc, must be clearly visible and clickable.
  • For shops specifically, you CANNOT have your font color and background colour the same, or similar enough that it is difficult to read the prices of your items. Your shop will be cleared if a monitor sees this. A user must be able to clearly see what they are buying and how much it costs.
  • The real guild navigation and welcome sections must be visible. You may cover everything else with graphics, but if you do, the yellow bar links MUST exist somewhere else on the page so that people can navigate away from your guild.
There may be some things we missed, but it should be quite clear from this list what is and isn't allowed. :) If you have all the real information from the specific page viewable, and the user can navigate all the links on the page that are normally found there, your code is probably good to go.

What exactly does a transmogrification potion do? I know it changes your pet's species, but will the color stay the same? Will the color randomly change? ~nick104482
Transmogrification Potions are an evil product of Dr. Sloth and, if given to your Neopet, will change them into a mutant of whichever species the potion represents. It is a one-use item.

Grrr... arrgh.

how many np do you have to store in the bank to earn 1,000,000 np interest daily? 'cause ii have a lot of np and i want to get a lot more daily. ~maggie1903
Ahh, don't we all? To make a million in interest every day, you would only need... 2 + 2 = 4... carry the 1... 2,912,000,000 NP! Better start saving! :D

Do certain foods have different effects on your pet's weight and height? ~amei666
Yep! Let's see... feeding your Neopet a BBQ Porkwich will make it weigh more, and a Pumpkin Negg will make your Neopet shorter and weigh more! There are lots of different foods like this. You'll just have to try them out and see!

I really like visiting the shops in Altador. But how come once you are in one shop ~Exquisite Ambrosia for example, if you want to leave and go see what is going on over at the Magical Marvels or Legendary Petpets, you've got to exit the store by going to Explore, Faerieland, Faerie City, Magical Tower Portal, and then finally... you are back in the city of Altador! The only place you've got a link "To Return to the City" is over in the Altadorian Archives! And not much is going on over there - yet! I get dizzy just thinking about making another round trip. I'm not a packmule to keep running around like this, I don't want to melt you know!*snowflake* ~Teaulc the Ice Bori
Hi, Teaulc! Most shops do not have a link back to their respective worlds and the shops in Altador are no different. Please inform your owner that the "back" button on her browser (the backspace button sometimes works too) should do the trick! ;D That will help make your navigation of Neopia much smoother and reduce the wear and tear for your poor icy feet!

I went to the mystery pic game and it said the round had already been judged. I clicked on the pic to see what the answer was to it since you couldn't submit the answer anyways... When I clicked on it it said: Ooh... you little cheat! You have been reported to the neopets team! Was I really reported? Will I get frozen? ~leopetg1
Haha. Don't worry. That's just a joke for people who try to sneak a peak at the answer before the contest has ended. If the contest had been judged but the new one was not up yet, you've caught us in the middle of updating. You'll need to wait until the new contest has started before you can see the answer to the previous contest.

And now, PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS! Here are some nifty things to know, because we felt like sharing.

Creative Control
If you enter any creative contests on Neopets and you compile your own graphics from Neopets art, you cannot be chosen as a winner if you have a copyright symbol on your image or text! This includes things like the Random Contests, Site Spotlight, User Lookup of the Week, etc. We know you work hard on your art, and you would like to make it clear to others that it is your material, but Neopets are copyrighted by us regardless of whether you drew that picture of the Shoyru yourself or modified that background image from the site to work with your User Lookup. As such, we cannot accept anything with someone else's copyright on it. (It has to do with some legal mumbo-jumbo that Lawyerbot likes to tell to anyone that will listen.) If you have some great art or a wonderful Petpage and are confused why you have not won creative contests, be sure you aren't using a copyright symbol because that might just be the reason! It's best to change it to "User Lookup by Francis Q. Sloth" or "Francis Q. Sloth made this lookup and you'll like it or PERISH" instead.

Rule Bending
Now everyone knows Neopets has certain rules. If not, read your Terms and Conditions! Now, even though it is long and boring, we cannot list every single thing you can possibly do to get in trouble. People are creative, and are constantly finding new ways to cross the line. The most important thing to do is understand the spirit of the rules. Just because we don't explicitly say, "You can't say platypus on Tuesdays!" (yes, it's a silly example, but you get the idea) doesn't mean it is okay to do it. Here is an example:

In a past Editorial, we said it is okay to use adblockers on the site since people were concerned it could be considered a program. We told those folks not to fear and that using a program such as that to block ads is perfectly acceptable since it does not give you an unfair advantage over other players. A few unscrupulous people took this statement a little too far, and twisted our words to try and condone the use of this program to gain an unfair advantage. Yes, we did say it was fine to use this program to block ads, but using a program such as that to alter the game in a way that gives you an advantage over others is definitely NOT allowed and that is quite obvious. Remember to use common sense, and don't try to use creative wording to make your own loopholes in the site rules.

Need more help?
If you have a question that you think should be answered, click here and you can use our submission form. The most common/bizarre questions will appear here next week.

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