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Great idea for that PIN number. It really assures that my account is a little safer. Anyway maybe you could add the feature to the Shop Till cause I keep most of the points I get from my shop there. Thanks. ~ rockchic_7989
If you'd like to keep your NP safe, the place for it is in the bank. :) You should regularly clear out your till and place those Neopoints in the care of the bank manager.

Good day! How may I be of assistance?

On the stat section of the petpages, it says that prizes are given out to the petpage that has the most views. Is this something that still goes on, or has it stopped? ~neo_girl12345109
Haha, wow, that looks like something extremely old. We've replaced the text! To answer your question, no, there are no prizes for most page views.

So I was wondering, what exactly is a VIP Neofriend? I clicked the [?] beside it, but that link only brought me to the Neopets homepage. So spill the beans, what's a VIP? ~ russell_182
When you select one of your Neofriends to be a VIP, it simply means that when you try to send an item to them, they appear on the dropdown list. Neofriends that are not marked VIP will not appear on the dropdown. This is to help players that have a lot of Neofriends to be able to reduce the number of people from their send item dropdown.

Wouldn't it be sooo awesome if there was a hidden tower item that did around 25 water and 20 dark for 100mil np? Something that is a new super attack like maybe a Super Battleduck or possibly a Super Attack Meepit (complete with cape). Please consider making something Super with a constant availability in the Hidden tower. XD ~ sugar_girl420
That's an interesting idea! 1,000,000 NP would be so much better, though. In any case, your question will provide us with hours of amusement watching the Battledome Chat freak out. :D

Hey, i have two questions. First one, the symol hole, have to have a symol to get treasure, or am i just unlucky? Second question, i have a chia and i have been trying to get a magical chia pop but they never seem to be around... anywhere. Also, will it say in the description that it is magical? And why do some of the non-magical ones have "non-magical" in their name and not others? So i had more than 2 questions. ~ wild_mustang2700
Hehe, no, you don't need a Symol to receive anything from the Symol Hole. Any Petpet will do. As far as Chia pops go, they are rarity 99, and can be hard to come by for that reason. Non-magical Chia pops are listed as such so people will not be scammed into thinking that it will change their Chia. As always, please remember Chia pops ONLY affect Chias. If you feed one to your blue Lupe, it will only be a slightly less hungry blue Lupe afterwards.

Hey, TNT you know the rule that you can only have one shop out of all 5 accounts except for guild accounts. I used to have another main with a shop then I changed my main to another account with a shop, then on another account I was in charge of a brief guild that lasted not very long (2 days) . So I have a shop on it! I only use the one on my main. *cries* Will I get frozen? ~ law_jj2
No no! Not at all. What we don't want players doing is USING more than one shop to make a profit. Simply having a shop is just fine, so don't worry at all! To clarify:

- You CAN have one main shop that you use to sell things and this shop MUST be on your main account.

- You CAN have shops on your other accounts (created in the past, leftover from moving to a new main account, etc.) but these shops must NOT be active... meaning you can't use them at all.

- You CAN sell items for guild purposes in a clearly labeled guild account. This is the only time you can have a second shop, and only one of your alternate accounts can be used for this purpose.

Why doesn't King Skarl wear pants but his brother, King Hagan, does? ~naruto_addicted
That's a darn good question. And honestly, we don't have an answer for you, but your question was so amusing we just had to put it in here.

Have you guys gotten rid of the Super Bonus when training at the academy, or am I just really unlucky? ~advancedtycoon55
Sorry, just really unlucky. As a special treat, we will reveal what your odds actually are! Dun dun dun...

and then +25 if you also have

Can you explain how the 2,000,000 NP prize is split for the Lenny Conundrum? Do people who answer sooner get more np as well as the item prize AND the trophy AND the avatar? I was confused because today's news reported that 8,030 people got the answer right, but they only got 50 NP each. It should have been 249 each, if it was split evenly. I noticed other weeks it seemed low too, but this week seemed SO off I had to ask. Explain please! (and thanks!)~ anaugi2
*looks at New Features* Well, that's easy to explain. We made a typo! Sorry about that. It's been corrected. We meant 250 (we round up). And to answer your question, yes, the prize pool is divided evenly between everyone who answers correctly (same with Mystery Pic).

I like to visit all the boards once in a while, and when I visited the newbie board I was astounded by all the vulgarity. Why do you stand to have a board that is just used for the discussion of demeaning subjects? Why dont you just get rid of the newbie board. I have talked to many people who agree with me that the newbie board is only used for horrifying subjects, and that it needs to be stopped! Please can you end this atrocious board? ~ arwen20041
Alas, we tried that with the old "General Chat" board we used to have, and all that happened was the players spread, infected, and attempted to take over other boards. To anyone reading this who participates in these unruly threads, please take it upon yourself to read the Terms and Conditions of the site, and use the boards in a more responsible and mature manner. Those who fail to abide by the terms they agreed upon when they joined will eventually be warned, and possibly frozen if their poor behavior continues. We realize that it's not only the newbie chat that has these types of posts, and that many players in the aforementioned chat do not behave in this manner. It's the poorly behaved ones that are giving the chat a bad name, and we will try our best to make them aware their behavior is not appreciated or desired.

during the summer you promised us another side of neopia and said it would be done by now. is that still coming or shall we live in wonder about what is on the other side forever? ~ redbone135
Well, we weren't going to say anything, but the other side of Neopia (and a few other surprises) are coming very, very soon. We're working really hard on the finishing touches currently so you should see something next week or the following week if everything goes to plan. *fingers crossed*

Hi TNT! I am a violist and I couldn't help but notice that there is a violin and there is a cello, but no viola! Could you please make one? ~hayleykat
Sure, we have a Viola! She's right here:

Oh wait, you meant the instrument? Oh, well, that might take a bit longer to produce, but I'm sure a certain staff member will prod the artists until this is done!

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