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Heylo there, TNT! How're y'all? I've sent you in a couple of submissions about this lately, but it's never been fixed/printed. The yellow Lupe in the blue circle. Part of the circle's sliced off!! 0.0 *Gaspshockhorror!!* How could you not notice such a cruel fate? *Pets all the sobbing Yellow Lupes who've had their circles sliced* Put them (And Me!!) Outta their misery, and sort the circle? Please? XD ~moon_lit_wolf
Ick! That does look terrible, doesn't it? We've alerted an artist to correct that.

I was just wondering why we have || around our names on our look-ups. I noticed this last week but I don't see the point of it... ~breetehmeepit
Sorry about that, we were tinkering with a couple of things this past week. The lines are now gone :)

Me and one of my friends have written an article for the Neopian Times. We both want credit for writing the article, and, if you accept it, we both want the trophy. Is it possible to do co-writers? ~ somiso
If you have co-authored an article with a friend, simply state so and put their username in the comment area of your submission, and you will both be awarded trophies. There cannot be more than two authors for any submission. Remember, taking advantage of this and crediting someone who did not participate in the writing of the article could result in a warning, suspension, or even freezing. Being dishonest will only ruin things for others.

In the last editorial, there was a question about Neopets Jr. with the valentine and all that. What is Neopets Jr.? I've looked it up and I have been on the site for 2 years and I know nothing about Neopets Jr. ~1985_girl
Neopets Jr. is the simpler version of Neopets for very young children. If you would like to see it for yourself, just click here. For players that are 8 years old or younger, there is always a link back to Neopets Jr. in the left upper corner, so they can easily find their way back to the menu.

You know the Camouflage Potion? Well, it's a little misleading now that there is a camouflage color. I could imagine a scam-related issue starting up because of it. Do you think you could fix its name? ~ wafflized
Hrm, quite right. Thanks for looking out for your fellow Neopians! We will be altering the item so unscrupulous players don't try to take advantage. How about we rename it... Potion of Concealment?

Hi, I'm now known as a Potion of Concealment.
I will not alter your Neopet in any way and I'm quite friendly.
Have a nice day!

Why does my character in The Last Smiley automatically keep falling through the floor of the third level before it starts? It's very annoying! :( ~ chocolatefairy13
Sorry about that. We are aware of the glitch and are currently working to fix it.

Why is it that some pets don't eat certain food or don't read certain books? Is it because of the qualities chosen when the pet was created? If it was, it would be somewhat pointless to base it on something that is basically not useful for anything. (The only time you can actually see the qualities is in the pound) ~nurse_moya
We can assure you it's not the qualities you choose when you create your Neopet that determines what items they do and do not like. A few species in particular have an aversion to certain items, like Kyrii not liking apples; but generally it is because each Neopet has its own personality and just dislikes some things. There is a secret to this, of course, and you'll be recieving approximately 236 Neomails about it once this editorial is published.

I was wondering, I have finished hannah and the Pirate caves and found all the secret areas except in tutorial 6 and I didn't find the gem there. So my question is... Where is the gem in tutorial 6? ~fester_lover
Congratulations for finding your way through all those treacherous caves! Tutorial level 6 is in fact the only level where there is no gem to find, so give yourself a pat on the back for finding them all!

Hi TNT, I was just wondering something. I heard a rumor that if your pet is very unhappy for too long, it wll turn blue. Is that true? ~mckenzie_river_husky
No, it won't automatically turn your Neopet blue. There is, however, a random event that does this. When it strikes and your Neopet is unhappy, it will turn blue. It's always best to take care of your Neopets and keep them happy. If you do that, there's nothing to worry about. :)

If I report someone, will they get frozen automatically? ~pianogirlbecky213
Certainly not! When you report someone it only alerts our monitoring staff that an account may be in violation of the Terms and Conditions everyone agrees to when they sign up for the site. Monitors then investigate the situation and decide if a violation has been made. If the player has done nothing wrong, the monitor will take no action. If they have, the player may be warned, or possibly even frozen. This is why mass reporting a player to try to get them frozen does not work. Some players believe mass reporting works, because they have seen someone get mass reported, and then later on frozen. This is because during the monitor's investigation they find the account has been doing something wrong, that may or may not have been related to the reason they were reported. Also, please remember, that reporting someone for no reason can get you a warning! Monitors are quite busy trying to keep the site safe for everyone, so please, try not to interfere with their job by posting boards directed at them or making false claims.

Hi i have noticed that since sakhmet reappeared in the lost desert plot the calculator hasn't come back. Can you please put it back in sakhmet so people can use it as i usually use it to help me (alot) on my homework. ~littlejembabe
Ah, yes. The trusty calculator. We removed it from the Lost Desert since it didn't really fit there, or in any other world for that matter. It is, after all, a calculator. It has no business sitting in the middle of a Neopian world. :) We're currently working on bringing it back with a few changes, but it won't be in the Lost Desert.

Which species is Ramtor the Advisor from NQII? He evidently has long, lenny legs but he has a pteri beak. Is he an eyrie who folds his arms and uses his wings to hold stuff? Is he a korbat in disguise? Is he a pteri in stilts? ~margaol123
Actually, none of the above! He's in fact a rather devious bearded Bruce...

Both myself and my beard are devious!
Watch as I cackle! *cackle*

Hi I sent my 6 year old daughter a mysterious Valentine's Day card but since she has no user preferences, I don't know how to give her the sidebar. Where are the user preferences for under 13's... ~carolalexandra99
The sidebar preferences are the same for all our users, young and old. :) First click on Help in the yellow bar, then User Prefs (the little Pink Bruce near the top of the page). The sidebar preferences are in the bottommost dropdown. :)

How come there is a runner up prize for the 501-5000 people who win the Better Than You game but the game ends at 500 people winning?
Most likely because we haven't updated that page in a really long time. *blush* We'll see if we can free up a moment of a programmer's time to fix that.

I got the Symol Hole avvie a few months ago and since getting it I have not been able to get any treasure out of the hole. I used to get treasure at least once a month. After u get the avvie does that exclude u from getting the treasure again? ~ varianlangley
No, sir! Once you get the avatar, the chance of getting a prize from the Symol Hole is the same as it was before you got the avatar. It would seem you are just very unlucky. :(

Hi! I was wondering if the Lab Ray can turn your pet biscuit? Also, can you get your pet painted biscuit on a fountain faerie quest? Thanks! ~ zebralizard
The new Biscuit colour is available from both the Lab Ray and the Fountain Faerie.

I NEED to know -- are there any sane neopets staff members, and if there are, who are they? ~ taylor_farran
No, ma'am. There are no sane staff members here. Pay commensurate with insanity, in fact.

I know December is long gone but, how come on Decemember 31, 2005 only some people got the winter sidebar from the Advent Calendar? I thought everyone was supposed to get the same prizes from the Advent Calendar. :\ ~ starfire1991
Actually, random prizes are ocassionally given out via the Advent Calendar. This is done just to spice things up a bit and give a few lucky people an extra prize we wouldn't be able to give out otherwise.

That being said, this was not the case here. :) Just like most of the other sidebars, there were certain requirements that had to be met in order to obtain the Winter Sidebar. If you met these requirements, you got it on the final day of the Advent Calendar. We can't tell you what those requirements were, of course, but it was certainly not a random giveaway. We'll give you a little hint however... the same requirements will need to be met next year, and the sidebar will again be given out on the final day of the Advent Calendar. You've got 10 months to figure it out! :)

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