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Ok... Doesn't it seem kind of unfair that the Dark Faerie can ask for items that you can only get from the trading posts. i mean seriously how does she expect anyone to get something in 15 minutes from there sheesh... can you make it so she can't ask for anything over 99,999 ~remylogan78
Sorry, but her quests are extremely hard for a reason. It's nearly impossible to complete all the levels, but the rewards are beyond amazing!

Where is my Updated Artwork?

If someone steals your user lookup, you're able to report them because they stole your hard work. Well, people spend a lot of time to learn CSS and HTML to code their lookup and make it look nice. Then some selfish people go to their lookup, like the coding, take it, and never get punished for it. It isn't fair that someone gets their lookup coding stolen and the thief never gets in trouble for it. ~0bsidianbutterfly
This is a tricky subject. :) Code itself cannot be claimed as your own. However, if someone blatantly steals any of your artwork or exact coding without your permission or credit, or even if they have credited you and you have contacted them making it clear they do not have your permission to use it, and it's obvious that it's your creation, you can report them. Blatant theft of this sort is not allowed on Neopets.

What happens if you accidentally put in the wrong pin number 5 times? Do you get frozen or warned? I don't think it's fair because people can put in the wrong numbers by mistake. ~carie25041
Heh, no. While it would be entertaining to tell you that your computer explodes or something, in reality you will just be locked out of being able to submit your PIN for a while (in each of the areas you have elected to use it). This is merely another level of protection in case someone is able to enter your account and attempts to guess your PIN by repeatedly entering random things. This prevents them from getting very far. ;)

On Brucey B slots, do you have to be playing on max bet in order to get the jackpot? ~knight_terror
No, none of the slot games require you to bet maximum to be eligible to win the jackpot. :)

Um... I'm not sure if I'm the only one who noticed this, but how come the Yellow Kacheek Gnome looks like a Poogle? ~ brismayda
Nice catch! We looked into the original art, and indeed, it was based off a Poogle... whoops! It's been renamed. We hope those users with this cheeky gnome already in their Kacheek galleries won't be too upset with us!

Finally, I've been renamed! Too bad my face is stuck this way.

Under your play safely rule you list many things that people shouldn't distribute online including last name. I was wondering if it would be possible to change the sign up form so that the last name doesn't automatically update to a persons user lookup when they sign up to help some of the younger neopians that don't know how to change their lookups or those that take a bit of time to figure it out :( ~jadenewt
You bring up quite a good point. We looked into this, and while under 13 accounts are not asked to provide any personal information, over 13 accounts do have the first and last name fields that will show up as their name in their user lookups. We are working on ways to correct this. :) Until then, here are some last names you can use in place of your own:


AAAHHH! You wrote 'PIN Number' EVERYWHERE! How could you Neopets? This is such a bad grammar mistake. PIN stands for Personal Identification Number, so if one says "PIN number" it's like saying "Personal Identification Number Number" which is redundant. This mistake must be fixed, or I might go insane :-/ ~sn00py_b0y
Pfft! Silly "real world" terms. This is Neopets! It stands for... um... Protection In Neopia! Yeah! (Hey, that was pretty good, eh?)

Okay you crazy people, when are you planning on catching back up with making new shields for us oldbie players? *coughs* Not that the 6 year shield isn't just absolutely beautiful. ;) ~spritepixi
No worries! Our creative team of expertly trained Skindles is currently thinking up new shield designs as we type!

Do you guys consider it nice or mean to adopt a pet, feed it, heal it, etc. and then put it back in the pound? I have heard people saying that it's nice because you're helping the pet find a good home.:) I've also heard people say it's mean to do that because you only take care of it for a few days and then dump it.:( I'm confused! ~maemae309
We think it's a very sweet thing to do! It's quite kind of you to spend time, Neopoints, and effort on nursing an abandoned Neopet back to health and increasing its chances of being adopted by another kind Neopian. ^_^

I really love the idea of having "Biscuit" pets, especially the Chomby one, but I was looking at them, and they don't seem to look like "Biscuits" they look more like Chocolate Chip Cookies. Are Cookies called Biscuits in England or what because this was really bugging me...*scratches head* ~ faerieblumarooblu
You got it! In honour of Neopets' British roots, it is called the Biscuit Paint Brush instead of cookie. :)

The soup farie says I have 513np more than I do! If this is a glitch could ya fix it? ~chloecanada
The Soup Faerie counts the Neopoints you have in your bank and shop till in addition to what you have on hand. Always be sure to check those first if the Soup Faerie claims that you have more NP than you thought you had.

I saw a person standing in front of the Neocam wearing a black ski mask, suit, a sideways baseball cap. He was holding a sign that said, "LAWYERBOT PWNS". I am curious... Who the heck was that?!?! ~virginiamissippi
Oh! No one... no one at all... *evil cackle*

I was just wondering... if a mysterious valentines day card was sent to a young player who plays neopets jr... would the sidebar be available to both the sender and receiver as it is/was with normal neopets players? Thanks! (I would love to be able to send one to my daughter... she would be so happy!) ~ dubtrub4me
Yup! Sidebars are available to anyone who plays Neopets, regardless of age. :) As long as the recipient is accepting items, both users will get the sidebar.

Why are all of the smileys disappearing? The *carrot* and all of the others are like gone!!!! I AM STUNNED!! ~ brianna_Brownie
Oh no! All the smilies but one have been stolen! Go help save them!

HI TNT yes i have alot of things to ask this week but to get the user lookup spotlight do you need a lot of trophies or just a really cool lookup??? ~ishilen
All you need is a creative and original user lookup. It doesn't matter how many trophies you have; that portion isn't being judged. :) Make sure your lookup is original, creative, and try to use a theme that isn't very common. If we see one more Grey Faerie lookup, our heads may just explode.

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