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Dear TNT: I bought 20 tickets for the Lottery for 1/25 and there WAS no lottery for 1/25! Where did my tickets go & why wasn't there one posted? :( BTW, this has happened before. Is it an unannounced Lottery holiday? ~zevonmanic
Very rarely there will be a quite unlucky day where no one has won the Neopian Lottery. On those days, you'll still see the date under the "Past Winners" section, but there won't be any winner names. When a date does not show, such as what happened with the 25th, it means that something unexpected happened while the Lottery numbers were being chosen. This is also a pretty rare occurrence. Not to worry though! Anyone who has tickets for that day's draw is automatically rolled into the next day with those same tickets. So no one loses their tickets. :)

Why does the Circle Pirate Kyrii look sad, and not in a circle? ~luismar2011
Oh dear! Looks like an error in the uploading process. It's being fixed. Thank you for pointing that out.

If this is a circle pose, we've fixed it!
If it's still a sad pose, there's nothing to see here. Move along.

I keep getting this message every time I send a message to all my guild members!! ERROR : There aren't any eligible recipients in your guild! I know there are lots of members that it can send the message to. Am I doing something wrong or is it just a little messed up? Please help??? ~jadejess270
There are several checks in place when you try to mass-neomail your guild members, including age checks, full inboxes, the "guild mailings" setting, etc. It seems that every one of your members cannot receive Neomails for one reason or another and that is why you're getting that error message. Also remember that the "guild mailing" option is OFF by default, meaning your members need to head over to their User Preferences and turn it on in order to receive mailings from the guild. It's likely that most of your members have not done this yet.

I was talking with a friend recently and we realised that there were no pinball games on Neopets. I'm glad to see remakes of some arcade classics, so I was hoping you could consider a pinball game? JubJubs could feature as the ball! (Not endorsing cruelty to JubJubs.) ~blobenterprises
We have been thinking about it! Our super Flash programmer of doom says a pinball-type game is already on his to-do list for sometime in the future. YAY!

I just noticed recently you added a new feature to the site: the games Favorites Page. It really comes in handy, it was a very good idea! I was just wondering, how many games will fit on that page? I mean, how many games can you put into your favorites? Please and thank you! ~mouseylae02
For now, 12 is the limit. :)

Some new Neggs have been unearthed and are now on sale in The Neggery. That was in the news on the 9th of December. But the neggs are not for sale in the Neggery, could you please fix that and maybe release a cool Neggery avatar? ~tdcrewreturns
Woops! Looks like the shipment to the Negg Faerie was late... yeaaah. That must have been it. *shifty eyes*

As for a Neggery avatar... we are planning to have an avatar for every faerie, and the Negg Faerie is no exception! You will be able to use her likeness on the Neoboards eventually.

While bidding on items, you don't get your np back, of course. However, if someone bids higher than you, I think we should get our np back. So that we could be able to take up the 'fights' for the items. I just got around 1.9mill, and I bid on a Draik potion for 1.8mill. Someone bid over me, and I wasn't able to try and bid higher, because the np was already placed on that item. This is unfair, I mean, that doesn't really give us *below 20 millions* neopians a fair chance to snipe items in the auctions.. ~babygirl_love_oscar
Ah, we see where you may have been confused. If you had bid and had enough total Neopoints (both what you already bid and what you had on hand), then your bid would have gone through. The Neopoints you have already bid in an auction are credited to new bids. For example: You have 2,000,000 NP on hand. You bid on an auction for 1,500,000 NP. Someone overbids you, raising the price to 1,600,000 NP. You would like to bid again and make a 1,700,000 NP bid. You see you only have 500,000 NP left in your account though. You can still bid, and it will take 200,000 NP from your 500,000 NP and add it to what you have already bid, making your bid total 1,700,000 NP.

Um... What does the guy with black hair and glasses in Whack-A-Staff-Member say when you whack him!? It sounds like Fluffy-no xD;
We checked with him, and he says it's actually, "Buffy! NO!" from some funny British show. We just nodded and backed away slowly.

I have been trying for the lever of doom av since it came out. Spent over 500k and still nothing. I heard a rumor that you may not be able to get the av using Mozilla Firefox. I use firefox so I am somewhat concerned. Can you get the lever av with mozilla firefox or not? Thanks! ~ crazyginger83
Well, the programmer who built the Lever of Doom knows nothing of the existence of IE. (He thinks he's cool with the whole "I use linux!" thing.) As such, he has tested the Lever extensively in Mozilla and Firefox. It is indeed possible to get on these browsers (and any browser, for that matter).

I was looking at the description of a rock stamp, and I think there is a slight problem. The description is "Awwww, this cute Petpet is sure to chase your blues away" it seems like a RIP rock isn't a cute petpet to chase you blues away! ~scorch0109
Hmmm... unless someone was feeling very facetious that day, we think you are correct! The description has been updated!

+ !=

I've noticed that on the trades that people try to rip people off. On the search button it says that most magical plushies are only worth about 10000 NPs. People are saying that they want 100-800000 NPs for them!!! Can you please address this? ~mybaby_cupid25811
Ahh, we believe you might be confused about the difference between the "estimated price" of an item, and what it actually sells for. (Don't worry, lots of people start off that way!) :) The estimated price of an item in no way reflects what it's actually worth in the Neopian economy. It's more like a base price for Neopian Shopkeepers to use when they sell you items through the official Neopian shops (not player shops). Take the Avabot for example! Its estimated price is 67,100 NP. At the moment of writing this, there is one in the Robopet Shop for 115,771 NP. The Neopian shopkeepers need to make a profit too, you know! However, if you use the Shop Wizard, you will find that the Avabot sells for only about 50,000 NP among players. That is why people avoid purchasing it from the Robopet Shop. Remember, the Trading Post, Shop Wizard, and Auction House are your friends for figuring out the true worth of items! Use them well! :)

Will I be able to remove stamps from my stamp collection after they are put in? Thanks, ~sashultz21
Sorry, once you place a stamp/coin/coconut, etc. into your stamp album, they can never be removed.

Me and my friends have been getting the A passing Chia hands you a (Insert type of) Cracker and says 'Happy Christmas'!!! Event and the cracker doesn't come into our items... It wasn't on a user lookup or shop or anything user made, and the event disappeared when I refreshed. ~ friend2all2004
Several players recently alerted us to this problem. We are trying to figure out what is causing the error and will fix it as soon as we can. Thanks :)

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