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I think that neopets is 7 years old, not 8 years old! On the about us page, you said that neopets started November 15, 1999. Add 8 years and it would be 2007, not 2006. (1999+7=2006) BEing that it is now 2006, not 2007, neopets should be entering their 7th year, not the 8th year ~marebear0620
Ahh, there is often confusion about this. 1999 was "Year 1" of the Neopian calendar. There was never any "Year 0", so if you start counting from 1 instead of 0, you'll see why we call 2006 the Neopian "Year 8". :)

Nov 1999 - Dec 1999 : Year 1 (Okay, it's not a full year, but it was the first year of Neopets.)
Jan 2000 - Dec 2000 : Year 2
Jan 2001 - Dec 2001 : Year 3
Jan 2002 - Dec 2002 : Year 4
Jan 2003 - Dec 2003 : Year 5
Jan 2004 - Dec 2004 : Year 6
Jan 2005 - Dec 2005 : Year 7
Jan 2006 - Dec 2006 : Year 8

Does the PPL give out neopoints(if your the winner) however long as your on neopets? ~ chrissy855
The PPL currently awards winners with 10 NP for every day your Neopet has owned their winning Petpet. So a Petpet that is say, 1,000 days old, would fetch that Neopet's owner a nice 10,000 NP. Not too shabby, eh?

Is it okay to have labrays on multiple accounts? I have two because i never thought it was against the rules, but then someone told me it was. could you clear this up for me ~ piquel
It is perfectly fine to have access to the Secret Laboratory Ray on all your accounts, just as it's okay to have a Neohome or Stamp Collection on your alternate accounts. :) Just be sure you earn the NP to pay for these things with your main account!

I was just wondering, are you allowed to use the Stockmarket on more than one account, or is it just like playing games? ~ 22billie22
The stock market is considered a game. Since you are only allowed a limited number of shares each day, it's very important that you don't play the stock market in multiple accounts to try and circumvent this limit. This would unbalance things, and would be considered cheating just like playing any other game on your alternate account would be.

Sorry, I can't talk now. BUY BUY BUY SELL SELL SELL

TNT-will i get frozen if i change to a new active account and make it obvious that i no longer use this one? ~gator120693
Nope! Just make sure your new account is easily identified as yours so we don't think someone stole everything from your old account. :)

TNT is there a reason that the month of eating is before the month of hunting? It does not make a lot of sense. How do you eat before you hunt? ~luckie1367~
Wow. Erm... okay. In the month of hunting, enough food is caught to last a whole year. However, by the Month of Eating, all that food is on the verge of spoiling so everyone has to eat as much as possible before it all goes rotten. Since there's nothing left, they have to get back to hunting the next month. Yeah, that makes sense so it's the story we're sticking to. *shifty eyes*

People over price things and it isn't fair. Because I look it up and it says a harris is worth 4438 NP but people sell it for 30,999 NP. Why? ~ h_a_l_e_y_r_o_c_k_s
People are free to set their own prices in their shops. As long as they aren't attempting to scam you, it's just fine. If you don't want to pay a whole lot for a Harris, then select a shop that is selling it for less. :)

In editorial #219, you said there were magic plushies. Do you get to use the magic plushies only once, or can you use them on as many neopets as you like? ~ gold_uni600
They only have one magical charge. If you give your red Meerca a magical green Tonu plushie to play with, you will end up with a green Tonu and an ordinary, non-magical green Tonu plushie.

I may not look it, but I'm very magical!

Mmm... pie... and... muffins! You need to have muffins and pie on an avatar! Zongz! Why doesnt j00 and what is j00r favorite pie and murfin? ~ mgallforever
We're sorry, but we don't understand anything you just said. So umm... *smiles and nods*

When you have already 600 different items in your shop and you add 10 more different items. It's hard to find where the item is in your stock so you can price. You have to search through many pages and for 610 different items, it's 21 pages of madness! You have a feature in galleries that say "Show Uncategorized Items." Is there any way you can get a feature for shops that say "Show Items Priced 0." It would easily make restocked less of a hassle. Thank you. ~ fire_blaze555
Ah, that would help, wouldn't it? We'll see if this can be done!

Why is it that the site is now so slow? Are you working on it, or is it my computer. It sometimes grinds down to the speed it would go if my guild attacked Orgrimmar... ~ und3ath
Noooooooo! Orgrimmar is laggy enough! Leave us alone you alliance thugs!

I went to change my user look up, and found that I could choose to show my interests on my user lookup. It was a happy day. But then a dark shadow fell over my world! Horrors! I could pick 'ninjas' as one of my interests... BUT NOT PIRATES. Which is a terrible, terrible travesty. Please let the average neopian enjoy displaying their pirate love loud and proud. Arrr! ~ jochobean
Ninjas are way cooler than pirates, but we've added a pirate option just for you.

It's very frustrating to start ALL OVER on a neoadventure when we made a mistake on the title. Could you make it so after we have decided the name of our adventure and made a few pages we could change the title or the colors, or where our adventure takes place? Thanks ~ tycoon123456627
We're way ahead of you. :) This is already possible by clicking on "Edit Your Adventure Properties" near the top of your Master List page. From there you can change quite a few settings, if you're so inclined.

Bring me a shrubbery!

Some people put notes on their lookup saying that more than one person uses the computer, so there may be more than one account gaining NP or items from the IP. Do you actually read these notes and take them into consideration when you are thinking about freezing/suspending someone for gaining NP/doing dailies on multiple accounts? ~ melodicdreams
Nope, they don't do any good. Anyone can say they have a sister/parent/friend who uses the same computer/IP address/email whether it's true or not and, unfortunately, people do lie about such things to try and get away with cheating. Because of this, the monitors have to go by the information we have on each account (which is quite extensive) rather than by the user's word.

What color socks are you wearing? ~ hootums
We're not wearing socks. A dragon ate them. *shakes fist*

Since you can submit multiple entries in the Caption Contest, if you just spent say a day submitting your entry over and over, does it have a better chance of being picked? And if not, do you just ignore their entries for 'spamming' the contest? ~ ad_astra_per_aspera
It would GREATLY annoy the judge of the Caption Contest, who already has thousands of entries to look through and does not want to read your entry hundreds of times. In short, your caption would be completely ignored because you spammed the form. It is alright, however, to think up a few different captions and submit them once each if you like.

HEY TNT! :D I was just thinking that the default koi avatar was getting kinda it doesn't look like the modern koi. Well could you please fix this? Thanks. :) ~ kirby_puff1970
Awww, it's nostalgic! Oh, alright. We'll have it redone soon.

Do the things that Grarrls and Skeiths eat that are between rarity 90-100 count to their gourmet list? I mean the way the Grarrls and Skeiths eat anything like books, toys, codestones and bottled faeries. ~blitser10
Nope, only food items in that rarity range count. Otherwise, all the top Gourmet Club Neopets would be Grarrls or Skeiths we would imagine. Then, once they'd eaten all the items possible, they'd come after you! DUN DUN DUN.

Bring me a Neopian!

ERROR : Sorry, but this section of the site is undergoing a quick fix or revision. We'll get it back up as soon as possible! Hey I need both the avatars from this and been getting this error for over a month now. Is it going to be fixed anytime soon? Or can ya just give me the avatars so for being so brave and patient? ~ ghostwhisperer
Sadly, it was easy to cheat in that game and unscrupulous people were taking advantage of that fact. We've currently got a programmer toiling away at it, so never fear! It will return once he's done.

ok, with all the rumors of "Jelly lands" yet discovered you'd think one neopet or another would go look for those rumored places. At the very least they could confirm its nonexistence, and bring back some proof. ( no, not jelly either, I've got tons of that I can pick that up off of trades) come on where are all those "brave" neopets I've heard so much of? Too Lenny to search neopia for strange new lands? That's not the neopets I love. where are all the Neo-heros? Where I ask you? ~ rookeealding
Why would Neopets go looking for some place that doesn't exist? It just seems silly. Any Neopet in his or her right mind knows Jelly World is just a myth.

Sorry to be so nosy but I was just wondering how many people are in your offices? ~radcliffeloverme
Oh dear... quite a few! The Neopets Team is made up of over 160 individuals, ranging from monitors and email support, to writers and artists, as well as a rather disconcerting number of lawyers. *shudders* Oh, and some programmers... but they drink too much soda pop and laugh at really odd jokes the rest of us don't get, so they stay in their own special corner. Sometimes we throw jelly beans at them.

Hahaha, jelly beans! Get it?! Oh, never mind.

How come our passwords have to have numbers or other junk in it now? Anyone that wants a new account has to put in numbers or symbols (you obviously know this) but people that came on before that just get an annoying message to get you to change. I just find it really annoying, also you do realize people can just ignore it right? ~neocraze569
We understand you find our attempts to protect your account annoying, but it's there for a reason! Even if you may be an honest Neopian, please realise that there are many others out there who are not, and will take advantage of those who have simplistic passwords. Changing your password is a very simple way to help protect your account (and get rid of that annoying message)!

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