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Ok. I have a question I rreeaallyy need answer for. After an account is frozen for a certain time (say 6 months), could you make it so that the pets under that account go to the adoption agency. Please let this get published! ~ quigonjess
Sorry, but some people self-ice their accounts and return much later. It would be a horrible shock to find their beloved Neopets gone. :( We do sometimes release account and pet names (ie: delete them so they can be recreated) once they are frozen or inactive for a VERY, VERY long time, but that's pretty rare. It's only been done twice in the history of Neopia. The names have to be VERY old and VERY inactive for this to happen. If there's a name you want, just keep checking and maybe one day it will be available. :)

Does your gallery have to have a background or a layout? My gallery does not have a layout or background but I did spend alot of neopoints on it and I don't want my gallery not being looked at or anything. please, do you have to have a layout or a background in order to have your gallery as the winner of the gallery spotlight? ~crystal_starlight
Erm, it's really best to have some kind of layout theme to match your gallery if you'd like it to stand out. While it does take a lot of effort to collect the items that make up your gallery, you should also present those items in a fun and interesting way if you want to win the spotlight. The judges look at the whole package, not just what you've collected. There are tons of fantastic galleries out there, so do what you can to make yours scream out, "Pick me! I'm the best!"

What are your favorite ice cream flavors? ~ iciness
Well, if you must know, chocolate. Just chocolate. That is all.

Mmmm, chocolate.

What is your favorite kind of chocolate? ~ iciness
What the...

If their is something that says Regal Mynci Stars,can a different pet use it? ~ kittycatqueen54321
While it can be equipped to any Neopet, it will do nothing in the Battledome. Generally, Battledome items with the name of a type of Neopet in it are species specific and do special things for that species. They are useless to other types of Neopets because of this.

The other day, I was logged onto my spare account and I got a random event telling me I had been given a book from a traveling book shop. I was wondering, is it against the rules to send this item to my main account? ~ kateiau
Nope. :) Anything won from a random event is yours to keep, and since you obviously can't have a shop on your alternate account, it's perfectly alright to send it to your main to sell it if you wish. (Or read it to a pet or whatever you wish.) This is quite different from doing dailies and getting freebies on alternate accounts, which isn't allowed.

Right now, one of my pets has Seamonkeys attached as a petpet. I can't find seamonkeys anywhere else on the site (shops, galleries, trades or auctions). Will they be ok if I unattach them? Will the change into something else? Or disappear in a puff of steam? Or *gasp* die? ~ naldo
Wow! Congratulations on having some very old Petpets! Seamonkeys are from a long, long time ago. But yes, if you do remove them they will be no more. Seamonkeys were changed into the Bleamix, so that is what you'll get if you unattach them. Our advice? Keep them. ;)

Mmm, rare Petpets.

I'm a college student so I go between computers a lot. I use neopets from my dorm, work, and home computer on a regular basis. And I've heard that you can get frozen by using neopets on multiple computers. Is this true? ~ luvjamesm
No, that isn't true. Logging onto your account from multiple places is fine. We know that even though we rarely leave the office, most people enjoy going places like "outside" and "to their Grandma's house" and such. While we find it quite strange, it's not unheard of. Feel free to play Neopets wherever you go.

Brief request: WHY ISN'T THERE A COOKIE AVVIE?? explanation: We cookie-luvrs need a way to show our lovee for cookies!-Count Cookieula ~ mystic_sun
Sarcastic Reply: Because cookies are for mutant Grarrls.

Concerned and Interested Reply: Dunno, but the fact that there isn't one is pretty lame. We'll see if we can make one just for you.

We all voted several months ago for our favorite April Fools Day pets, but I haven't heard a thing about it the since. Will the winning pet ever be released or has the idea been shelved? ~ balooh
No worries! It hasn't been forgotten. :) We've just had lots of big events this year so it was scheduled after some of those things. To make up for the wait, we'll let you in on a little secret. There are TWO new Neopets species being released soon! One of which is the April Fools pet, of course. The other is something quite different. These are in addition to the Lutari, which is part of something much bigger that we can't discuss yet. :) You'll just have to be patient with that one.

In the topic list (in the tables) there is a 'Last Post' column. Sometimes, some of the times of the posts are linked, and when clicked on take you to the board's latest page. What are the purpose of these links, and why don't all of the boards have them? I've tried making Help Boards about this, but no one else knows/replies, so I'm sure lots of people would want to know. Thankies! ~ zosidaron
You've answered your own question. ;) But to clarify, this link appears when there is more than one page of replies, and clicking the link takes you to the last page. It's handy if you want to see the latest posts without having to click through the first page. If there is only one page of replies, you can still click the board title as normal to get to the first page.

I just won User Lookup of the Week and I noticed that I hadn't received a trophy for it. I got to snooping and also noticed that none of the winners since #30 have gotten trophies either. Is there a reason for this, or is it just an oversight and we should all be expecting our trophies soon? ;) ~ sonicvoid
Holy guacamole! That's quite a serious glitch. You are supposed to get them the minute you're chosen as the winner, but apparently the script isn't working. This is the first time we've heard of this! All the trophies have been awarded properly. You are a hero to #30 and beyond.

Finally... this trophy can fulfill its density destiny.

I love the game Neopets The Darkest Faerie but iiI can not get passed the Endless Staircase. How do you get passed it? I realy really want to know. ~ anonymous
We won't come right out and tell you, but here's a hint. The Quiggle statues aren't just there for decoration. They can be very helpful if you pay attention.

Two words: Plot Prizes ~ rc81590
Four Words: Have patience, young one.

We're working on them. Seriously, we are. We haven't forgotten or anything. Seriously, we haven't.

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