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I know that the whole being able to submit your score 5 times started on your 6th Birthday (Happy Birthday by the way!) but it's still going on. Is it going to be perment? ~ qjan
Nope! But it does last until Nov 22nd. (As promised in last year's news.) :D YAY!

My pet has a Faerie League Key on his description page that he got sometime back. Will this ever have a future use? ~ neoiceparrot
Wow, you must have a very old account to have gotten that! We're very sorry, but that is from quite old content and will not be used for anything in the future. Be proud though! Very few Neopians have that trophy! You must get a lot of Neomail... or you will now, anyway.

OMG were did u get teh trophie
can i hve ur pet or else i will cry!

Hello =D I own an adoption adgency, and i have asked around on the boards if it is against the terms and conditions, and i have gotten a couple yeahs and no's. So i was just hoping you could clear this up for me. Thankz ~ hockeychick101
Hi there! Adoption agencies themselves are fine. Helping abandoned Neopets find caring homes is quite a good thing. :) However, often times people accept tips or payment for this service, which is not allowed. Other times, people are unaware of the fact that a pet transfer is not guaranteed and are quite upset when they put work into an application and do not get the pet. So, as long you don't ask for payment of any sort, and make it quite clear that the winning applicant is not guaranteed to get the pet once it's released into the pound, you can continue your charitable work without fear!

I just made this account, and when I got my newbie pack I got these two things called a Ditsy and a Liobits. It said they were cardboard petpets, but when I tried to give one to my pet it said that it wasn't an option for that item. Is this a glitch or can you just not do anything with them? ~ saphira44619
Oopsy! Totally our bad, man. Totally. It's fixed now.

i keep getting these neomails from the neopets team that say that some1 joined my guild. can u make an option wether or not we want them? ~ kenxiegurlygurl
Erm, those of us here with guilds agree with you. ;) We'll see if our resident guild programmer extraordinaire can help us out.

If you close your eyes and listen hard enough, you can hear the pitiful cries of the poor Kougra shopkeepers that so desperately need to be updated. Seriously, I think they're from like two Kougra designs ago. XD ~ pockybox
So that's what that noise is? I just thought the water cooler had broken again. We'll see if the artists can add that into their schedule :)

Oo What in the name of Fyora am I wearing?

Ok, I know the Release of the PS2 Game the Darkest Faerie was big, so big that I decided to buy it. I am now stuck in the game and was wondering if maybe (MAYBE) You could possibly add a neoboard about the PS2 Game so that owners of the game (like me) Could talk about And trade tips, Ideas ect...:) It would help! Instead of clustering up the other neoboards. -Marta_and_anna
Ahh, splendid idea. We'll try to have that added early next week!

I see you have recently introduced an 'add all' button for neofriend requests, but when I try to use it it is saying that the person hasn't got parental permission, but they have because if I add them manually it accepts them... o.o ~ paulgratton
Urrroooo? oO This has been forwarded to the programmer and will be fixed as soon as he's done drinking caffeinated beverages and eating pizza. That's an important daily ritual for a programmer, you know.

If you donate an item, it goes straight to the Money Tree. Is it true that if you discard something it goes to the Meridell Rubbish Dump? ~ colormesticky
Nope, that's just a rumour. When you discard an item, it just goes *poof* into cyberspace. It'd be nice to donate your old things though... unless you're getting rid of socks. I don't think anyone but the Dragon would want used socks. *shudder*

I recently found a Sketch Card in my booster pack (yay!). I was just wondering if there's anyway to tell what artist drew which cards. I'd love to know who drew mine. (A Green Nimmo) ~ drew_barrymore_lover
Congratulations! Each one of our artists drew several cards and many of them did Green Nimmos, so I'm afraid we don't know who did yours specifically. :( Instead, here is a picture of TigerCatcher drawing some of the sketch cards.

I not really sure how that's any consolation, but there ya go.

If you look at the bearog, they could use a bit of an update. xD At least, that's what I think. Also, good job to the artists on all their work for six whole years now! ~ pumkins
The Bearog, eh? I wouldn't let one overhear you saying that... you don't want to know what happened to the last guy. Ah well, we'll check with the artists and see what can be done. :)

What WAS the riddle that drove Eliv Thade insane? I must know. =o Did you guys even have a riddle in mind, or did you just say that it was a really tough riddle and back away shifty-eyed whenever anyone asked about it? ~ prettyponyofdoom
*backs away shifty-eyed*

there's no stamps menu from the dropdown list in SDB, would you mind adding that in please? thanks :) ~ jelly_volcano
Stamps fall under the "Album Items" category. :) Coins and Sea Shells are also under that heading if anyone was wondering.

Why do you rarely see anyone on the neocam even in the middle of the day? Not seeing anyone working doesn't give a good impression of the neopets team. ~ goldandsilver201
The Neocam is currently pointed towards lots of folks who are camera shy, so it hasn't been on much at all lately (a still image is taken and left up while the cam is turned off). We're currently planning on moving it and just yesterday made a bit of space for it. Once the tech guy has time to move it over, we'll be able to once more make fools of ourselves for your enjoyment.

Soon, Mr. Insane (who is not camera shy) will have a clone army that rivals Sloth's!

If I may ask, why is there a need for there to be orange spots on your pet when you paint it purple? There is already a split paint brush which has the colors orange and purple. ~ xxbluekizzes4
Ahhh, the Purple question. Without revealing too much, this was originally done in preparation for the Dr. Sloth plot in which Orange and Purple Grundos played quite a large role. Since then, the spots have been added to new Purple pets to remain consistent with the ones that were given spots during that time. There was hope that the plot would be ressurected, at which time the secret behind the Orange spots would be revealed. This may no longer be the case though. We'll check with the powers that be and see where we stand on the whole thing.

Are you every going to consider making a Neopets Toothpaste? ~ yathenamesraven
In both Kyrii and Slorg flavours, yes, but no one seems to want to sell it.

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