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I was wondering, why is it that on some accounts it doesnt say how long they've been on? It doesnt say Stealth or anything. Is it just because they haven't been on for so long or what? ~ lotr_freak2493
Exactly. Anyone who has a completely blank "Last Spotted:" field hasn't logged on since we added that feature to user lookups, so it's like they never visited. Don't worry... they aren't invisible zombies or anything.

I was looking for the petpet Wain and I was looking on the Trading Post... well someone stated that if you attach a wain to your neopet you will get more random events, the good kind... is that true and if so, does that apply to other certain petpets as well? And which ones would they be? ~ shanghai_baby
Sorry, whoever told you that is just attempting to trick people into buying their Wain. No Petpet or anything you equip to your Neopet will ever cause random events to increase, or anything else for that matter.

HI!!! i'm just wondeing if you could make a sidebar dedicated to the lab ray and all its glory because if you could that would be awsome, And the lab ray picture when you go there seems a little bit old and rubbish compared to the rest of the pictures on neopets. Could you please update it. Thanks!!! ~ lewisjepson
Ohh, that is a cool idea. A labray side bar would look cool. It will be added to our growing list of possible sidebars. We'll see what our artists can manage concerning updated images for the lab.

I have just finished playing Turmac Roll, I scored a really high score, 16,000 points, but I only recieved 1,000 points, is there a rule somewere about how many points you can get from that game??? ~ maggiealltheway
All flash games have a max Neopoint return of 1,000 NP, unless it is the featured game of the day, in which case it is doubled. If you got a Neopoint for every point you scored, games like Hannah and the Pirate Caves, which have scores in the hundreds of thousands, would make a huge mess of the economy.

I was wondering if you could update the picture of the jetsam on te Water Arena logo in the battledome? Thanks! It's a really old picture of a jetsam!:P ~ freakster37
BUAHAHAHAHA! Wow. That is old. Actually, all of them but the Stone Dome show out of date Neopets. We'll see what we can do.

I have started playing Nimmos Pond latley and I didn't see my score while playing if it is there where is it and if not could you add it? ~ pikachu8k
Hmm... We'll ask our flash game programmers if this was intentional or not. Perhaps it was to help you since you'll likely perform better when you're not concentrating on your score? That's the excuse we're going with.

On my high score table, It says that I have a score of 26,659 points in Illusen's Glade, but on the high score table, it doesn't have my name! Could you clarify this for me? ~ kangaroo_luvr
At the start of each month, the high score tables are cleared to allow more people a chance to earn a trophy. However, your personal score tables should remain the same. So, since both Illusen's Glade and Jhudora's Cloud have cumulative high scores, your personal high score is for the entire time you've been playing whereas the global high scores are cumulative starting at the beginning of the month.

Shiny, captain.

Isnt it time you retired the usuki con y7 stuff its going way down in price and usuki con must be over by now if not think of all the usuki die hards still at the convention the probally havent showered in days so do them a favor and please retire the usuki con stuff ~ sharpshooter450
Wow, no one likes a smelly Usuki Fan, so I guess we could. Things might get ugly though when we tell them they have to leave. The only thing worse than an angry Usul is a smelly angry Usul.

Its not fair!! I worked SOOOO hard to get 22 negg tokens so I could buy a ghost negg from the negg faerie but I have tried for 3 day and all I get is: ERROR: Could not update your tokens What does that mean? and how can I fix it? I really want my ghost negg!!! Yours truly, cubic_zirconium *cough* ~ cubic_zirconium
Hmm... that's odd. Maybe the Negg Faerie was just in a bad mood? She seems to be better now, though. If you still can't buy anything from her, please submit a bug report. Sincerely, The Neopets Team. *cough*

Umm, I was wondering if you could please update the skeith's petpage? They still have a REALLY old version skeith, and it doesn't do justice to my pet. ~ _zifnab_
Egads! That is rather old. We'll try to get that fixed right away.


I am a bit confused. This is the message that is displayed on my shop pricing page:Note: with the introduction of galleries to the site, shops will strictly be a place for selling your goods now. If you wish to display items, then please use the gallery feature. For your safety, all items that you currently have priced at unbuyable (100,000NPs or higher) will be reset to 0 and put back into your shop stock shortly. You are no longer be able to price items above 99,999NPs in your shop. However, many times when I search other user shops on the shop wizard, I am given results for shops with items priced over 100,000 nps. Has the 99,999 price limit not been activated yet? It is very annoying to do searches only to find that I can't buy any of the items that are found. ~ rubellite175
For now, only people who attempt to update their shop will be prohibited from pricing items above 99,999 NP. The items you see at 100,000+ simply mean that that particular user has not updated their shop since we put the block in.

Do I have to pay money after the trial for a Neopets Premium User account is up? My mom doesn't want to pay money but I just want to see what it's like! Thanks! ~ nightienight9
When you sign up for the Premium free trial you are required to enter payment information, such as a credit card number. Once the free trial is over, you will automatically be billed for the continued service. If your parents don't approve of this, please call the number provided on the premium page to request the cancellation of the service. If you cancel before the trial is over, you will not be billed.

No one seems to be selling any starry wuzzles so I thought of making one myself. However, each time I try to search for a Starry Petpet Paint Brush, it doesn't come up with anything. And when I say it doesn't come up with anything, I don't mean that no one's selling it. I mean that the name "Starry Petpet Paint Brush" doesn't come up when the Shop Wizard goes, "Searching for..." And naturally, none are availble on the site, either through the shop wiz, trades, or auctions. That leads me to believe it doesn't exist. If that's the case, how do I make a starry wuzzle? ~ 3rdknight
Oops. It seems a well-meaning artist didn't notice that there is no Starry Petpet Paint Brush when they created the Starry Wuzzle. :( We'll fix this so that there either is a Starry Petpet Paint Brush, or make the Starry Wuzzles available some other way.

*does not exist*

How do you deactivate an account? The Help section isn't being very helpful. ~ quala1
Aww... if you are positive you want to deactivate your account, you can reach the page by clicking "Contact Us" at the bottom of any page. It is under the support section. Remember! If you no longer want your account, please deactivate it. NEVER give it to someone else, or let them have access to it. Also, never ever accept an account from someone else. This is against the rules, and may cause both parties to be frozen. Often the accounts being given away have been scammed, and when the owner comes looking for it, and they spot you with their account, guess who's going to have some explaining to do!

I understand that you have ads because the places pay you to put there adds up. However could you please not allow any more adds that go down and cover up the screen? Every time I get that did someone just call you add it gets in my way. It is irritating and makes me want to go do something other then play on neopets. ~ kitty3426
If you find ANY adds that cause pop-ups, browser weirdness, or that you find offensive, please, please, PLEASE notify us via this form. Also, please carefully follow the instructions on the page. Once we have all that information, we can take care of these banners ASAP. Thank you!

Um hi theres a strange glitch in the soup fairy it says i have 5025 neopoints but in my account it says i have 1000 its really wierd and im pore and now i cant even get soup could you plz plz fix this my pore neopets r starving
The Soup Faerie knows how many Neopoints you have on hand, in the bank, AND in your shop till so that's why she thinks you have too much NP. When something sells out of your shop, it does not automatically get credited to your on hand Neopoints. It goes into the shop till. You can check your shop till by visiting you shop and clicking on "Shop Till". This will take you to a page where it states now much you have in there. Enter the amount you want to withdraw from your till in the text box (without commas), and hit "withdraw".

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