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Aaaaaaaaaaaah!!! What happened to Faerie Cloud Racers??? It's ruined!!....actually, I kind of like the new one, but it is so different, and now I can never play the origonal one ever again :( Please make the two different games. Please... ~ 3k9lvr333
For those of you who enjoyed the original Faerie Cloud Racers, we will be adding it to the game graveyard where you will be able to play it, though you will not be able to send your score or receive Neopoints.

I got the petpet Labray full set. Is it true you have to have the original Laboratory Map to go to the Petpet Labray. If its true I don't think it is fair because I don't have enough Neopoints!!!
Sorry, but we've been told the Kookith that runs the Petpet Lab Ray is in fact owned by the Scorchio that runs the original Secret Lab Ray. So the only way to reach him is to discover the location of the original Secret Lab first. This information comes straight from our Meepit spies, so it's very accurate.

I have found the 2nd paper that shows which door I have to enter. I've looked in the temple for more then a week. I cant find it. Can you please do something about that? Im really anoyed! ~ vanessawang35606
If you find yourself becoming lost in the Temple of 1,000 Tombs, we suggest you begin to map each area of the tomb starting from the first room. It's much easier than randomly clicking away and becoming lost or running around in circles. But you didn't hear it from us as we don't give hints to plot puzzles. *shifty eyes*

Could you add a neoboard just for art and artists? There isn't really any place for art related topics. ~ genoajagscat
Ahh, yeah… the Beauty Contest board is really the only place to discuss art currently. We'll see if we can expand that to include Art Gallery and other art related Neopets activities.

I've mapped the entirety of my Lost Desert temple, but I'm missing several door-and-symbol combinations - including the one I need for the first piece of the tablet. Is this a glitch, or is there a way to unlock all of the temple?
Everyone's tomb contains each door/symbol/colour combination that currently exists. Try going back and looking through your map carefully to make sure you didn't miss any rooms. (This message contains no clues or hints whatsoever.)

I was wondering if you could make more activities for your Pet Pets so there is a point of actually owning one.
If you'd like to interact with your Petpet, there are plenty of things to do! You can go to Meridell and visit the Turmaculus, Mysterious Symol Hole, or even play some rounds of Petpet battles. If you are feeling particularly evil, and you have access to the Secret Laboratory map, you can even purchase the Petpet version and zap one of your Petpets once a day.

They also make great snacks for hungry Skeiths and Grarrls, much to the dismay of the PPL.

I got this random event the today We were going to give you the M*ynci Collectable Card, but there's no room left in your NeoDeck! Ive had this twice before recently how do I go about expanding my neodeck to make room incase I get another event like it? ~ kath1234567
Neodecks used to require upgrading like shops, but no longer, so it appears we forgot to change the random event when Neodecks were changed. We'll get that fixed as soon as we scold ourselves.

I bought a blue petpet paint brush to paint my white ona to make it a regular ona. But, the petpet puddle will not let me paint my ona. At first, I thought that it was because onas were given out for the advent calendar, but so were snowbunnies, and they can be painted...
Unlike Onas, Snowbunnies were originally given out through the Advent Calender, and were never available in shops. That is why you are allowed to paint them. White Onas are a special version of the regular Ona that restocks in Wintery Petpets. To keep things fair for those who spent a lot of Neopoints to purchase Onas, we decided the free white Onas could not be painted.


TNT created the Secret Ninja Training School for advanced pets but the school is UNUSABLE because the Zed Codestones and Sho Codestones are too rare. Please make the Zed and Sho Codestones as common as the Mag, Vux, Cui, and Kew so that the training school can be used. ~ mommy127111
Hey, isn't that a coincidence? We had a "certain staff member" bugging us about it non-stop, so we locked him in a dimly lit closet. However, now that we know other people think the same thing and he's not loony, we can probably let him out. And to actually answer your question instead of rambling, we've previously lowered the rarity on the two codestones you mentioned, but we'll go back in and take another look.

I would really like if you could answer this for me. I know you get tons of questions about the Petpet Labray but please answer this as I haven't been able to ask or find a guide that states this - If you zap lets say a Blue Abominable Snowball, and it changes into a Chocolate Baba. If you remove the petpet does it turn back into a Blue Abominable Snowball or just a normal unpainted Abominable Snowball?
It will revert to the colour it was before you zapped. In your case, it would return to a Blue Abominable Snowball.

In cellblock, it says you can win 6000 np for beating master vex and then says Max 5000 np per day. So we can't win anything? Can this be fixed?
Apparently, we all failed at maths. We'll check this out using a calculator and get it fixed.

I think the following on the treasure map page needs to be updated: "Now there are five different maps to collect!" Now with the petpet map there are six. XD
Good catch. Told you we failed maths. This has been changed.

Are you going to release a sidebar with the Lost Desert Plot?
Erm… sidebar? What gave you that idea? Yes, we are hoping to! It's still in the works though, so no promises as of yet, but it is our intention to release one if we can. Shhh…

Can you please fix defender trainer by updating the new look of the pets/petpets and new species? Thanks!
This is up to TPOSG so we'll ask him.

Sure… why not?

There you have it. He accepts chocolate bribes if you're so inclined.

How can younger players participate in the lost desert plot? We can't play [insert game we can't name lest we give away puzzle clues by accident]! Is there an alternative way?
Yeah, sorry about that. That location was chosen for the plot before it had been removed from the site for those users. We've since modified the page to give the proper clues in a slightly different manner so if you're one of those users that's stuck, just return to that page to get the next clue.

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