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Why is it that the main shops only charge up to about 5,000 NP normally (excluding Petpets), but shopkeepers in the market are alowed to charge way more? -Eema1121876959699
The main shops are official site shops that we set the prices for. The shops in the Marketplace are owned by other players. They can set the prices at anything they like. If they price something too high, it will not sell so they need to have competitive prices if they want to have a high turn-over. If you cannot find an item for the price you want to buy, try searching again a little later. Someone else may have just put it up for sale at a cheaper price.

We've been to deserts and castles, mountains and islands, even underwater AND to the moon! For the next plot, do you think it would be possible to have something going in the Haunted Woods? That place is so cool, and I don't think we know enough about it yet. - Popuri__
After we have expanded on the plots featured in our PS2 and PSP games, the next location will be the Haunted Woods. Personally I think we can do a great deal with the woods and make it a great exciting story :)

Wait a second. In the comic Princess Amira is ruling the lost desert. I thought that princess Vyssa was ruling the lost desert. I am confused - Conormdr203
We decided to change it as we didn't want another Usul being the main character. As its turns out Princess Amira was touring the desert when her father was murdered, Princess Vyssa was ruling in her absence, but handed the reins back over to her elder sister once she returned.

Could you PLEASE tell Brucy B the war's over? He doesn't quite get it. What a stubborn Bruce. - megaman3125
Hehe, well you can't blame him for trying. Brucey B's war tent and a lot of the other outdated things on the Lost Desert map will either me moved, upgraded or just vanish once the new map goes live. It is tied into the story though so we can't change it just yet.

It is always advertised that on certain pet days, those certain pets get free training. However if you own a pet higher then level 40 you cannot get free training. Is there anyway that can get changed? - Johnhere
Unfortunately the Techo Master gets very angry when we suggest that to him.

Just wondering, why is the maximum items we can have in our inventory only 50?? - Patty_rulz
It was made that way a very long time ago when Neopets was running on much fewer, smaller servers. Having everyone with more than 50 items at a time was causing problems, so we limited it. We can most likely change it to something higher now though. I will ask around about that.

Dont you think that if you have a mutant pppb that you should have a mutant pb?? it makes sense! or am i just crazy? @_@ - Skedar94
Well, Mutant Neopets can only be created by drinking a transmogrification potion. As Petpets cannot drink items we had to do something different for them.

In the Art Gallery where you put your pictures there is no Hissi in the selection! - Ethanmon
Oops.. There is now :)

It's been a while since you have released more royal pet colours. As someone in love with the unreleased royal pets appearing on the various card decks when playing games, I would love to see some more royal pets released soon. Do you have any plans for releasing more in the near future? - Rejenerated
The card decks aren't an indication of what Royal paint brush options will be available, they are just cute images. We do have some new Royal Neopets planned in the near future. Infact next week we will be releasing the Royal Lupe, here is a sneak preview.

Hi! I'm glad to be here talking to anyone and everyone who wants to know the answer to this question: How, why/why not can you get Draiks on Draik day. - Betsyknarr
Draiks cannot be adopted in the normal way, so we can't just release more of them. You create a Draik by hatching a Draik Egg. We have lowered the rarity of Draik Eggs slightly, so you should get more of them in the shops, this is just a temporary thing, they will go back up after Draik Day :)

Hi! I just like to know if Illusen and Jhudora are sisters, because I readed that some people say they are and some say they not! So can maybe tell me? Thanks! - Liz4h
No, Illusen and Jhudora are not related in any way.

How often does the editorial come out? - Chenerygirl
Once a week, same as the Neopian Times.

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