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Hi! I wondered, if you could set up a link somewhere to the Lost Desert Plot anywhere, so that we don't have to search through the news, to read the comic? I know it's available in this weeks news, but eventually it will be gone, and we will have to search through the news.. - K3rp0
There should be a link from the Lost Desert map page, if there is no already, there will be one shortly.

In the first part of the new Lost Desert plot, why on earth is the strange visitor riding a Uni? I mean think about it, a pet riding another pet? It seems kind of mean don't you think? - Sooooocute5
The Uni is Jazan's best friend. They often go on adventures together and they can travel far faster with Jazan on his back. Unfortunately Kyrii are not known for their remarkable running speed.

I just built a house in Maraqua, and got placed on Main Street. If I remember correctly, isn't there a Main Street for the houses built in Neopia Central also? If so, is there any possible way the the Maraquan streets can have more unique, Maraquan names rather than just Main Street? - Finite_incantatum
Ooh well spotted. The names should be updated very soon. Sorry about that.

Donna, I have seen some people have Tyrannian army points, will you be having a Lost Desert army in this plot and if so, how will you get the points? - Lozandboo
This plot we are doing something different, you will not be able to choose sides, but you will earn points that can be redeemed for great prizes. One way will be through fighting, but that is just one of many...

I want to demolish my gallery but, I DON'T know how! - Jessicainlupe
I am afraid that neither galleries or shops can be demolished once they are created. You can however take everything out of them and just never use it again. It will just sit there doing nothing forever.

Please tell us if you will be having a Neoboard about the Lost Desert plot because I am very interested in the Lost Desert and want to be very active with this story and with fellow Neopians also interested in it. - Captain_blackeye
Yup, we missed it the first day we launched the plot, guess we were too excited getting the comic finished. The Neoboard is now there, so you can chat about it all you like :)

Who is Luperus? Could you please explain this? Cause when I looked him up, all I could find was stamps of him... - Greenday_girl26
Luperus is a character from a collectable card. We haven't actually used him in any stories or plot lines yet, but he is kind of cool looking, so who knows.

I saw the note you guys put in our shops about the items priced above 99,999 nps. I must admit, I am a bit confused. Does that mean that we can now price items over 100,000 nps to sell? If so, what is the top limit? Is there one? I am a negg collector and would LOVE to be able to buy the unbuyable neggs from people's shops instead of having to go through the trading post! - My_little_miracle
At the moment, no. The top price is still 99,999 NP, although I believe a maximum price increase is planned very soon. When this happens it will be announced on news though, including how much it will be set at.

Why in plots are Uni's nameless steeds who never talk? - Bonkers327
Oh this one is very different :) This Uni has real character as you will see later on :D

Hi, just wondering, how come the Ixi on the comic has hands instead of hooves? - Minty445325
That is Nabile, she is a special character from our TCG set. As with a lot of our named characters we use a little artistic license with their appearance (like Isca and Caylis). It would be difficult for Nabile to do some of the things that she does later in the story if she only had hooves.

I was wondering if you were going to update the Sakhmet Palace featuring the Lost Desert Plot characters? (e.g. Princess Amira) I would like it if that happened. (At least it would be better to see something else that an old puzzle!) =) - Rubywing
Yes, in fact the whole Lost Desert map will be changing quite drastically very soon. Muahahahahaha!

I was just wondering about the Lost desert Plot. I don't really understand what we are suppose to do. Could you explain? - Angel_rena_zhou
For now just have fun playing games and enjoy the story. You will be asked to play a more active role as the story unfolds.

I was just wondering if you could make it so our pet's underwater fishing skill level is also on the quick ref page? - Kellyclarksonrules72
It is shown on your pet lookup currently. The quick ref page is more basic stats, like strength, health, intelligence. If we start putting advanced things like fishing on the page, the list of things on quick ref would very soon get ridiculously long as it would be very hard to say where to draw the line.

Fortune Teller? Mysterious Tablet? What is this all about?!?! - Eveinoz26
o.0 I have no idea what you are talking about...

What are the lost desert petpets names??? - me12345678970
The most recent ones to be added are called Djuti, Nuk and Seti.

You said that both the Lutari and the April fools pet would be released before the Lost Desert Plot. Why hasn't this happened? - garlica
Long story... :/ We are working on these both and they will be released as soon as we can.

The Fishing avatar with the giant squid or whatever it is was released on the news over a month ago. Still, no one has it yet.. have you just forgotten to release it or what? - Babygirl_love_oscar
Oh no, it is released. It is just DEVILISHLY hard to unlock.

Is the new PS2 game going to be relesed in in the uk at the same time ? - 04rebhop
In all honesty I do not know. It would be great if it did, but I am not sure how this works. Unless something has changed recently though I think the UK gets games a month or so after they come out in the US.

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