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What is the main goal of Neopets? I say it's caring for your pets but many people I've talked with on the boards seem to feel it's aquiring things, and bartering. I'd like to hear what your opinion is. - Jadenewt
There isn't just one goal for Neopets. For different people there are different things that they come to the site for. Some strive to have the most Neopoints, best shop, most well painted Neopets. For others the Battledome, running their guild or collecting trophies from games is super important to them. There is no right or wrong way to play the site, as long as you are enjoying it :)

Hi Donna. I was battling Turmaculus and when I used Thyoras Tear and he reflected some of my attack back with Prismatic Mirror, the Tear was not able to block it. I think that since the tear is suppose to block all damage, you guys should upgrade the Tear so that it can block reflected icons as well. - fendibebe
Interesting. I am not sure how powerful we wanted the tear to be. If it blocks absolutely everything including reflected icons then that makes it pretty amazing. I will check to see if this is intentional or not.

Just wondering, but why is Jhudora purple and green? Why not another colour, like purple and black? - Sponge_bob_patrick71
I guess Jhudora thought that green would show off her complexion better than black. Also so many other dark faeries wear purple and black, maybe she just wanted to be unique.

If we demolish our rooms and gardens, then sell it back to the bank, will we get our Neopoints back? - Berryjuice133
Now you can sell your home back to the bank if you demolish all your rooms. You will get a partial refund for doing this (roughly a third of what you originally paid for it) so only do this if you are super, super certain you want to destroy your Neohome. It does mean you can then build a new home anywhere else with a totally new address, so if you are dying to build a new home in Maraqua, this may be worth doing.

I just got a Tekkal, I was uberly excited, so I immediatly attached it to my pet. Then, I said something to it, and it took me to the petpet page where it speaks to you, yet it didn't say anything. Can you fix this? I really want to talk to my Tek :) - Salmliam
Sure. I think someone forgot to add Geraptiku Petpets to the list of Petpets you could talk to. This will be fixed very soon, sorry about that.

Does the featured game RANDOMLY pick a game each day? - kimssuperanimals
Yes, well mostly. There are some days when certain games are coded to always appear, but on the most part it is a random game.

Er... yes, these scrolls for the first "plot". Okay, first of all, what are these "scrolls" going to be called? Second of all, will you be able to "sell" them? Third, I don't know what price they will go for one of these "scrolls". Fourth, the other plots had their parts shown out loud. Why isn't the Lost Desert plot going to show theirs in public? Fifth, how will it go and will it include the battledome still and that supporters thing? Sixth, have you ever considered of having three sides battling each other? In the last plot, it would have been okay to do: "Captain Scarblade vs. Garin vs. Maraqua"... right? Finally, (sorry to make you read this entire message everyone!) once you read them, will they vanish? Because if you're aiming to sell them once you read them... then, it's like take one and pass it on, without losing any neopoints. I will be participating, and mine is this long because it's all over my mind. Thanks for reading, and please answer back. - Mattextra3
Wow, thats a lot of questions. Firstly the first part of the plot (the first comic) will go live next week. You will be able to see every part of the story as they go live, the same way they last two plots worked.

The scrolls are part of something special we are doing with this plot. Basically rather than just having a war to decide who gets what, there will be many puzzles, many fights and some other challenges for you to do in order to earn points. The scrolls may be used in that, just as a hint, if you see one, hold on to it. I can't tell you more than that as I have already given away a lot :) Just keep checking new features.

Whats the longest the Wheel of Monotony has ever spun for? - catkin00
I have heard of 3 hours, but I am not sure if anyone has beaten that.

I was wondering, since you guys are so cool and all xD, if you could have a day for the Darkest Faerie and the Dark Faerie Sisters? - ering92252
There will be lots of Darkest Faerie and Dark Faerie Sisters things released nearer the launch of the PS2 game. They feature very heavily in that storyline so we are saving it until then.

Could you please make a searchable archive of previous editorials? Sometimes a person will ask a question on the message boards and I know I've seen it answered in a previous editorial. Its quite tedious searching through each back-issue individually to find the answer that they are looking for. - mlooshka
This is a great idea, but we cannot do that with the current system. I will make a note of this for when we next re-code the Neopian Times, although it was done recently so that won't be for a while.

For the Defenders of Neopia mission 11, you are asked to find and defeat the snowbeast. After spending months refreshing in terror mountain with no result, I would like to ask whether the Snowbeast could still be found in Terror Mountain, and if so, would it be possible to increase the chances of getting the challenger as a random event, as i know i am one of the many people who are finding it hard to get him as a challanger Thanks :) - devils_theory
He should still be available as a challenger. I will get someone to look into this and increase the chance of him appearing if needed.

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