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Has neopets really been sold to Viacom? Will anything change? Will The Neopets Team still be here? - american___123
Yes, Neopets is now owned by Viacom. There should be no changes with how the site is run. The same old people will be doing the news and plot lines. You can't get rid of us that easily :D

Will you release more things to catch for fishing, and if so will they all be food? - Milesfoxxfan
Currently there are 87 items that are unique to the fishing game. These are all kinds of different things including foods, battledome items, books and garden items. In the future, yes we may well release some more, but those should keep you busy for a while.

Can you show the cast of the Lost Desert plot? - s1shane
Some of the cast will be spotlighted on the Card of the Day page, but we are not going to release their pictures just yet. I can tell you however that the stars are as follows :

  • Prince Jazan - Male Kyrii
  • Princess Amira - Female Aisha
  • Horace - Male Blumaroo
  • Nabile - Female Ixi
  • Tomos - Male Lupe

Not an Usul in sight :D

Could you please make Sakhmet City an actual city! I would love to visit there once in a while. - poogle620
Oh it will be soon enough :) The Lost Desert will be majorly revamped when we are running that storyline.

TNT, do you think that the Lutari could be released soon? 'Cause I've been seeing pictures of it every which-where and it's not out yet and it's DRIVING ME NUTS (not that Neopets know HOW to drive...)!! PLEASE make Lutari day soon! - Norak53
I am afraid the Lutari is tied into something big that we cannot release just yet. It should be in a couple of months, sorry I guess we were mean to release a picture of it so long ago :(

I think you should make a userlookup board for those of (including me) who love to make lookups and want to share their skill. So, will you please amek a new board or add it on to something? Thanks! - lots_0_laughter1993
Sure :)

When you edit your profile and add a description to the 'About Me' text box, the number of characters you have left if displayed... i.e. You have XXX characters left for your message. Is there any chance this feature could be added to neomails too? I have lost so many carefully worded neomails because they were too long and even using the Neopets back button my messages are usually lost. - syzygy26
That shouldn't be too hard to do. I will ask our programming department if this can be done shortly.

I saw the editorial last week and someone asked the question of the pet's intelligence and if it does something for the pet or its owner. What about giving out an avatar for a certain level of intelligence? That would be cool! - _goddess_of_beauty_
Interesting. I will have to talk to the avatar queen about that. I know we wanted to try to avoid doing avatars that gave rich Neopians an advantage, but that is a pretty good idea.

How do you get a coconut jubjub, an ice bruce, or a chokato Kiko? - Love_my_pets_always
The JubJub and Bruce are definitely from the lab ray. I can't remember with the Kiko, it is either the lab ray also, or it is by eating a Chokato flavoured food. I believe the lab ray is more likely though :)

Can you please update the images on the shields? Some of the pets have had makeovers but remain their old versions on the shields. Also, I'm a bit unsure on if I am allowed to put a shield over the original Neopets shield on my userlookup. Can you please let me know on that? - Michellejkittie
Yes :D We are going through a lot of the items that are themed around species that have recently been updated and making sure that they all show the newest version. Once we are done there, we will start on the shields.

As more sidebars are released for us to collect, I'm wondering if you can do a "Themed Sidebars Collected" count on our userlookup? Kind of like the one for the secret avatars. And perhaps have a hi-score table for it, and then release a "Sidebar Collector" sidebar for those who made it in the hi-score table. :P - _autumn_story_
Yes. Something like that should prove very popular. I think we will wait until there are some more sidebars released though before we implement that.

Will we be able to build a neohome in Maraqua any time soon? I haven't built a neohome yet 'cause I really want one there. - Animatographer
As of Thursday, you can now build your home in Maraqua.

Hey I was wondering if and when u guys were planing to have neopets plushies at Mcdonalds anytime soon it would be great if u guys did :) - Strider1432
Actually, its funny you should ask that. Yes, we are going to be giving out Neopets plushies (a whole set of new species) this summer. I think the promotion starts in July, but as soon as we know the exact dates it will be announced on the stuff page.

Could you make it so you can see other pets fishing skills? I would to show off mine. :P - Nicole106101
Oooh good idea!

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